Trial Day4: Testimony On Distressing Life-Changing Vax Injury

Vaccine-Injured explains to the Grand Jury the Constant, unbearable pain now suffered due to the Pfizer Injection

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Terrance Munsamy is a 40-year-old South African who has suffered severe shingles from a first dose of the Pfizer Covid injection.  It is a heart-breaking story of pain, loss of arm function and permanent scarring.

“I don’t sleep at night… This unbearable pain and this disfigurement of my arm… I don’t think I’ll be the same person again,” she said.

Munsamy had the Pfizer injection on 1 December 2021 and ever since has been in constant pain.  She also has lost her job due to long periods of absenteeism resulting from his vaccine-injuries.

Grand Jury Day 4: Terrance Munsamy Testimony, 19 February 2022 (3 mins)

Since last year, Transformative Health Justice has been collecting data on Covid injection injuries in South Africa on an independent, voluntary, public interest vaccine effects reporting system, SAVAERS.  South Africans can report an adverse reaction to the SAVAERS website HERE.

South Africans who have suffered an adverse effect post-injection can also make a report to the South African Health Products Regulatory Authority (“SAHPRA”).  As of 25 February, 5354 adverse events had been reported to SAHPRA.

Further Resources

Watch the full Grand Jury sessions Days 1-6 on Odysee HERE or on Internet Archive, with chapters and timestamps:

  • Day 1, Opening statements, 05 February 2022
  • Day 2, General historical and geopolitical backdrop, 12 February 2022
  • Day 3, PCR test, 13 February 2022
  • Day 4, Injections, 19 February 2022
  • Day 5, Financial destruction, 20 February 2022
  • Day 6, Eugenics, closing arguments and outlook, 26 February 2022

Logistic support is provided to the proceedings by the Berlin Corona Investigative Committee: website (German) or website (English).

More information about the proceedings and contact details can be found on the Grand Jury’s website, HERE.

3 minute video showing vax flesh injury.


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