UK Top Level Police Complicit In Vax Deaths & Injuries

Update CRN 6029679/21: Complaints Regarding Police Conduct are Ignored by IOPC and Metropolitan Police Federation

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Previously we published several articles regarding the criminal complaint lodged by Mark Sexton and PJH Law with London’s Metropolitan Police (“the Met”), crime reference number (“CRN”) 6029679/21.

The criminal complaint, CRN 6029679/21, is claiming Government ministers, medical regulators, scientists and the media were grossly negligent over the Covid measures, including the safety of the new mRNA injections, the validity of drug trials and the effects of lockdown. The complaint includes more than 400 witness statements from world-renowned scientists, doctors and Covid injection victims.

Below we update our readers on what has happened since the last article we published up to an interview with Philip Hyland of PJH Law on 12 June 2022.

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On 23 February 6029679/21 Telegram channel posted an update:

The articles from February 22nd in mainstream media and from the Metropolitan Police on their Twitter account “dropping the investigation” are correct. That is their stance regarding no investigation. But there are a number of major failings on their part and they will be addressed.

• The Metropolitan Police said they assessed all of the evidence. However, they never spoke to or made contact with any of the world-leading experts, a list of forty doctors, professors, virologists, immunologists, data experts and lawyers were ignored.
• The Metropolitan Police never spoke to or made contact with any of the victims, at least four hundred statements were submitted to them.
• The Metropolitan Police never spoke to any of the NHS whistle-blowers who submitted damning evidential statements.
• The Metropolitan Police never spoke to any of the care workers who submitted damning evidential statements.
• The Metropolitan Police never spoke to any of the doctors or the GPs, some of the statements the GPs submitted are harrowing and deeply disturbing surrounding the vaccine damage and deaths.
• The Metropolitan Police never spoke to any of the fifteen offenders cited in the original criminal complaint.
• The Metropolitan Police have completely ignored the two independent forensic reports exposing the harmful and toxic ingredients identified in the vaccines.

So, we are at a loss as to what exactly have The Metropolitan Police been doing for the last two months?

The post above was in response to a statement from the Met: “Following an assessment of all the available evidence, it is clear that no criminal offences are apparent. The Metropolitan Police will not be launching a criminal investigation and no further action will be taken.” Deputy Assistant Commissioner Jane Connors added: “We have found no evidence to support any claims that information about adverse health implications is being suppressed or withheld from the public in the manner that was alleged.”

In response, Philip Hyland, principal of PJH Law, said: “We are disappointed with the inadequacy of reasoning from the Met. We would have expected better.”

A few days later, on 25 February, in an extraordinary move, Hyland made a comprehensive and public response to the police decision in a strong 7000-word letter addressed to Deputy Assistant Commissioner Connors.

I am instructed by Doctor Sam White to request that you review your decision to take no further action in relation to the [CRN 6029679/21].

The Complainants have 80 years of unblemished regulated service in regulated professions. Since reporting the crimes and obtaining a CRN, the Complainants have had untrue statements made about them in the mainstream media. All Complainants have reason to believe that their personal safety is under threat.

Open Letter, Crime Reference Number:6029679/21, 25 February 2022
The letter goes on to cover a wide range of subjects, from the outbreak of Covid-19 in Wuhan, through the suppression of available potential treatments, to the lack of accurate trial data on the vaccine roll-out, to the extent of deaths and injuries being reported by medics and the public after vaccinations.

Read more:

“This isn’t over”, says law firm after blasting “inadequate” Met Police reasoning, Uncut, 23 February 2022
“Our safety is under threat”, Uncut, 25 February 2022
On 25 May, Mark Sexton emailed the Independent Office for Police Conduct (“IOPC”) in which he briefly explained the history of when complaints were lodged and when follow-ups were made for the three complaints lodged with West Midlands Police, Warwickshire Police and the Met:

“Original lengthy complaint made directly to your office on the 28th of January 2022 … Complaint acknowledged by the IOPC on the 4th of February 2022 … On the 21st of March 2021 at 9:30 am I make contact with your office … I explained there is no further contact from The Metropolitan Police or Warwickshire Police … Still to date, there has been no other contact from Warwickshire police or the Metropolitan police.”

The professional standards Department at West Midlands police had emailed Sexton on 17 March saying they were not investigating the complaint.

“On the 24th of May 2022, I made contact with your office … I was advised to document all contact and communication in relation to these matters, in one email, to this office, for you to assess and action as a matter of urgency,” Sexton wrote.

As requested, Sexton then briefly noted the history of events: when the complaints were submitted and to whom, who was present, how the evidence was submitted and a brief description of the evidence provided. Regarding CRN 6029679/21, the complaint submitted to the Met, Sexton wrote:

“The evidence submitted was vast, fully documented, irrefutable and damning, outlining serious criminal offences being committed by senior members of government, senior members of the civil service and senior serving police constables.

“Evidence was supplied by many world-renowned experts in the field of medicine, cardiology, immunology, science, data, lawyers, barristers, serving and retired nurses and doctors and retired police constables. Not just from within the United Kingdom but from many countries around the world and many of whom are world-leading experts in their fields.

“Over four hundred victim and witness statements were obtained and provided by lawyer Lois Bayliss, NHS whistle-blower statements, care home worker whistle-blower statements, and statements from serving GPs some of which were harrowing to read.

“Despite the vast amount of irrefutable evidence, despite being able to identify twenty-one serious criminal offences being committed and despite being able to identify at least fifteen named known offenders, the case was closed.

“What is most concerning, at no point did anyone from the Metropolitan police from December 20th 2021 up to and including the 22nd of February 2022 make contact with any of the victims, any of the witnesses, or any of the world-renowned experts who were offering their evidence and expertise to assist The Metropolitan Police. It is also believed not one of the alleged offenders was spoken to or contacted.”

Sexton noted the response to Hyland’s letter of 25 February which “outlined the failings of the Metropolitan police for their lack of investigation”:

“On the 18th of May 2022 lawyer Philip Hyland received a letter from Detective Superintendent Tor Garnett. She again reiterated no criminal offences are identified, no further investigation will take place and any further documents submitted will not be actioned.

“This is a blatant disregard of the law, the irrefutable evidence submitted has been ignored, a cover-up is taking place and it is clear that Superintendent Tor Garnett is perverting the course of justice as is Deputy Assistant Commissioner Jane Connors.”

On 30 March, Sexton made a complaint against Deputy Assistant Commissioner Jane Connors and Detective Superintendent Tor Garnett for the offence of Perverting the Course of Justice but despite being given a CAD reference the same day and assured that “somebody would be in touch within two to three weeks,” as at 25 May Sexton had been contacted.

Sexton explained he has also contacted the Metropolitan Police Federation:

“Due to the serious concerns many people have, me included, surrounding the conduct of senior ministers, civil servants and senior police constables. I felt it was my duty to make direct contact with Mr Ken Marsh who is the chair of the Federation of the Metropolitan police … To the best of my belief and knowledge Mr Ken Marsh has failed as is his duty as a serving constable to notify his members of the crimes being committed and by who.”

Sexton also briefly describes what happened when he attempted to submit paperwork relating to “misconduct in public office offences by all ‘partygate’ attendees.” And as his email concludes he noted, amongst others:

“I have been trying to bring this to your attention as an independent investigative body since January 2022. We now have all of the main news channels reporting on this. It is now incumbent upon you within your capacity to fully investigate The Metropolitan Police, Warwickshire Police and West Midlands Police for their blatant failures by refusing to investigate serious crime, Perverting the Course of Justice and Assisting Known Offenders.

“The vaccines for the coronavirus are causing serious harm, injury and death in all age groups throughout the United Kingdom.

“Government ministers know this, civil servants know this and senior police officers know this, yet they continue to allow them to be administered to the men, women and children across the nation.

“Crimes that are continuing unabated, please stop them, now.”

You can find a copy of Sexton’s email to IOPC, which is much longer than the few extracts noted above, on the Telegram channel named ‘6029679/21’ HERE from which we have copied and attached below.

In his email to the IOPC, Sexton also noted that on 3 May Hyland made a complaint to the IOPC “regarding the conduct of Deputy Assistant Commissioner Jane Connors and the conduct of the Metropolitan police” concerning CRN 6029679/21.

Last week, on 12 June, Global Research interviewed Hyland in the first half of the weekly podcast Global Research Hour. Hyland discussed the weight of the evidence, the implications of the Met closure of the case, and the failures of so-called media “fact-checks.” During this interview Hyland said:

“We were gathering evidence and looking at an injunction to take out against the Medical Health Regulatory Authority that licenses drugs and medical devices in the UK because the evidence collected suggested that there were statistically significant increases in certain conditions like myocarditis and pericarditis. Plus, there was a statistically significant increase in deaths,” Hyland said.

“With the SARS COV 2 vaccine there seemed to be, at best, indifference by the regulator as to what adverse events were happening, and there didn’t seem to be too much enthusiasm for collecting data … [On] the flip side of that coin is that the regulator hadn’t authorized hydroxychloroquine and zinc. And hadn’t authorised Ivermectin.

“The Met police issued a, in my view, a misleading statement saying that they’ve looked into allegations of suppression of information on the vaccine except there were no crimes committed. But the criminal complaint was far wider than that.

“Where we are at the moment is in rather an unhappy situation of we complain to the independent office or ombudsman to police complaints about the police’s failure to look into this properly, and my own analysis of the situation is that the police we were interacting with did want to investigate it but the police at the head of the organisation didn’t and squashed it. That’s my own reading of the situation.

“We’ve now got a complaint in with the office that regulates the police about the failure to investigate…”

You can watch the 30-minute interview and read the transcript of Hyland’s interview on Global Research’s website HERE.

Update CRN 6029679/21: Complaints Regarding Police Conduct are Ignored by IOPC and Metropolitan Police Federation


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