African Immigration: A Certain Route To Cultural Implosion

The Suicide of Europe: Old Continent vs New Continent

Mass migration is not, as it seems, an organic emanation of humanity from poor countries, but a calculated project to repopulate the territory of the declining West, with racism its chief instrument, wrote John Waters.

In a two-part series titled ‘Europe’s Death Rattle’, John Waters explores mass migration with reference to Stephen Smith’s book ‘The Scramble for Europe: Young Africa on its way to the Old Continent’.

Part I discusses – as the culmination of a long-time plan – a global calamity of food scarcity, due to Covid measures and ‘sanctions’, which will cause record numbers of mainly African migrants to enter Europe seeking food.

As Waters’ articles are longer than most would read in one sitting, we are breaking Part II, headed ‘Open Borders, Shut Mouths’, into shorter sections and publishing them as a series titled ‘The Suicide of Europe’. This article is the second in our series.

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By John Waters

Old Continent vs New Continent

One of the foundational tricks of this orchestrated invasion of the West is the leveraging of an enduring cultural empathy, one of the few strong residues of the two millennia of Christian civilisation remaining at play there. This operates fundamentally off a sense of culturally imputed guilt arising precisely from the former pre-eminence of Western civilisation and the riches thereby bestowed on its citizenry.

Now, as this prosperity evaporates and the countries of Europe are beset by an all but unprecedented demographic shrivelling (we need to go back 700 years to the aftermath of the Black Death to find an equivalent state-of-calamity as that which confronts the West at this moment), a new plan is being rolled out by stealth.

As the surviving peoples of this once great imperial continent remain assured and convinced that the only claims being made upon them are directed at their ‘humanity’ and ‘generosity’, the truth is that there is far, far more in the balance. What stands to be lost is the very existence of Europe qua Europe.

Of course, the obvious risks and dangers of this are fudged and camouflaged by a narrative that reduces things to a simplistic and malevolent racial hypothesis, using the culturally immobilising weapons of prejudicial ideological categories: ‘black’ Africans versus ‘white’ Europeans. The idea is put about that the sole factor prompting the escalating alarm at these drifts on the part of whole sections of every European population is an antagonism towards people of different skin colour and/or ethnicity.

Those who seek to point out that, self-evidently, the indigenous population of Europe is being ‘replaced’ from the ‘developing world’ (for which read ‘the undeveloping world’) are accused of ‘racism’, a charge that resonates jarringly with both the residual ‘compassion’ of Western cultures and the guilt that underlies it.

In reality, of course, the issue of race is but a superficial manifestation of a process that has a far deeper and more ominous meaning: the cultural supplanting of the greatest civilisation the world has known, more or less randomly, from the population of an undeveloping culture, whence people cross into Europe imagining that they can immediately acquire, as though by magic, the inheritance, personalities and auras of Western civilisation.

This, of course, is a fallacy of quite an extreme kind, for the integration of such outsiders into the Old Continent can be beneficial only up to an indeterminate point, which will be attained by osmosis without any indication that this has occurred, and after which the culture of Europe will descend into an abyss, in which it will become not a second Africa, or a second Pakistan — and still less a ‘New Europe’ — but a nothing culture comprising nihilism, degeneracy and anomie.

Those who say, ‘If you import the Third World, you get the Third World’ are wrong: If you import the Third World you destroy both the Third World countries — from which you will have sucked the human energy and cultural memory — and eventually also the cultures of ‘host’ countries into which these vast tranches of humanity are being channelled.

The continent of what was previously ‘Europe’ will remain, and that name may be preserved over the door, but the fabric of European civilisation will have corroded and dissolved, to be replaced by something else that we are unable to imagine in advance of its manifestation. Although unlikely, it is theoretically possible that this culture or civilisation might in time prove to be an improvement on that which, debased and intimidated, now prevails on the Old Continent. This is so because Europe has indisputably undergone some radical degeneration in the past half-century or thereabouts, though it is ominously interesting that those most to blame for this degeneration are more or less conterminous with those who advocate mass inward migration, who now add the risk of imposed undevelopment to their crimes against Europe. But whatever it may be, what will emerge will not be Europe in any sense referential to the Europe of Erasmus, Joyce, Proust, Yeats and Havel, but something new, or perhaps, as already noted, a ‘new nothing’.

And here is the core point: This will have occurred without any consultation or conversation having occurred between those promoting this agenda of replacement and the vast majorities of the indigenous peoples of the Old Continent — the home of democracy, liberty and human rights.

About the Author

John Waters was a journalist, magazine editor and columnist specialising in raising unpopular issues of public importance.  He left The Irish Times after 24 years in 2014 and drew the blinds fully on Irish journalism a year later.

Since then, his articles have appeared in publications such as First Thingsfrontpagemag.comThe Spectator, and The Spectator USA. He has published ten books, the latest, Give Us Back the Bad Roads (2018), being a reflection on the cultural disintegration of Ireland since 1990, in the form of a letter to his late father.

The above is an extract from his article ‘Europe’s death rattle, Part II’.  You can read Part I HERE.  Follow John Waters’ work by subscribing to his Substack HERE.

The Suicide of Europe: Old Continent vs New Continent

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