Compelling Evidence of the Globalist Plot

I have been warning for months about where this Covid scam is heading. Finally, we have a compendium of clips from multiple sources which should convince even the belated sceptics. Humanity is under attack from the globalists. Christians will understand that this will culminate in the fulfilment of the biblical prophecies of the rule of the Antichrist.

Meanwhile, the world still needs to prepare and fight this threat, irrespective of your belief system. Again, I have been saying for a while, we need to unite and resist. If you do not resist, I am certain that you will end up with yourself and your children being subjected to compulsory vaccination and control of your life.

If you think that is not a big deal, you need to be aware that the vaccines will not be tested on animals, never mind humans. It is certain that there will be side-effects, from mild to severe and including deaths. This is known, based on vaccines already in existence, which went through a more rigorous trial process.

You may wonder how to resist. All I can say is watch for others forming public resistance groups and join them as though your life depended on it, because it really does.

This is a plan to take all your independence from you, and make you subject to control by the authorities. Those of you in South Africa, have seen how arbitrary the mandates of the Great High Command Council of Dlamini Zuma were, that dictated your life. You have also seen how compliant we all were.

This had nothing to do with the virus, and everything to do with practicing totalitarian rule, and testing the reaction of the populace.

Go through the information presented, and if you can reach another conclusion please let me know.

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  1. Marinus

    Thanks for your effort in wading through the absolute deluge of information to seek the truth!


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