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Judy Mikovits: Been Warning us For More Than a Year

Judy Mikovits: Been Warning us For More Than a Year

Dr Judy Mikovits: How To Protect Against “Shedding” and Recover If You Took The Jab by noah15 hours ago NER: Judy is one of the most persecuted doctors on the planet, starting years ago with Fauci demonising her for her exposure of the corruption under his control. She suffered immensely. but never gave up trying to get the message out to protect the millions of Big Pharma victims. One of the top 3 questions I always get from readers is: “what can I do to recover my immune system if I took the jab (or jabs) and now regret it?” It turns out according to several doctors and specialists you can do a lot. I’m not a doctor, I’m just a reporter, but I did see this WONDERFUL interview today with Dr Judy Mikovits on the Stew Peters Show and it was one of the best interviews I’ve seen. Dr Mikovits is one of the doctors we can all trust, like Dr Tenpenney and America’s Frontline Doctors….they’re all fighting the good fight. Dr Mikovits covered a lot in this interview but she explains why her...

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