Forces Behind The Great Reset & Orwellian World

NER: This video will help you to understand exactly how easy it is for the globalists to plan & implement the Great Reset. So much power & money, in the hands of so few psychopaths. An unstoppable force, unless the 6 billion “useless mouths” destined for depopulation, stand on their feet & resist the coming tyranny.

MONOPOLY – Who owns the world? Documentary by Tim Gielen

stopworldcontrol Published September 25, 2021 436,365 Views

Rumble — This incredibly eye opening documentary reveals something astonishing: the majority of our world is owned by the very same people. Because of this they can control the entire world and impose their wicked agenda onto all of humanity. This is the time to expose them and to rise up as one to defend our freedom.

The name of the two companies who virtually owns the world’ are Vanguard and BlackRock. They are at the heart of the Deep State or Cabal. Their plan is the Great Reset where they want to enslave every human on earth.

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