You Really Must Protect Yourself

I’m still harping on about this vaccine conspiracy. There are huge resources backing the mandatory vaccine plan. These include Bill Gates, the World Health Organisation, Dr Fauci & a plethora of governments & globalists who want you to be vaccinated. This will not protect you from the Virus, but will actually endanger you. If you have tried to read up on this, you only have perhaps a 5% chance of finding the truth. Facebook, YouTube and Twitter shut down any site which challenges the vaccine plan or any linking of 5G to the China Virus. That is why I put these videos up on my blog, as the mainstream media is wholly immersed in the conspiracy.

The video below is a London Real interview with a very trustworthy doctor, unless you believe the establishment. He has an online, worldwide panel of 165 doctors who are voting on the issues around vaccination. You will see there is a +95% consensus.

All 165 doctors felt people should go back to work as they did in October, before the Virus. They don’t believe there is any scientific basis for social distancing.

Concerning 5G, the establishment regards any questions around the Virus, as linking 5G with causing it. Nobody is actually claiming that. The clear message is that 5G will weaken the immune system, thus making you more susceptible to the Virus and many other things.

You should note that the China Virus is already patented, but you CANNOT patent a naturally occurring virus. You should be able to conclude something from that?

There was a vaccine for the H1N1 virus and 64 patients at Martin Luther King hospital, who had the vaccine, all died from H1N1. This story was killed because they could not afford to let the truth be known. We are treading the same path again but on a worldwide scale.
Actually 165 doctors who understand the dangerous path we are on


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