Vaxx Promoters Lie Incessantly, Their Dead Remain Silent

Alert: Collapsing of the Vaccine Narrative

That the vaccines being injected into populations worldwide are useless and do not work against the Coronavirus is being increasingly recognized and acknowledged in different ways.

The Kennedy Centre, for instance, requires that all attendees of its annual Honours gala events, which will take place this weekend, present a negative test even as the Centre also requires that all must be vaccinated.

This is a direct acknowledgement that the vaccines will not protect attendees against infection.

Switzerland now requires that both vaccinated and unvaccinated travellers take tests when arriving from a long list of countries.

This is another acknowledgement that the vaccines do not protect against infection.

The United Kingdom will begin administering the fourth Covid shot today. This in less than one year!

This is a sobering admission that the previous three shots failed to generate adequate protection against the Coronavirus.

The interval between the second and third shot was six months. The interval between the third and fourth shot is three months now. How long do you think will the quadruply jabbed be protected? What will be the interval between the fourth and the fifth shot?

It was less than six months ago that the narrative of “the wonderfully effective vaccines that will protect us against the virus and end the pandemic” was still being propagated.

It was barely three months ago that Big Pharma, Fauci and their collaborators in the scientific establishment still claimed that this was “the pandemic of the unvaccinated.”

It was only a few weeks ago that they still claimed that the vaccines will “protect against severe Covid and death.”

Now we know that over eighty percent of those seriously ill and dying in England have been vaccinated.

The stark truth is that the vaccines do not provide reliable protection against infection, severe Covid or death.

Some data, in fact, suggests that the vaccines make people vulnerable to the disease and its depredations.

We have seen some of the most vaccinated countries in the world have suffered widespread surges of Covid 19.

In Britain eight out of ten serious Covid cases and deaths are among the double and triple jabbed even though the country’s vaccination rate is at 70 percent.

It is time for people to wake up and recognize what is happening right before their eyes.

What we are witnessing is the unfolding collapse of the Covid vaccine narrative of which every part is being shown to have been a lie.

If you have long memory, you may still remember when it was said that the vaccines were 95 percent effective.

But since this claim was made years months ago and many people have apparently already forgotten about it, the vaccinators are hoping to flush it down the memory hole.

They are even doubling down and pushing for mandates to force their ineffective and dangerous concoctions into people’s bodies.

They must not be allowed to get away with their treachery.

It is time to remind ourselves of all the false claims and misinformation, and call the vaccinators and their collaborators to account.


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