French Courts Rule Vax Is Voluntary Hence Suicide If Vax Fatal


In France, death after the vaccination of a very wealthy grandfather, former Parisian entrepreneur of Versailles, with life insurance of several million euros for the benefit of his children and grandchildren, the insurance does not reimburse and do not pay the premium of several million euros

the court accepts the qualification of the insurer considering, legally, the adhesion to the phase three experiment, of which the harmlessness proven is non-existent, will be in view of the announced side effects of which the death, as a taking of voluntary fatal risk not covered by the contract and legally accepted as suicide. The family appealed. But the insurer’s defence is accepted as well-founded and contractually fair because this known and public fatal risk-taking is legally like suicide because the client has been notified and has agreed to voluntarily take the risk of dying without being obliged or forced to do so. . Therefore death after vaccine is considered suicide by the courts! The insurers will not reimburse the loans either because the fatal risk taking of the vaccine excludes you from the contract, becoming void. Of course this information is passed on several times on all the national media. Is it not?

:😱Justice delivers its verdict following filing of a complaint (Appeal to law 210/92) to obtain compensation, damages following a death by vaccination (confirmed by autopsy) 😳“Request not accepted because vaccination is not compulsory” Hence the race to impose the Health Pass on us, because governments have signed secret (leonine) contracts with the labs which demanded that they especially not be held responsible in the event of undesirable effects. 🤮These governments have therefore blackmailed the populations to avoid being held responsible themselves! Capito….



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