We Face a Transhumanist World, Only God’s World is Safe

NER: This is a complex subject and I’m quite sure the majority will not be able to grasp it. Yuval Noah Harari has explained it several times, from the technocratic perspective. There’s no doubt that his apparently outlandish ideas, of the redundancy of the billions of “useless mouths” is nevertheless true. Most of the population took the death shots, masquerading as vaccines. Those who survived them, are still contaminated with the nanobots & graphene structures which will alter their humanity. In the technological AI world we are entering, those without the necessary analytical ability to adapt to the change, will become redundant. There really is only one way to escape their depopulation clutches, and that is to recognise that we are spiritual beings, made in the image of God. The technological masters, such as Harari, are total atheists unable to comprehend spiritual issues. As a committed Christian, it is apparent to me that there will be a divine intervention at some point, which will provide an escape from the technological horrors they envision.

Understanding Future Shock And After Shock – The Technocratic Prediction That Common Man Will No Longer Understand Reality Due To The Exponential Pace Of Technological Advances

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