Weird Ingredients Being Injected By Gene Therapy

Dr Carrie Madej: First U.S. Lab Examines “Vaccine” Vials, HORRIFIC Findings Revealed     

Dr. Carrie Madej: First U.S. Lab Examines “Vaccine” Vials, HORRIFIC Findings Revealed

NER: Heading in box is video link. 15 minutes

Stew Peters Interviews Dr Carrie and her findings are extraordinary.

Dr Madej was given several samples by a Georgia laboratory of the Moderna and the Johnson & Johnson vaccine and what Dr Madej discovers under the microscope are;  “things she has never seen before” and things that “were very upsetting”.

Dr Madej goes on to explain that normally there isn’t any colour visible to notice, only the “white light” from the microscope, but while looking at the vials; brilliant colours, brilliant blue, yellow, royal purple and sometimes green appeared and this was something she “has never seen before”.

Dr. Madej goes on to describe The Moderna vial sample as something like a “super conducting computing system” and metallic fragments “that I am not used to seeing”.  She later refers to it as “an injectable computing system”

She goes on to describe metallic fragments “that I’m not used to seeing” “opaque” and “cubed” structures as well as fibre structures as well.

Dr Madej goes on to explain the particulates started to move to the edge of the glass slide and started to what she explains as “self-assemble” and “things were growing”. She also discovered as what is described as an “organism having tentacles” and was able to lift itself off of the slide and appeared to be self aware.

Dr Carrie also went on to say the things she discovered and was never seen before by her as well as fellow colleagues. She explained that this was something that was never taught in school or any research she has ever found.

Dr Madej also described that there was definitely graphene found in each vial and a fatty substance such as hydrogel, and so she knows the media is completely lying about this not having nano-lipid substances.

After the first vial was observed Dr Madej went back into the lab to observe a J&J vial and this one she explained as a little different with more “spherical structures” as well as different colours “more  Fluorescent” in colour. After this discover and it matching what she saw the first time; Dr Madej says that she started crying and explaining how we are injecting these into human beings and soon to be our children.

Dr Madej also describes this as spiritual warfare.  Listen, we are under attack and we need to be aware of what is going on with these  vaccine’s.

Dr Carrie also shared how This could be the beginning for the advent of trans-humanism and human surveillance and human policing; as well as the connection with Mastercard and our monetary funds being connected to this “injectable computing system”

Dr Madej is seriously concerned about what is happening in our world right now and I would ask that you stand with her in this world-wide fight against the tyranny that is here and is being forced on us and our children.

We thank you so much for visiting the website and ask for your support in prayer, financial giving and reaching out to share your stories.

Thank you and God bless!!

Consider supporting Dr Carrie and her quest to expose the truth about the vaccine’s and healthy living for today.


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