Political Lockdown Tragedy

Untold suffering lies in the wake of the political Covid lockdowns across the world. People intelligent enough to be aware of the truth, nevertheless enforce totalitarian rules that have no basis in science or logic. Those such as Boris Johnson, who clearly have an agenda for enforcement, and this can only be money. With multiple billions of dollars at stake for Big Pharma and its Fauci mafia associates, it is inevitable that the political class will be easily induced, by undoubtedly offshore payments into accounts with the globalist banks.

On what basis can I claim this? Purely on logical grounds. The enforcers are of that class, universally known to have the greatest proclivity for bribe inducement. It is most easily seen in the Third World, where attempted bribery of Nigerian officials was surprisingly turned down.

Meanwhile there is an astounding transfer of wealth from the poor and middleclass to the global elite. This is clearly a step on the road to the totalitarian rule of the Great Reset.

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