There Cannot be a Cancer Cure Cashflow is King

Almost everyone has been negatively impacted by cancer. The suffering from the treatment, and the lingering deaths, predominate in most people’s experience. Yet this only occurs, because oncologists are obliged to follow the expensive and more often than not fatal regimens mandated by Big Pharma, a multi-billion dollar business.   

Methods of curing cancer were developed more than 100 years ago and had a proven track record of cures. These included the Royal Rife therapy from 1920, and the Coley approach covered in the accompanying video. None of the methods used are available in the United States due to their efficacy and cheapness.

There is no question that what once worked, would work today. In fact, multiple, effective holistic treatments are available around the world. Its mainly in the US, where the billions of dollars available to the Big Pharmaceutical companies prevent their deployment.

In 1893 William B Coley started to give a mixed bacterial vaccine of dead bacteria to cancer patients. The idea was to cause an immune response in the patient. The resulting fever killed the cancer, leading to a complete cure.

A hundred years ago, at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Centre, hundreds of patients were cured by the Coley approach. It was very close to being a complete a cure for cancer. Then radiation therapy and chemotherapy came on the scene. This brought the big money industrialists into the picture, and so began the demise of the natural treatments.

In 1963, Coley’s daughter wanted to continue his successful treatment. The United States FDA refused to allow the proven treatment of William Coley to be used. The cancer industry then put his successful treatment method on the list of unsuccessful protocols.

Helen Coley Nauts and Lloyd J Old, the Senior VP of MSKCC, took up the research, but were thwarted by the powerful forces emerging from what is now the standard cancer therapy regimen of cut, burn and poison. Helen Coley Nauts then founded the Cancer Research Institute. She wrote an extensive series of Monographs, on all the treatment protocols of her father. The success rate for many dire cancers was remarkable.

The American Cancer Society disparaged all treatments, no matter how well proven, that were not part of the hugely expensive and profitable cancer industry. They produced a book called Unproven Methods of Cancer Management. Researchers who believed in the immunological treatment of cancer, used this book as a guide to what research was worth pursuing. Like what is happening now with Covid. When the establishment cries Fake, then you must know that is the actual truth. James P Allison, who was awarded a Nobel Prize for medicine, succeeded Lloyd Old. He was one who followed this approach of researching the methods the ACS had condemned.

 Ralph Moss, a science writer, worked at MSKCC where laetrile was found to be effective in cancer treatment. With the advent of the expensive radiation and chemotherapy regimens, they then denied that laetrile worked. Moss exposed this lie and was of course fired immediately.


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