UK Data: Get Your Vax Double Your Risk Of Covid

UK Government Data proves the Covid-19 Vaccines DOUBLE your chances of catching Covid-19

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The latest data published by the UK Health Security Agency proves without a shadow of doubt that Covid-19 vaccination doubles your chances of catching Covid-19.

Cases reported by specimen date between week 50 2021 & Week1 2022 –

These figures, for those 18 and over, speak for themselves.

By a concerned reader

1. There are presently over 7x more Covid19 cases in the double vaxxed than there are in the unvaxxed in circumstances where there are 3.5x more vaxxed people than unvaxxed people

2. In the last 4 weeks there were over 2 million fully vaccinated Covid-19 cases. Well, there is an effective vaccination for you!

3. Fully vaccinated people today are precisely twice as likely to catch Covid as unvaccinated people.

4. Those under 18 face a tiny risk from Omicron – equivalent to normal flu, which Covid has now mutated into

So let’s all rush out and get vaccinated in order to double our chances of catching the disease we are being vaccinated against shall we?.

Sajid Javid said that the vaccines would “protect young people from Omicron, help to keep schools open and protect their friends and families.” –

Whereas in truth, the government’s own figures show unequivocally that vaccines double the danger you, your friends and your relatives face from Covid attack.

The UK government is promoting, financing and legislating a doubling of the size of the Covid pandemic.

To date, government prescribed health care has destroyed only 50% of your immune response to the flu. Obviously more work needs to be done to get this figure up to the 100% that Pharmaceutical companies desire. Because the one thing that stops them making profits is a fully functional immune system in their customers. (NER: My understanding is that the UK government figures show a 76% decline in the immune system of the double-vaxxed. Projecting their own graphs predicts a wipe-out of the immune systems by end February when AIDS will be fully developed)

And of course if you are not one of their customers then you need to be fired from your job, locked up in your home, banned from visiting your dying relatives and falsely smeared as a covid spreader in circumstances where the government’s own figures show that you are twice as safe as their customers. So who are the drug pushers now?

Dr Fauci: Would you take a second shoulder shot from this man?

It used to be the case that athletes would get thrown out of sports competitions for taking performance enhancing drugs. Now they get thrown out of countries for not taking athlete killing drugs.

So here is the science. It is not rocket science. It is extremely simple. An unvaccinated person is twice as safe as a vaccinated person, and being vaccinated today is twice as dangerous as being unvaccinated according to the latest government figures.

That is the data which destroys the case for vaccine passports. It actually makes the case for unvaccinated passports.

Prior to the present profit driven science denying Pfizocracy, Modernocracy and Zenecocracy,, sick people were quarantined for the protection of the healthy and the healthy were free to go about their business.

But today, in Australia, the healthy are arrested and detained in concentration camps, whilst the sick, the vaccinated, those with semi destroyed immune systems, are free to go about their business spreading Covid-19 at twice the rate of their incarcerated brothers.

A relative of mine was murdered in a Nazi concentration camp during WW2. So here is my question for the Australian Government. How many unvaccinated Jews are you presently segregating, scapegoating, arresting and detaining in your Northern territory concentration camps or Novax Hotels, you betrayers of everything your forefathers and the rest of the free world fought for in that war? How many?

And whilst we are on that subject, God bless Naturally Immune Novax Djokovic for standing his ground like a true champion against an entire national government and its less than independent judicial apparatus.

For now he has moved from being the world’s number1 in a game to being the world’s number1 in the reality of this life. He has transformed from a champion of a game into a champion of a principle.

He was a champion of tennis. He is now the champion of OWNING your own body.

For what value does the Norman Brooks Challenge cup have when last year’s winner, the one whom all are supposed to come to Australia to challenge, is thrown out of the country in order to stop him competing? DOH!

And who would wish to win that poisoned chalice, if that is how they treat 9x winners of it?

Truly the Australian government has done to the ATP tennis tournament what Sir Tony Blair has done to the British honours system – defiled it with genocidal politics.

I call upon one, just one pro tennis player, to stand up with the world number 1.and say:

“For every year you ban Novak from the Australian Open I will ban the Australian Open from my professional tennis tour. If I win a trophy it will be due to the excellence of my tennis, NOT due to the imposition of your politics on my sport and my profession. Oh and further more… Just as Novax fights for ownership of his own body. So do I.”

Since the Australian Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, is choosing the participants, will he also be presenting the trophy?

And what will the winner’s trophy acceptance speech be: Oh thank you Prime Minister Morrison for this wonderful trophy that you yourself stole from Novak Djokovic?

Here then is the key question that this affair has raised. This is what vaccinations are really all about in more ways than one. Who owns your body? Do you own your body or does the government own it?

Novax has provided the answer because he, of all people, knows how important his body is to his life and his career. For that we all owe him an incalculably large debt.

So I say to Sir Andy Murray and all the other Novak detractors. Who do you say owns our bodies, Sir Andrew, we ourselves or the government who knighted you?

Any one who gains a sporting cup at the cost of losing ownership of his own body is a mug. And he is a loser.

For what profiteth it a man if he gains the whole world but loses his soul?

Technical Note:

Novak, being unvaxxed is twice as safe as every vaxxed Australian. But more than that, Novak also has natural immunity. So he poses even less Covid threat than an average unvaxxed person. A vaccination is a Pfizer/Moderna simulated Covid Infection using 12½% of the viral proteins that are seen by the immune system during a real Covid infection (which obviously provides 100% of the viral proteins to the immune system). Do the maths people.

Even vaccinated individuals who have been infected pose a greater risk than Novak, because incessant spike protein production post vaccination slowly degrades their natural immune response to Covid and to many other diseases.

Australia, and most of the rest of the world, have rescinded the 1st law of Immunology (Recovery from Natural Infection provides the most effective and long lasting immunisation) just like Ayatollah Khomeini rescinded Newton’s laws during the Iranian Revolution (he banned them from being taught in Iran).


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