Washington Following Australia Which Follows Stalin’s Gulag Policy

Washington State Files Bill to “Involuntarily Detain” Unvaccinated Families

It’s beginning.

A bill has been filed in Washington State to “involuntarily detain” families who are unvaccinated against COVID-19.

Sound too crazy to be true?

Well, we’ve been warning that it was only a matter of time until this would happen here in the United States.

You see, this has already been happening around the world, but the media has refused to report it.

Specifically, the greatest abuse has happened in Australia, where people are being held against their will in quarantine camps.

If you try to run away, then they hunt you down.

See for yourself below:

Now, it appears that these quarantine camps may be coming to the U.S.

And Washington may be the first state to implement it.

Despite the clear language in the bill, the Washington government is claiming that “involuntarily detain” doesn’t mean what it sounds like it means.

According to the Washington Policy Centre:

Social media has been rampant with the suggestion that the State Board of Health (SBOH) will be considering a policy in its Jan. 12 meeting to use law enforcement to involuntarily detain individuals and families who aren’t choosing to comply with various health requests.

Breathe deep. I have been told by sources in the Legislature, the Department of Health and the SBOH that the suggestion is false. This “isn’t happening at all,” says SBOH member and Clark County Councillor Temple Lentz, who I spoke with Friday. She adds, “This meeting isn’t what they are being told.”


The board’s staff put together an article to help clear things up. That’s on the SBOH website now. Check it out. The article also explains ways you can participate in the Jan. 12 public meeting.

While misinformation about a public meeting is unfortunate and raised a lot of people’s blood pressures, unnecessarily, there is a lesson here that state leaders would be wise to pay attention to: What was once unthinkable has become thinkable.

Two years ago, no one would think policies like the quarantine of unvaccinated individuals could happen. We’d roll our eyes and chuckle when seeing such an email announcement or Facebook post. In today’s Washington, it feels possible.

Washingtonians have been living under a governor’s emergency powers for 678 days now. The people have not been represented. And the coercive, restrictive climate that federal, state and local leaders have created — with various mandates, firings and closures — makes people’s reaction to hearing false policy proposals perfectly natural.

So what exactly is in the bill?

Is “involuntarily detain” false news or a wrong interpretation of the words?

We have more details below.


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