Where do Conflicting Reports come From?

I have been trying to present the truth about the over-hyped China virus so that you can escape the fear and alarm being engendered by the Big Pharma inspired media, governments & multiple specialists including WHO and Fauci. The following clip sows clearly the three preeminent TV doctors speaking the truth about the virus from the beginning. Then, clearly due to pressure from Big Pharma, which they need for support, they completely backtrack. Their “toeing-the-line,” grovelling admissions are highly unlikely to be what they believe, but are induced by their overriding concern for financial survival.

This is exactly why you will continue to see governments and the mainstream media insisting on keeping people under house-arrest. Thousands of experts, not dependent on Big Pharma, have confirmed that we are dealing with a flu-type virus and can comfortably go back to work.

Take the trouble to watch the other interviews I posted, and you will see the truth emanating from these unfunded specialists.


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