Climate Scientists Write To UN: There Is No Climate Emergency

Those who have been following the real impact of CO2 as opposed to the mainstream propaganda, will appreciate the reality of this message. Propagandists and alarmists will remain committed to the Thunberg narrative.

All the mainstream propaganda has for decades been designed for one purpose, and that is to scare the world into accepting the dystopian world of the Great Reset. The architects of this brave New World are predominately rich, powerful, influential, mainly evil and very patient.

Their first scare tactic was the threatened Ice Age of the 1970’s. This somehow morphed into the man-made -warming of the early 2000’s, culminating in the world being doomed after what is now a short 11 Thunberg years of disaster. To this provably false prediction was added the man-made Covid crisis. Albeit an actual killer this time, it’s impacts have been significantly worsened by the globalist manipulation of the data and refusal yo allow any of the proven cures to be administered. Truly they are culpable this time in the deaths of hundreds of thousands. The purpose being to scare the world into accepting the unproven vaccines which are designed as an instrument of the Great Reset.


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