Estimating Vaccine-Induced Mortality, Part I

NER: It’s tragic that the authorities not only give out limited vax data, but they also obfuscate & lie, particularly Big Pharma. We should be grateful to people like Mathew Crawford who laboured over the stats here, & the Daily Exposé. They do a great job, generally for no reward.

Australia makes for an interesting study – look at the charts here (click ‘Tap to know more’ for Australia):

They had no Covid in the community and minimal vaccination until around June, when the rollout picked up speed. Record spikes in Covid infection rates have followed in July and August.

Skilled contact tracers, previously with a perfect record of being able to identify and stop trains of transmission, are suddenly unable to identify the source of infection for the majority of cases. It implies they are overlooking something fundamental.

Writes Let’s Be Clear ·Aug 8, 2021Liked by Mathew Crawford

Regarding what you wrote here:

“Since the vaccination programs targeted those at highest risk of COVID first (and VAERS and similar databases show similar age demographic skews in mortality reports), it makes sense that we would see a substantial and measurable proportion of vaccine-induced deaths early on during vaccination programs.”

Were you able to analyze any of the data broken down by age group? So for example it would be very interesting to see a chart showing both the deaths among the elderly age bracket and doses given to that same age bracket, for each time period (say, month). If the vaccines were causing excess deaths then a chart like that would make that much clearer.

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