Evidence Of Big Pharma Seeking The Best Kill Dose

Death by Covid Injection Is Premeditated and Co-ordinated, Experts Conclude

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Evidence showing patterns of death seen by Covid injection batches or lots were discussed during a session with two lawyers and two doctors.  The two lawyers, Dr. Reiner Fuellmich and Vivienne Fischer, are members of the Corona Investigative Committee who were joined by Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg and Dr. Sam White.

Dr. Wodarg, a German medical doctor and former politician, was instrumental in bringing to an end the falsified 2009 Swine Flu pandemic and Dr. Sam White, a UK medical doctor, has been engaged in lawsuits for many months for his stance regarding freedom of speech and informed consent.

“A recent presentation done by Dr. Michael Yeadon shows precisely how they use these different batches in order to have an experiment within an experiment.  In order to try out what kind of dosages is needed in order, this is what it looks like, in order to kill people and maim people,” Dr. Fuellmich said, “this in inescapable, at least this is my view as a lawyer, this is inescapable evidence of there being premeditation.  And once you have premeditation there is no immunity for anyone anymore.  Not even in the United States.”

“It is not true that there is the same stuff in each shot,” Dr Wodarg said.  Adding that there is hard evidence that the batches have different effects.  Dr. Wodarg presented graphs and explained what they revealed including that when one pharmaceutical company, for example Pfizer, was conducting an experiment on the population with their injections, the other companies will not.  Then another company will experiment and, for example, Pfizer will stop their experiment within the experiment.  It is a co-ordinated effort.  “This is proof that it is planned,” Dr. Wodarg said.

“From these graphs, you can show intent.  [The pharmaceutical companies] are deliberately using different dosages, co-ordinated with each other so that they won’t interfere with each other, in order to try and find out what kills the best or what maims the best,” said Dr. Fuellmich.

Discussion Dr. Sam White, Dr. Reiner Fuellmich, Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg and Vivienne Fischer, Corona Investigative Committee Session 85, 31 December 2020 (23 mins)

The above video was clipped from Dr. Sam White’s interview with the Corona Investigative Committee Session 85: Rethinking, watch HERE.

During their discussion Dr. Fuellmich referred to a presentation by Dr. Mike Yeadon.  It’s not clear to which presentation he was referring but a Telegram post on 29 November by Dr. Yeadon explained the “dose range-finding for lethal outcomes”:

“You’ll be aware that one of our assiduous researchers noticed a short while ago that adverse events are not occurring randomly throughout the batches & lots of vaccines made by a given manufacturer.

“Instead, it appears that just 5% of the batches / lots are associated with almost all the deaths.

“Given the tight requirements of consistency associated with an authorised product, it’s absolutely impossible that this is a chance event.

“No: this is, I regret to say, unequivocal evidence of malfeasance.

“In brief, they’ve uncovered striking evidence of what’s called DOSE RANGE-FINDING for lethal outcomes.”

dose-ranging study is a clinical trial where different doses of an agent (e.g., a drug) are tested against each other to establish which dose works best and/or is least harmful. However, in the case of the experimental Covid injections this is being used for the opposite reasons: to establish which dose is most harmful.

Dr. Yeadon continued, “if you harboured any residual doubts about whether there is or not a depopulation agenda, this presentation destroys that doubt.” Dr. Yeadon shared two links: one for the video below; and, a second to a document prepared by Craig Paardekooper using Pfizer as an example to explain what he had discovered.

Patterns Of Deployment of Toxic Covid “Vaccine” Batches by Craig Paardekooper (28 mins)

Craig Paardekooper has created an online app allowing you to search for the batch code of Covid-19 injection that you received (or any batch code) and see how many deaths, adverse reactions, disabilities and hospitalisations are associated with that code.  You can find a link to this app in our previous article ‘How bad is my Covid-19 Vaccine Batch? – Find out now’.

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  1. Daniel Millen

    Most people today are like battered spouses, who keep expecting their abuser to act normally when he never will. The Snake and his pet Octopus won’t be overthrown, because they are being allowed by God, so that He may deliver judgment to His “Christian” followers, who are almost entirely deceived now, and generally worthless to His purposes. (2Thessalonians 2). Judgment begins at home, and so it has begun. Afterwards He will destroy all of His enemies. This time, though, it is different. It is final. I pray you are among His remnant.

    • Neville

      I can’t see the rapture not happening before 2030, the Klaus Schwab Great Reset deadline. meanwhile we have to survive without passports and chips of any sort.


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