Ukraine Is Just Another Globalist Psyop But 95% Are Blind

The Lying Media’s Ukraine Propaganda

It is truly astounding to watch so many good, well-meaning people fall for the media’s Ukraine narrative.

“Putin is a madman, a butcher and a war criminal who has irrationally invaded a peaceful neighbour that was just minding its own business” runs the storyline that is being pounded into our heads twenty-four hours a day.

Even though Vladimir Putin may not be the nicest man in the world, none of the presently peddled Ukraine narrative is true. In fact, the truth is the opposite of what is being said.

Simply put, the Ukraine narrative bears all the hallmarks of another coordinated misinformation campaign. Those who are falling for it need to ask themselves why they should trust anything put out by our thoroughly corrupt corporate media given their consistent record of lying, distortion, and all-around treachery.

The evidence of the last several years makes it clear beyond any doubt that the American media are nothing but agents of fake news and misinformation.

Do you want some examples of the misinformation campaigns they have run?

Do you remember the Russian collusion scandal? They accused Donald Trump of partnering with the Russians to defeat Hillary Clinton. None of it turned out to be even remotely true, yet they fanned the flames of this fake story for years. It turns out that it was actually Hillary Clinton’s campaign was behind this completely false tale. To date the media has issued no correction or apology.

Do you remember the media’s claim that Hunter Biden’s laptop was a product of the Russian disinformation campaign? They ran this false story even though they knew were very well that the drive was genuine, since it had been carefully authenticated by the New York Post which first reported on the story. The New York Post made authentication evidence available for everyone to see. The mainstream media, however, chose to look the other way. Instead, they solicited the help of fifty-one unscrupulous FBI, CIA and national security operatives who falsely implied that the hard drive was a product Russian disinformation.

Needlessly, to say it is now widely acknowledged that the hard drive is genuine, a fact which has been noted even by such hyper partisan outfits as the New York Times and the Washington Post.

The refusal of the media to report on the hard drive with the collaboration of national security operatives constituted great treachery, since the hard drive contained extensive evidence of the criminality on the part of the Biden family.

Mark Levin talks about the evidence of the Bidens’ crimes and corruption found on Hunter Biden’s hard drive

If the hard drive had been truthfully reported on by the state media, Joe Biden could have never become president of the United States. He would face criminal prosecution instead.

And yet having evidence of Biden’s deep corruption, the mainstream media accorded him fawning coverage and portrayed him as an honest politician and a good man.

Watch Rudy Giuliani discuss the crimes of the Biden family

Hunter Biden’s hard drive constitutes the greatest political scandal in US history. The censorship of this story during the 2020 election campaign is a stunning example of journalistic malfeasance.

And what the media’s narrative about Rachel Levine? This is a biological man who has lived most of his life as such – marrying a woman and fathering children by her. But the media claim that he is now a woman. This is obviously not true, since a man cannot be a woman. Everybody sees and knows this and yet the media insists on the falsehood.

Such brazen lying is one of the most egregious forms of gaslighting and journalistic malpractice seen to date. To add an injustice to z lie, USA TODAY named Levine one of the top twelve women in America. By this act they demeaned and humiliated real women. They let a man usurp an honour that should have rightfully gone to a deserving woman.

USA TODAY named a biological mal as one of its top twelve women of the year.

Do you remember the stories about Covid and the vaccines? Do you remember the narrative that the vaccines were 95 percent effective and perfectly safe? Do you remember the claim that if you get the vaccine, you will not get Covid?

Do you remember the claim of “a pandemic of the unvaccinated”?

Do you remember the story of Dr. Fauci as a selfless public servant who only cares about public health? (See Robert Kennedy’s book here for a dose of truth on this one.)

Well, all of it turned out to be lies. It was all fake stories and disinformation propaganda from beginning to end.

We could go on and on and on. But this should suffice to show what those who work for the corporate media are all about.

These people are professional liars and gaslighters. They are some of the most hardened deceivers around. They lie into the public’s eyes with a straight face. They are subverters of reality who run constant interference against truth. They are perjurers devoid of conscience.

How can, then, anybody trust what they say? Given their record, it is safe to assume that the truth is one-hundred-and-eighty-degree opposite of what they claim.

Do you remember their recent heroes? They were people like George Floyd and Joe Biden.

Do you remember how they cried with joy at CNN when they saw Joe Biden being inaugurated even though they knew what a corrupt person he was?

Today the same people who lionized George Floyd – who, as a matter of record, was a career criminal, drug addict and porn actor – lionize Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

Don’t you think there is something suspicious about this?

When someone becomes the darling of the progressive woke left and is lionized by the likes of CNN, MSNBC, NPR, the New York Times, the Washington Post and the rest of the gaslighting media, we should immediately doubt the story.

And yet so many good people have fallen for it. The inability of the public to learn from the media’s glaring record of mendacity is truly mind-boggling.

The Ukraine narrative is pure propaganda and misinformation that belongs to the same category of intentional deception as the tales of the safe and effective vaccines, honest Joe Biden, of men being women, the Russian collusion and many others.

This is what the great Paul Craig Roberts had to say about our present situation:

Just as everything you were told about Covid by the media and health and government officials was false, so is everything you have been told by the same propagandistic liars about Ukraine. Americans have had nothing but lies since the assassination of US President John F. Kennedy, of his brother, US Senator Robert Kennedy President-in-Waiting, Martin Luther King, the Vietnam war, 9/11, Saddam Hessein’s nonexistent “weapons of mass destruction,” Assad’s “use of chemical weapons,” Iranian nukes, the extraordinary lies about Kaddafi, Covid pandemic, Russian invasions. The entire Western World lives in The Matrix, a world created by propaganda. The vast majority of people in the West have no idea of the reality in which they live. This makes them impotent and completely unable to protect their freedom. They are sitting ducks for tyranny which is fast enclosing around them.

Roberts is right on the money. We are in a deep and dangerous predicament due to the fact that large portions of the public have been thoroughly brainwashed by the scheming corporate media.

If you want to truly educate yourself about who is responsible for the Ukrainian crisis, we suggest that you watch a couple of videos by brilliant and honest men who know what they are talking about.

Below is a 2015 lecture by Professor John Mearsheimer who is one of the most distinguished political scientists in the world. This presentation was given more than six years before the start of the presently unfolding Ukrainian conflict. In it Professor Mearsheimer uncannily predicts what was bound to happen to Ukraine. This is what he said at the time:

“What is going on here is that the West is leading Ukraine down the primrose path and the end result is that Ukraine is going to get wrecked.”

In the course of his talk, Professor Mearsheimer explains the underlying roots and causes of the war that is now unfolding in Ukraine. The whole video is one hour and fourteen minutes long, but you only need to watch the first forty-six minutes which cover Prof. Mearsheimer’s talk (the remainder is a question-and-answer session).

Next is a Zoom talk given by Jim Rickards who is one of the most astute experts on geopolitics today. He is a lawyer, best-selling author and investor. Rickards is an advisor on capital markets to the Director of National Intelligence and the Office of the Secretary of Defense. You can read his biography here. Rickards’ excellent talk on the Ukrainian crisis is less than 24 minutes long.

Unlike the lying, mendacious media who constantly subvert reality by running one brazen misinformation campaign after another, these men say the truth about the Ukrainian situation.

Listen to what they have to say and learn the truth.

And never again believe what the perfidious deceivers in the legacy media say about anything.

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