World Uprising Against NWO, Great Video Compilation

Inevitable Defeat of the Liberal World Order

Quintessential Canadian patriot, SonofEnos has put together this great presentation about the Great Awakening being triggered by the Fascist antics of the Liberal World Order and their fake war in Ukraine.

SonofEnos’ friend, Freedom Convoy leader Tamara Lich languishes in jail and was denied bail after being arrested at an awards gala in Toronto in the presence of another convoy organizer, thereby violating the conditions of her release.

He warns that a people who have, “No path forward, whose legal system is so completely corrupted that we have no possibility of justice, that…we’re so fallen of a country that our charter’s gone, our bill of rights is gone, you’re going to leave us with no option. Take a look at what’s happening in the rest of the world!”

The pushback against governments enforcing ‘green’ policies has become a global phenomenon but SonofEnos observes that the Libtards appear to be operating from a script from which they cannot seem to deviate, at all.

“They have to go forward, even when they know the results will be disastrous for them,” he says – almost as if they’d made a pact with Satan.

For example, Justin Trudeau is about to inflict the same anti-nitrogen regulations that the Dutch government is attempting to use as a ruse to collapse independent farmers and wrest their land away from them.

SonofEnos says, “We the People know. It’s not gonna work. I’ll tell ya what’s gonna happen: the same thing that is happening in the Netherlands and in many other places…when you put someone’s livelihood under the axe like that, they got nothing to lose anymore. So what’s coming is a full-on revolt.”

This is the plan, of course.

He plays a clips of Vladimir Putin and of mass uprisings all over the world, saying “These people know what’s going on, Man. They know that they’re ruled by Globalist puppets, World Economic Forum puppets. This is not a game. These people are playing for keeps.”

While speaking before the Kremlin, Vladimir Putin not only declared the inevitable defeat of the New World Order, but also encouraged a worldwide revolution against the totalitarian tyranny of the so-called “Rules Based Order”.

Putin said (paraphrasing) that the world is transitioning away from the Globalist, World Economic Forum order into one where people and nations have sovereignty, values and traditions are respected, based on democracy, justice and equality.

SonofEnos runs a strong presentation on Ukraine by John Mark Dougan, a former Palm Beach County cop who sought political asylum in Russia after his exposure of police corruption threatened his life in the US.

SonofEnos says, “We, The People of the World are reaching the precipice and are not going to suffer this absolute despotism we are living under any longer. It is clear, that the worldwide revolution has begun.”

Reprinted with the author’s permission.


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