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This is a world of disinformation, where the mainstream media & Big Tech are bought & paid for by the advertising power of Big Pharma. Fact checkers is an oxymoron, as they are invariably agents of the same system. Seeking truth in this distorted world takes more time & effort than most people can afford. The purpose of this site is to take you, to the best of my ability, to sites which can be trusted. In the medical field they are invariably from informed specialists, who put truth before recognition, & risk their careers to protect the Hippocratic oath.

Indisputable Proof of Coming Mini Ice Age

Indisputable Proof of Coming Mini Ice Age

NER: I’ve been saying for years, here & on FB, that solar cycle 25 that we are in, will bring global cooling by 2030. The extent of the cooling is not clear, but its going to be unpleasant for the next generation. Any greenie disputing this article clearly either...

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We’re Looking at the End of Human Liberty in the West


If you take cognisance of nothing else in my blog, please take this advice. DO NOT GET VACCINATED, and if you have already, then do not get any more injections as the damage is unquestionably additive. If you are still on the fence, please stay there until you have viewed more of the non-mainstream sources of information.

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Truly some of the most well researched and relevant articles that I’ve read since the break of Covid. I am so pleased that I have found this site and I will continue to bring people here until this insanity is brought to rest!

– Adnan Sami


The truth is that very few see the truth because of what the mainstream media are doing. It’s about time we found a platform that is calling it how it is! Thank you for your hard work and please continue to do what you’re doing. You are SAVING LIVES!

– Levi Thulé

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