Time for the Resistance

There is so much evidence now that the whole China virus issue is a global conspiracy. Every voice in opposition is being systematically shut down. Mainstream media is wholly complicit, as is the Deep State, the Democratic Party and socialists worldwide. The populace is being subdued by irrational fear, due to the incessant propaganda war being waged by the future beneficiaries of the fraud.

These include the WHO, Bill Gates, vaccine manufacturers & obviously Big Pharma. Some clear evidence has been there from the beginning. To fight any illness a strong immune system is required. Every health website you have ever read will have told you that requires the following components:

  • Healthy eating
  • Fresh air & sunshine
  • Exercise

All of these were denied during the lockdown. The best course, for those with access, would have been to walk on beaches, fields & hills which were all expressly forbidden. What could possibly be the objective? The only reasonable thing to assume is that more people were meant to get sick in order to enforce the mandate. Governor Cuomo of New York admitted, that 66% of virus related hospital admissions were for people who were locked down at home. Well surprise, surprise; wasn’t that the plan from inception?

There are still a few voices of dissent that can be heard. These are not on generally on Youtube, Twitter or Facebook since they form part of the information shutdown.

The most informed people you absolutely have to hear, if the truth matters to you, are the following:

  • Robert F Kennedy interview with Brian Rose on London Real (View under The Most Definitive Talk on Vaccines on my blog)
  • Dr Judy Mikovits interview with Brian Rose. In two parts, with the second answering her critics (View under Another Big Pharma Destroyed Career, on my blog)
  • Dr Shiva Ayyadurai on Next News Network. It seems Shiva has ambitions for government so predictably he has gone over to the dark side. I have obviously dumped his video as he can no longer be trusted.
  • Dr Rashid Buttar interview with Patrick Bet-David (View under 5G- With the Virus a Dangerous Duo, on my blog)
  • Dr Sherri Tenpenny interview with Spiro Skouras (View under the Charade Moves On, on my blog)

Just adding this short Australian video, which speaks for all of us. While the politicians put millions out of work they receive all their salary and multiple benefits . The lockdown lets them sit around & still prosper while voters can starve.



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