Where is This All Going?

By all reasonable accounts, this virus began in China in December, so it has been running rampant more than five months. I still call it China Virus because that was its origin. Fauci & the WHO, both clearly in the Chinese camp, called it Covid so as not to embarrass their friends. It is also not politically correct nowadays to name things from their origin, but we still remember Spanish flu from 100 years ago. Who will remember Covid-19 any time in the future? After 5 months we still have no certainty from the experts on where it is going or what the final outcome might be. That being so, it is not wrong of us to speculate, based on what the various experts are saying. That does not mean you think you are an expert as some will accuse us of; it just means you are applying your mind to what you are hearing from those who “know”.

Everything from the common cold to the deadly Spanish flu is a corona virus, yes, we understand China Virus is different, but they are still all corona. Based on the apparent difficulty & confusion around testing, it is not unreasonable to suggest that those with the actual seasonal flu, may be lumped together, boosting the apparent numbers. Despite the lockdown, we are told that there will be a second wave later. Does that mean prepare for another lockdown to finish off the remnants of our economies? Applying some logic, if we all locked down every October in the Northern Hemisphere, & re-emerged in January, hardly anyone will catch the seasonal flu. Then in January we will all be hit by the “second wave” which would just be the first wave that we hid from for 3 months? Not everyone gets the flu at the start of winter, some get it towards spring, depending on your immune system, I guess. Again, some experts tell us that by locking down we are weakening our immune systems, which makes sense to me. The so-called second wave will then be deadlier than the first, so what did we accomplish?

I will not comment on a global conspiracy, although Gates & the WHO are open about a global objective, so let’s just deal with the USA. Anyone following their politics, should clearly see that the Democrats will stop at nothing to prevent the elected President from being re-elected. That clearly includes wrecking the economy, as that is normally the surest way to stop a re-election. So far as I know, no US president has won a second term with the economy crashing. Just remember those in power lose nothing. I had better deal with the so-called 1%. The movers & shakers who do effectively rule the world. That would be 80 million, so it may be the 0.1% or whatever. How could they possibly benefit from crashed economies? No problem, just look at what’s already happening. Businesses are closing, property is losing value, successful businessmen, who create jobs, are under pressure. They might have a $2 million beachfront apartment in the Seychelles that they will take $1 million for. In come the 0.1%. Businesses go bankrupt, they are available for pennies on the dollar. In come the 1% with a rescue deal. At the end of it all they own another 10% of the world’s goods. In ten years time, everything is back to normal, but the 0.1% have much more control and considerably more wealth. That is the system, & don’t forget the 01% are not all greedy capitalists. They include Russian, Cuban, Chinese, North Korean & Venezuelan etc communist billionaires. Money & power have no political allegiance, only the manipulated masses choose sides.

To crash the US economy, the whole world would need to be locked down, as it would look suspicious if it was just the US. To attain this objective, the China Virus is a useful, if not essential tool. By magnifying the risks & scaring people to death, they become compliant, & that is where we are now. Additionally, it attains the second objective of having the world agree to be vaccinated. I have dealt with that money-machine elsewhere. This is my own conspiracy theory if you like, but if you think it is far-fetched, you really are not paying enough attention.



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