Times of Convergence – The End Times

From the times of the disciples, down through the ages, men have been predicting, and even anticipating, the end times. From the average reader’s perspective, that would be the time known as The Great Tribulation.

Many eminent scholars and Bible luminaries have analysed and dissected God’s word, seeking answers to the unfolding of these times. Many books have been written, and many latter-day prophets have tried to time the event.

I have never considered myself to be in any way comparable to these giants of the faith, having study neither Greek nor Hebrew. I did study Latin for 4 years in High School, but that would only help if It mattered what the Romans had to say about the times. However, there is still amongst the spiritual gifts, that of prophecy. In these post-biblical times this is no longer a gift of foretelling the future, but it is one of discerning the times in which we live. Often called a gift of forthtelling. I have never, nor will ever, consider myself to be a prophet, but I seem to always have had an awareness of the times. It is from that perspective that I approach this subject.

From my perspective, as a believer in pretribulation and premillennialism, it would mean a time when the Rapture appears to be imminent. As a Christian, I am a keen observer of the times. Whilst it is true that no prophesy remains unfulfilled before the Rapture can take place, I have always believed that there needs to be a certain convergence of events.

Some time, soon after the Rapture, the Antichrist must appear on the world’s stage. He must be present, for the seven-year peace treaty with Israel to be signed. During the first half of the treaty, the temple will be rebuilt on the Dome of the Rock, where Herod’s temple stood.

From my early years of study, it always seemed highly improbable that the world was ready for the Antichrist. The Iron Curtain, between Russia and the West, was firmly in place. China was still a land of mystery, and very much in charge of its own destiny. How was any man, however charismatic, and indeed Satanically empowered, to take control of this divided world?

This brings us to the first convergence. In 1978, China began the slow process of opening trade with the West. This process is still underway, but with China reverting more to its internal, hard-line policies.

Subsequently, in 1989, the Berlin Wall fell, and the USSR began to disintegrate.  This process began in the 1980’s, and was finalised in December 1991, when the USSR voted itself out of existence. Russia, the controlling power of the USSR, came back, relatively speaking, into the same world as the West. China meanwhile is developing stronger ties with Russia.

Given the many issues still manifesting around trade and diplomatic relations, there is still a sea change in place from any time in the past. There we have one set of circumstances which are more favourable to a one-world government than we have seen before.

The next significant convergence is the rise of Islam. The majority of Muslims have an end-times view, somewhat parallel to that of Christians. We see ahead the rise of the Antichrist as the world leader, coupled with the False Prophet as his spiritual accomplice. Muslims are now anticipating the rise of the Mahdi as the world leader. His spiritual accomplice will have the task of converting the world to Islam. It is not necessary to know to follow the plot, but their spiritual leader will be a Jesus who died and will rise again at the end times.

You should be able to discern here that our Antichrist and False Prophet, have parallel roles to those of the Mahdi and his Jesus. Hence, nominally, we have 2 billion Christians and 1.4 billion Muslims in agreement on the End-Times scenario. The reason for the rise of Islamic terror, killing & oppression of Christians and mass migration to the West, is to prepare the world for the Mahdi.

There is another aspect of these times, which has a parallel. We believe there will be 3.5 years of relative peace followed by 3.5 years of mass slaughter, in the Tribulation. Islam teaches, that when the Mahdi rules, infidels like us can stay alive but pay extra taxes, otherwise known as jizya. Then, after a period of time, conversion to Islam will be mandatory. The penalty for non-compliance will be beheading. If you ever read the book of Revelation, you may have wondered about the beheaded souls?

Revelation 20:4 “And I saw thrones, and they sat on them, and judgment was committed to them. Then I saw the souls of those who had been beheaded for their witness to Jesus and for the word of God, who had not worshiped the beast or his image, and had not received his mark on their foreheads or on their hands. And they lived and reigned with Christ for a thousand years.” 

Who kills by beheading nowadays? Exclusively, it is a practice of Islam. I digress here, but that is why I believe our false prophet, aka the Islamic Jesus, will be a Muslim.

The third convergence is the reaction to Covid-19, which should properly be referred to its origin as were other pandemics. Hence, I call it the China Flu, as who will remember Covid if we are around in 10 years? Never in history, has the world, with common consent, shut down its economy, locked down its citizens, and altogether exercised totalitarian control. This is the same world the Antichrist will step into.

The fourth convergence is still being planned, and is in effect just an extension of the third. Numerous authentic world-changers are openly discussing the mandating of WORLDWIDE vaccination against the China flu. No knowledgeable and authentic medical specialist has any reservation in stating, that the vaccines will be neither safe or effective.

Further, there is subdued, yet open, discussion from Bill Gates and others, about the necessity for insertion of a microchip to enable people to be traced. Ostensibly, that is purely to enable the virus to be contained. In truth it is a Trojan horse, designed to control the people and make them wholly subservient to the government. Welcome to the Orwellian world of 1984.

As an addendum, there have been intimations, that if the China virus is not severe enough to allow the worldwide vaccination and chip insertion, then a more severe pandemic will be introduced. Another thought; the use of 5G is apparently necessary to allow detailed and continuous tracking.

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  1. Neville
    I believe you know my heart and my intentions. I concur with most of what you have shared here, but believe the pre-tribulation rapture to be false teaching that is widely accepted today. I am no Bible, nor Hebrew or Greek scholar, but I believe that Daniel 12 and Revelation 12 are clear. As indicated in one of our private conversations, we as genuine followers of Jesus Christ must be ready AT ANY TIME.
    However, if the pre-tribulation rapture teaching proves to be false, most disciples will not be prepared for what is waiting for them. Perhaps this is the reason why the Bible clearly teaches that MANY will fall away…
    I believe true disciples will be persecuted and killed, and that we should expect it and be ready for it.
    A few resources worth considering (I know this is an enormous subject that has been debated by scholars for about 190 years) is:

    I am slowly, steadily studying the Bible on this subject, but believe we should prepare ourselves for the worst possible scenario. If the Lord come fetch us earlier: WONDERFUL!
    As I have more to share on this subject, I may add it, if you want me to.
    The important thing for us to do is to pray that the Lord will give all His children BOLDNESS to stand and be faithful to the very end.