US Dem Governors Killed 1,000’s in Nursing Homes, UK Did The Same

NER: Please read the resource links to understand the massive scale of the killing of the elderly in England, as it was in US Democrat strongholds. If you can’t see this was the beginning of the depopulation agenda then you need to read more.)

Clare Wills Harrison Discusses Blanket DNRs and Litigation Prospects

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“At the same time [as NICE issued guidance to use midazolam and morphine to treat Covid], we had blanket do not resuscitate orders being placed on care home residents.  So, we have do not resuscitate orders, we have withdrawal of usual medication, we have people being put onto ‘nil by mouth’ for very spurious supposed risks of aspiration,” Clare Wills Harrison told Dr. Bryan Ardis.

Wills Harrison, a UK lawyer, has several legal cases where midazolam has clearly been misused.  Midazolam seems to have been used in the UK the same way as remdesivir has been used in the USA so Dr. Ardis discussed the use of midazolam in the UK with Wills Harrison. (NER: Evidence shows 43% of those getting Fauci mandated Remdesivir died of kidney failure)

As the discussion covers a great deal of important information, we are taking extracts and publishing them in a series of articles.  This article is the fifth (Part 5) in the series, see the links under “video chapters” at the end of this article for Parts 1 to 4.

An Amnesty International publication titled ‘As if Expendable’ “states everything I stated in my video in June 2020.  That absolutely confirms what I said, what I saw actually happened,” Wills Harrison said, including: the blanket do not resuscitate orders (“DNRs”); the UK government’s failure to protect older people in care homes; and, the overreach of people’s human rights.

Links included in image above:

The Care Quality Commission, which is advised by NICE, issued an interim and a final report.  “What’s absolutely staggering about both those reports, and the Amnesty report, is nothing in the public arena has happened.  There has been no public enquiry, no ministers held to account, no questions seeking to address ‘just what has gone on here’.  And, when you consider how many people died in care homes in the first wave, it was 18,000, [it is staggering],” said Wills Harrison.

 “When you put it together: people were sent out of hospital into care homes; there was blanket DNRs; there was overprescribing of midazolam and morphine; there was ‘no visitors allowed’ – no oversight, no family, nobody going into these homes – it paints a very unpretty picture, I’m afraid.  And some serious questions need to be answered,” she said.

Wills Harrison then gave a brief update on upcoming court cases.  “We hope that the few cases we are doing will serve as a benchmark for the very many others I think have been affected by this and we are, going forward, going to look at the best way to funnel people to a team of people that will hopefully be able to help them.”

This “Covid treatment” is still ongoing in the UK.  While in the beginning it was largely happening in care settings, “sadly, we’re getting more and more reports of this happening in hospitals” Wills Harrison explained.  Adding, “we also have remdesivir in the UK now, we’ve got issues around that.”

“Know what’s being put into your body.  Ask for the risk [versus the] benefit.  Ask for the ingredients.  And that applies to across the board, it’s not just about midazolam.  You’ve got to ask the same about the so-called ‘vaccines’ which are not vaccines. 

“I think at the most basic level we need to ask ourselves: ‘Can we really trust our government, can we really trust mainstream science, can we really trust the media who are funded by pharma and others?  What really is going on here?’

“My call to action would be: open your mind, consider the evidence before you and ask yourself: ‘is everything really all as they are telling you?’”  she advised.

The Dr. Ardis Show: Clare Wills Harrison, Blanket DNR Orders and Legal Cases, 17 January 2022 (24 mins)

You can watch the full 90-minute discussion ‘UK Attorney, Clare Wills-Harrison, exposes “End of Life” drugs, protocols’ HERE. The video chapters and timestamps are listed below:

  1. 00:00:00 Introduction
  2. 00:03:19 Remdesivir, the only approved drug for the treatment of Covid, is deadly
  3. 00:08:00 What is midazolam and why is it so dangerous?
  4. 00:11:50 A “good death” exchange between members of the UK Government (Part 1)
  5. 00:18:28 Why the conversation about a “good death” took place, NICE advice
  6. 00:31:33 MHRA and GMC advice on using benzodiazepine and opioids (Part 2)
  7. 00:39:00 BMJ guidelines
  8. 00:42:33 How Wills Harrison became aware, whistle-blowers, midazolam orders and the Liverpool Care Pathway (Part 3)
  9. 00:52:09 BMJ, Letter to the editor (Part 4)
  10. 01:00:18 Blanket Do Not Resuscitate orders (Part 5)
  11. 01:07:46 Update on litigation prospects
  12. 01:17:12 Wrap up
  13. 01:30:33 End



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