The Vaxxed, Do They Contaminate The Vax-free, Take A Chance?

Shedding . . .

Those who wore (and still wear) the Face Diaper did so because they feared inhaling something that might make them sick. Something that might make them dead. Their fear felt (and feels) real to them – even if the Face Diaper is merely psychologically effective as a palliative.

Those of us who didn’t wear the Diaper are faced with a similar – but different – conundrum. We might get sick on account of what the “vaccinated” could be shedding.

This isn’t an irrational fear. It’s an admitted-to possibility. By Pfizer, one of the manufacturers of the “vaccines” (always bracketed by air-fingers-quotation marks to emphasize the fact that a “vaccine” which doesn’t immunize isn’t a vaccine, at least as that word has been used since the dawn of vaccinations up to the introduction of these “vaccines”) in disclosure documents produced during its in-house clinical trails testing. Italicized to emphasize what ought to be the alarming fact of the fox guarding-the-henhouse nature of a “vaccine” manufacturer “testing” the safety/efficacy of its own products.

As the Kingfish used to say, lookee here:

“Exposure to the study intervention (i.e., to the “vaccine”) under study during pregnancy or breastfeeding and occupational exposure are reportable to Pfizer Safety within 24 hours of investigator awareness.”


An EDP [exposure to the “vaccine” during pregnancy] occurs if a male participant who is receiving or has discontinued study intervention (the “vaccine”) exposes a female partner prior to or around the time of conception.”

In plain language, whatever’s in a “vaccinated” man can be transmitted to his unvaccinated wife or girlfriend. John Rappoport, who has covered the issue extensively, says that this doesn’t mean just sexual contact but also physical proximity.

Just in case you doubted that, here’s the rebuttal – from Pfizer, itself:

A female family member or healthcare provider reports that she is pregnant after having been exposed to the study intervention (i.e., the “vaccine”) by inhalation or skin contact.”

Italicized without requiring further explication.

It’s enough to make a reasonable person . . . what’s the word? Hesitant – about being around the “vaccinated.” It’s certainly more rationally justifiable than the preposterous dread of the Face Diapered of healthy face-showers, who weren’t capable of giving them  sickness . . . because they weren’t sick.

The retort of the Diapered was they might be. That face-showers could be sick – and not know it. That is to say, they might be asymptomatic.


This endless might-be-sick no matter how absent any indications of sickness, no matter how long, served the purpose of justifying the Diapered People’s insistence that everyone Diaper, all the time – for all time . . . just to be “safe.” Diapering, of course, has grown tiresome – like all stupid fads. Some will remember when almost everyone wore bell-bottom cords, too. Also the Village People.

More people are showing their faces again than not. The Face Diaper “mandates” are  . . . shedding away.

But what about all these “vaccinated” might-be-shedders? What if if they are? Do those of us who wish to remain healthy want to risk being around them? Does their breath contain something that might make us actually sick?

Something we might . . . inhale?

It’s known for sure that the “vaccines” are making people sick. Thousands of them. Many of them dead. The “vaccine” pushers’ retort is that it’s just a very small number, proportionately.

Nothing to worry about.

Which is very interesting given their bug-eyed freak-out over a “virus” that killed a similarly tiny proportion of the population, which presented essentially no serious threat (of death) to any otherwise healthy person under 70 and even less of a threat to any healthy person under 30. Yet in the name of forestalling any deaths whatsoever, the most extreme hypercautionary measures were trotted out – and in some areas (e.g., Canada) remain in force.

Even when it is known the already weak lethality of the “virus” is waning. Even when it is known the “vaccines” aren’t vaccines.

And that they are probably at least as dangerous – to the health of a healthy younger person – as the “virus” and quite possibly more so.

The latter being something we won’t know – for sure – until enough time has passed to know it. Several years, at least – which is the usual amount of time it took to vet a vaccine – back when vaccines immunized people.

What’s different, this time, is that only time will tell whether the “vaccinated” also present a risk to the health of those they come in contact with, who avoided being “vaccinated.” Who didn’t want to be infused with whatever’s-in-those-syringes. Who were – and still are – hesitant – about trusting entities closely associated with people who’ve publicly touted the need for depopulation to not infuse them with something which will further that agenda.

Is it possible these entities engineered a “vaccine” that also “vaccinates” those who aren’t? Is it paranoid – or prudent – to assume they may have?

The combination of Pfizer’s own admissions and a healthy hesitancy about the intentions of every entity (and individual) pushing these “vaccines” is enough to give one pause.

Enough, perhaps, to avoid the “vaccinated” until we know just exactly what’s up with these “vaccines.”


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