Zelensky’s Nazi Army Sustained By Methamphetamine

Ukraine Adopts Historic Nazi Tactic of Supplying Methamphetamines to Military Forces

The imbeciles at the Daily Beast, falsely claim Russia are losing the war and falsely claim they are blaming it on genetically modified “mutant-troops” as a result of the US biolabs in Ukraine.

Before reading the article, understand that this is straight up nonsense from the Daily Beast and the left-wing media, and the only reason I’m reporting on it is to immediately distance myself from it, warn you all about it, as well as accurately explain the reports from Russia.

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This narrative is just the left-wing mouth breathers trying to link false reporting to the accurate reporting on the biolabs in Ukraine, in an attempt to derail the legitimacy, and deter people from associating or digging deeper on the biolabs in Ukraine.


Allison Quinn at the Daily Beast, is GROSSLY misrepresenting what Russia said, and nowhere in the reports from Russian lawmakers were there any talks of “mutant super-soldiers.” Read the piece and you’ll see the term used was “drugged-up soldiers”. Classic left-wing media slapping inaccurate titles on things and burying the facts in the body.

Hate to break it to you Allison, but there’s a stark difference between X-men, and methed-up nazis in the Ukrainian army… which you lefties just can’t seem to stop supporting. Time for a history lesson.

Drug usage in warfare is a LONG standing tradition of Nazi forces. In WW2, the Nazi armies were regularly supplied with methamphetamines. The Nazi government viewed it as a “miracle drug”.

The Nazi regime put forth insane amounts of resources to their pharmaceutical companies to mass produce methamphetamines, and supplied to all the Nazi forces.

The idea was that it would make the soldiers hyper-alert and vigilant. It allowed soldiers to stay up for days at a time and need little to no food. It would distort their minds, cause them not to be as receptive to pain, and negate the emotions of fear. All of this with the explicit intent to create “super-humans” and/or “super-soldiers”.

This is widely recognized by historians, there are novels and documentaries about the exact subject, and it’s even heavily documented in the MSM… recently. Here’s TIME magazine covering it in exquisite detail in 2020. This is WIDELY known.


Hitler’s entire militaristic ideology, Blitzkrieg, “lightning war”, was founded upon supplying all the soldiers with the drug SPEED. Methamphetamine. It literally makes you move faster. And Hitler himself,

As medical historian Peter Steinkamp puts it, “Blitzkrieg was guided by methamphetamine. If not to say that Blitzkrieg was founded on methamphetamine.”

Hitler himself was notoriously “Blitzed” on “Cocaine and Opiates” at all times during WW2. This is why during his speeches he is so animated and his pupils were always the size of grapefruits. Nazis are drug addicts. It’s their culture. It’s there tradition.


So, no…. Russia are not claiming Ukraine and the US are creating “mutant super-soldiers”, they are properly reporting the fact that the Ukrainian army are pumping their soldiers full of drugs, which in all seriousness, are performance enhancers in the field of war.

Have you ever done uppers in your life recreationally? Have you ever seen a crack head? Have you seen funny YouTube videos of crack heads running naked in the street at the speed of light or running head first into vehicles like they are battering rams? Have you ever seen Mad Max? There are some legitimate militaristic advantages to having an army drugged out of their minds, and the Nazis are notorious for utilizing them.

Putin infamously called the Ukraine government a “band of drug addicts and neo-nazis”, back on the first day of air strikes, 02/24/2022. This is what Putin is referring to. They are all coked and cracked out of their minds. As Nazis, historically, tend to be.


In conclusion, the Daily Beast has managed to dunk on themselves, draw more attention to the US Biolabs, draw more attention to the Nazi methods used by the Ukrainian Government, as well as prove that they have never picked up a history book in their lives.

So thank you Allison Quinn for supplying a sterling example of how corrupt the left-wing media is, as well as provide an opportunity for me to prove, once again, that the Ukrainians are Nazis, and they are proud of it.

One day, the history books will remember the US leftists for WORSHIPPING a bunch of coked up nazis making biological weapons and using civilians as human shields.

Choose your side wisely.


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