We KNOW Natural Immunity is Best But CDC Confirmation Matters

CDC Confirms They Have No Recorded Case of Someone Who Has Natural Immunity Being Re-Infected or Transmitting Covid

In response to a request made under the Freedom of Information Act (FOI) the U.S. Centres for Disease Control & Prevention (“CDC”) admitted it does not have any documented cases of unvaccinated people being re-infected or transmitting Covid to another person after acquiring natural immunity.

In September a New York attorney, Elizabeth Brehm, had requested “documents reflecting any documented case of an individual who: (1) never received a COVID-19 vaccine; (2) was infected with COVID-19 once, recovered, and then later became infected again; and (3) transmitted SARS-CoV-2 to another person when reinfected.”

The CDC responded in a letter dated 5 November.  “A search of our records failed to reveal any documents pertaining to your request,” a spokesperson for the CDC replied. “The CDC Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) conveyed that this information is not collected.”

While the answer on its own does not establish that no such cases exist, it could be taken as an indicator of health authorities’ disinterest in information that could undermine their chosen policies.

“Studies have found that vaccine-induced Covid protection wanes around six months (or potentially sooner),” Life Site News reported, “by contrast, a recent Yale study projected that natural immunity lasts three times longer.”

Dr Sebastian Rushworth, a physician in Stockholm, discussed in an article a recent Swedish study to determine how effective the Covid injections are at protecting against Covid after more than a few months.

In total, 1,684,958 individuals were included in the study. The authors of the study identified who was “vaccinated” in late May 2021.   The vaccinated people were then matched individually against people of the same age and gender, and living in the same municipality, who hadn’t been “vaccinated.” They followed them until October to see if they developed Covid-19.

After the first two months from “vaccination,” there was a rapid decline in efficacy. At four to six months, the injections, over all types, were only reducing the relative risk of infection by 48%.

“Governments had initially set the bar for approving the vaccines at a 50% relative risk reduction. So, if the trials had been required to run for six months before presenting results instead of only running for two months, then the vaccines would have been considered too ineffective to be worth bothering with, and would never have been approved,” Dr Rushworth wrote, four to six months after the injection “AstraZeneca was at that point not doing anything whatsoever to lower risk …[and] by the nine-month mark, the Pfizer vaccine is no longer offering any protection.”

Dr Robert Malone posted on Telegram: “Natural Immunity is broad, protective, and durable.  Unlike vaccine-induced immunity.  I am so tired of USG lies.”

Dr. Malone should know, he is the inventor of mRNA vaccines and RNA as a drug.

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