Globalists Will Bring New Bioweapons Until WE Stop Them

If You Still Do Not Believe the Vaccines are Weapons to Eliminate Human Life—Think Again

How long will the citizens of the Western world continue to close their eyes on the cold hard fact that they are human bullseyes for the global order’s vaccine genocide agenda? Just last April 6th, FDA’s so-called trusted experts, Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee (VRBPAC), gathered together and admitted that Pfizer and Moderna’s Covid-19 vaccines and multiple boosters have not stopped infection and spread, halted hospitalizations, nor prevented deaths. This is incredible news! The US government rolled out five hundred million doses of these harmful vaccines and coerced and force-vaccinated millions of citizens without proper testing, insisting the vaccines were safe. And now we learn that the vaccines do not work? There should be a cry of outrage by the public health departments and health professionals across America to pull these duds off the market, but instead the global elite in power are allowed a green light to continue their killing spree.

The reason FDA and their “experts” have fessed up to the failure of Covid-19 vaccines is because medical science overwhelmingly proves it. Too many people were noticing, and they had to address the issue and do some more “rescheming” in order to continue mass injecting the populations with biological time bombs and sterility concoctions. Their sick solution for keeping these DNA-destroying bio-vaccines on the market are to reformulate the vaccines under what they call the “Future Framework,” which allows our government to change the vaccine formula and keep injecting American citizens of every age without any clinical trials.

Since virus strains differ from region to region, the Future Framework plan implements a universal one-for-all vaccine to increase the effectiveness of the Covid vaccines by targeting more than one strain (variant) at once. This one-shoe-fits-all plan evolves from past influenza vaccines where four different strains are prepared within one vial for injection. The surmise is that with numerous strains injected at once the recipient has a greater chance of protection from more than one type of flu bug. The big negative with this process, though, is that because viruses mutate quickly, the influenza vaccines have not been successful. CDC reported a year ago that this type of flu shot showed only a mere 8% to 14% effectiveness, which means the vaccine is worthless. A case study by the University of Michigan found the same flu vaccine produced a zero-efficiency rate.

On June 28th, FDA’s panel approved this Future Framework plan and supported the inclusion of an Omicron-specific component for a Covid-19 booster vaccine, meaning that the Covid-19 vaccines dispensed onto the public in the near future will be different and given to the public without any assurance those reformulated vaccines are safe.

And since SARS-CoV-2 supposedly mutates even faster than Hollywood’s movie-made alien lifeforms from outer space, this reformulated vaccine plan is bogus and will not work either, especially since SARS-CoV-2 and all of its variants do not exist. The vaccine madmen who roll out this universal Covid-19 vaccine know a zero-efficiency rate will also ensue, but they do not care because their goals are to vaccinate and eliminate as many Westerners as possible, and they will commit whatever crimes it takes to keep on the slaughtering schedule.

The approval for the Future Framework comes right on time for the upcoming ABNCoV2 next-generation COVID-19 universal (all-in-one) vaccines Denmark’s Bavarian Nordic biotechnology company is currently developing. They have the global commercialization rights for licensure of this vaccine, which is considered a booster vaccine and intended to go with other types of Covid-19 vaccines to broaden efficacy for newly emerging variants of SARS-CoV-2. How convenient that the globalists have this vaccine already in production.

Pfizer and Moderna’s colossal mind-blowing incompetence on failed vaccines have nothing to do with a simple “oops, guess-we-got-it-wrong-the-last-two-years” miscalculation. These pharmaceutical companies, under the financial backing of the US military, do not make such blunders. Do you ever wonder why our military and government did not hire the pharmaceutical companies to take the safer route and develop traditional-type vaccines to stop Covid-19, and why instead they chose to develop a brand-new vaccine that was patterned after Soviet-style mRNA bioweapon technology? They knew clinical trials for novel vaccines took 5 to 10 years to complete and would not be feasible for quick turn-around. And yet, they were running around crying “wolf” and warning us that they only had a few short months to combat the so-called out of control spread of SARS-CoV-2 before millions would die. Why wouldn’t they go with what works and use a vaccine with an attenuated live strain from SARS-CoV-2, providing greater assurance to the public that their health would be safe and the coronavirus contained? The millions of deaths that have occurred thus far since the Covid inoculations, the recent surge in reported deaths, and all the young people under 40 years old who have mysteriously and suddenly died for no discernible reason, provides that answer.

The Covid vaccines were never manufactured to be used as a prophylactic for public health against a coronavirus. Since the pandemic was a PSYOP created to fool the masses and take down nations, the vaccines were developed for only one reason, to be used as weapons of mass destruction to weaken the West and rapidly reduce populations. The majority of the pro-communist countries do not allow mRNA Covid vaccines to be injected into their populations, and that is because the pro-communist peoples are already submissive to tyrannical leadership and are not a threat to the upcoming global government. The globalists knew that the peoples of the free nations would not agree to giving up everything they value in life, and they prepared a vaccine “cocktail” to counter the dissent of the crowds which they knew would occur once the people saw their freedoms being challenged.

The lunatics ruling our world intend to produce more and more vaccines to dehumanize and destroy the human race and make way for their genetically engineered class of humanoids. And this is why monkeypox was introduced, and why it went from a non-threatening, non-spreading disease to one that is now “unusually” spreading and intensifying, with cases soaring. The foundation of its unknown origin and flip-flopping characteristics carries the same earmarks as the staged Covid-19. These out-of-nowhere viruses are all about jabbing weapons into the arms of the “useless animals,” as the elite often refer to us in their writings and speeches. They need to maintain complete control over the world in order to complete the Great Reset, and they cannot do this by creating actual outbreaks that have the possibility to escape containment. To alter human DNA and maintain tight control and surveillance, faked viruses will continue to be launched onto the public, even after the global government is in place.

Therefore, we should not be surprised to hear in the news that the White House is readying to “rapidly deploy” almost 2 million monkeypox (smallpox) vaccines under a new national strategy, within the next few months, to stop the spread of what they are now saying is a potentially dangerous monkeypox virus. It amazes me how non-threatening viruses can defy science and mutate into who-knows-what without rhyme or reason. Of course, this is because the monkeypox scam is not about safety or health, but all about convincing and coercing the public to become addicted to taking shots on a regular basis, in preparation for the great reset of humanity.

Oh, and by the way, Bavarian Nordic, who is developing the ABNCoV2 universal Covid vaccines, is the same company who is currently fulfilling millions of ordered doses of Jynneos smallpox vaccines for America, Europe and Canada. These smallpox vaccines are also used for monkeypox, since they come from the same pox family. In 2017, the US had already signed onto a ten-year-$539 million contract with Bavarian Nordic for smallpox vaccines, and after monkeypox appeared out of nowhere and came swinging from the trees, they have ordered more, which brings the total doses to 1.9 million. Another added 13 million ordered doses are scheduled to be ready between 2023 and 2025. And Canada, too, just entered a five-year-$56 million contract with the Danish company for these smallpox vaccines.

The Jynneos smallpox vaccines do not use mRNA technology, but they are designed with bioweapon capabilities. The makers admit that the same technology used to develop the vaccines is used for gene therapy. CRISPR technology, which is gene therapy, involves editing human genes, which is the same principle used in the development of biological weapons of warfare. The World Economic Forum’s Fourth Industrial Revolution centers, which have opened around the world, promote CRISPR as one of the means with which they plan to reshape the world and genetically design their new breed of transhuman beings.

With Jynneos vaccine technology there are three insertion sites for the genetic codon of the attenuated Modified Vaccinia virus Ancara (MVA), which can allow for weaponized insertion of foreign genes or material. In other words, these vaccines could be used as a bioweapon to introduce a genetic sequence of a different virus into the cytoplasm of the human cell. For example, if they wanted to create a continual pandemic, they could secretly infect people with a modified pox virus that would hide clinical manifestations of certain symptoms, such as the visible pox pustules that would normally appear on the skin. Such a sneaky bio-vaccine would cause misdiagnosis and mistreatment, create continuous outbreaks for years, and if the virus was serious enough, silently kill a lot of people.

These smallpox vaccines use similar technology to the smallpox bioweapons the Soviets and the US developed in their labs during the 1980’s, with mortality rates of those weapons close to 80% at that time. At the peak of the Cold War, production of weaponized smallpox in the Soviet Union alone came to about 20 metric tons a year. Even just 100 kilograms of this weaponized smallpox material could annihilate almost the entire world in three months if dispersed correctly. And what is unsettling is that today’s looney-lab rats who hold the same communist-indoctrinated mindset as those bio-obsessed gangsters of the past are overseeing the development and dispersion of all the vaccines for all nations. Anyone feel a chill down their spine yet?

Smallpox immunizations were discontinued for infants in 1972, in the US, but I suspect this staged monkeypox outbreak will be the excuse to reintroduce the new smallpox vaccines as a requirement for infant immunization. The globalists have been pushing hard to get infants vaccinated. They want to gain complete control over human DNA at infancy, which allows them to genetically redesign babies and bring about a quick transformation of the manmade species they have been publicly advocating for years.

When the Covid-19 vaccines first came out, the public was promised that the mRNA technology would not edit and alter the human genome. They lied—meaning they will lie about the smallpox-monkeypox vaccines, too, and all the other new vaccines they plan to release. Stefan Oelrich, the head of Bayer’s pharmaceuticals confessed to the lies at the recent World Health Summit. He admitted that all the vaccine companies knew the Covid injections would alter human DNA. He arrogantly stated:

“If we had surveyed two years ago if people were willing to take gene or cell therapy and inject it into your body, we would have probably had a 95% refusal rate.”

Oelrich’s statement alone should alarm the entire world about the open medical and moral fraud committed by these criminals, and there should be arrests and investigations made into such treason. His statement substantiates the fact that these vaccines never had anything to do with a pandemic, otherwise they would not have had to lie about using bioweapons as vaccines.

CDC recently raised monkeypox alert to a level 2, with recommendation that masks be worn again during travel, setting up and manipulating public health departments, hospitals, and healthcare professionals to once again, like SARS-CoV-2, blindly accept and adopt the NWO’s absurd we-don’t-know-why-it-is-spreading new pox virus explanation. CDC’s ridiculous suggestion on wearing masks for monkeypox is like recommending the people living in the Sahara Desert to walk around holding open umbrellas over their heads just in case it rains, even though it only rains about 3 inches a year. The real reason for CDC’s illogical medical directive is simply to promote more “gene-altering” vaccinations.

The other various “Mengele” heath officials are right in step with CDC in preparing the public for mass pox immunization. WHO’s Dr. Rosamund Lewis stated on the news that they are wondering if ending the smallpox immunization decades ago might be the reason for the sudden speedy outbreak of monkeypox. She goes on to say:

“If we all react quickly and we all work together, we will be able to stop this before it reaches more vulnerable people and before it establishes itself as a replacement for smallpox.”

Notice how she promotes fear by psychologically ranking the mild monkeypox as an equal health hazard to smallpox.

Dr. Tom Inglesby, director for John Hopkins Center for Health Security spouts similar fearmongering nonsense, and compares monkeypox to Covid, mentally maneuvering the public to worry monkeypox can become another pandemic. He states the following:

“It’s really important to do everything we can to try and control it, but we’re not going to see the same kinds of early numbers we did as COVID because it’s spreading in different ways.”

And the lies just keep stacking up. Professor Amira Albert Roess, of global health and epidemiology at George Mason University, adds more psychological propaganda, suggesting another uncontrollable outbreak. The only way this can be a run-away pandemic is if monkeypox was lab-created to be a bioweapon, but so far, there is no medical evidence of this. Roess states:

“As you keep moving forward into the future and more and more individuals become infected, you do start to worry. Is this going to become something that is just going to keep on moving from person to person and then we will not be able to control it?”

Another article from RFI-Paris dumps more medically unsound garbage, proving our world is now under one continual PSYOP:

“With the spread of monkeypox across the world coming hot on the heels of Covid-19, there are fears that increasing outbreaks of diseases that jump from animals to humans could spark another pandemic.”

Oyewale Tomori, a virologist who once headed up the Nigerian Academy of Science and who sits on several World Health Organization advisory boards, let the world know of the global “let’s-eliminate-the-West” goals and mindset. Tomori stated:

“I’m stunned by this. Every day I wake up and there are more countries infected. This is not the kind of spread we’ve seen in West Africa, so there may be something new happening in the West.”

You think?

Through the successful Covid-19 fraud, which allowed traitorous politicians to topple economies, lockup citizens, and commit ongoing genocide via inoculation, these warlords have fine-tuned their “viral” PSYOPS. They are confident that the majority of people will fall for every new virus trick they yank out of their hats, and tug their face diapers back up over their chins and hold out their arms for another round of killer shots.

It is not the viruses that are the bioweapons, it is the vaccines. We humans are at war for our lives—is anybody listening?



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