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This is an easy to read article on the suppression of truth generally, and the Covid scam in particular. Dr Coleman has been a well respected author and commentator for decades. Now, with the globalists evil plans with vaccines and the Great Reset, the invective and lies heaped upon all honest people reporting on Covid and vaccines, has reached a crescendo. Coleman has been vilified and discredited in a thousand ways, yet here are just a view comments on how he was viewed pre-Covid.

“Britain’s leading health care campaigner” (The Sun)

“Dr Vernon Coleman is one of our most enlightened, trenchant and sensible dispensers
of medical advice.”
 (The Observer)

“Sharpest mind in medical journalism.” (Daily Star)

“An articulate and prolific medical author.” (Sunday Times)

“The doctor who dares to speak his mind.” (Oxford Mail)

“…no thinking person can ignore him. This is why he has been for over 20 years one of the world’s leading advocates on human and animal rights in relation to health. Long may it continue!” (The Ecologist)

“The man is a national treasure” (What Doctors Don’t Tell You)

Fighting for Our Lives – We Must Unite

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc

22nd March 2021

One curiosity above all others tells us for certain that covid-19 is the biggest hoax in history, a monumental fraud, a coup perpetrated by conspiracy practitioners whose aims are to win power and money over everyone, everywhere.

The curiosity is that celebrities are allowed tell us that the vaccine is safe and effective but truth-telling doctors who believe that members of the public are entitled to informed consent are suppressed, oppressed, dismissed, trivialised, lied about and demonised.

Let’s be clear about one thing, the existing covid-19 vaccines do not stop people getting covid-19 and they do not stop them spreading it.

And yet politicians and government-hired hacks and the media suggest that it does. It’s what scores of media doctors suggest.

But they are all lying. And they can’t sue me because I’m telling the truth. Even the World Health Organisation, and top government scientists in unguarded and honest moments, have admitted that the covid injection does not stop you getting covid-19 or passing it on.

All the vaccines can do is reduce the severity of the symptoms if you do get covid-19. That’s all. I repeat: anyone who says anything else is a liar. I don’t care who they are. They’re lying.

And all these people are either lying because they are damnably ignorant, and prepared to say whatever they are told to say, or they are lying because they’ve been bought.

The politicians and thousands of media doctors also insist that the vaccines are safe. That’s another lie. A huge and dangerous lie. The covid-19 vaccines are safe in the way that jumping out of an aeroplane without a parachute is safe.

Right from the beginning, right from February and March 2020 when I first started writing about the coronavirus hoax, and predicted that mandatory vaccination would be introduced, discussion and debate have been silenced as the mass of people are steadily pushed into compliance by the enemies of freedom. The aim is regular, forced vaccinations – several times a year, probably one every month or two. A new vaccine for each new variant.

Meanwhile, the media won’t carry interviews with doctors who insist that covid-19 isn’t the plague. The TV and radio stations won’t carry interviews with doctors who know that the governments and their advisors are lying. Mathematicians, singers, actors and members of the royal family can share their views. But not independent, free-thinking doctors.

There is no doubt today that covid-19 is the greatest hoax in history. I don’t mean that the infection is a hoax – I believe it’s as real as the flu it has replaced. The flu can kill up to 650,000 a year worldwide in a six month flu season but the flu has now disappeared – what a strange coincidence! As I’ve been saying for a year, I believe covid-19 is the annual seasonal flu rebranded. Again, the flu can kill up to 650,000 a year worldwide in a flu season.

The hoax lies in the deceit and lies and misrepresentations that have marked this obscene exercise in fear and that have characterised covid-19 since March 2020 when the UK Government was officially advised by its own advisors, that covid-19 was no more deadly than the flu. (The link to that is on my website if you doubt me.)

Around the world, acting like puppets, politicians and advisors built absurd predictions to terrify populations everywhere. They introduced pointless and destructive social distancing.

They introduced lockdowns and closed hospital departments knowing that this would turn cancer and heart patients into second-class citizens and kill far more people than the coronavirus. Elderly people in care homes were ruthlessly, mercilessly murdered in their thousands.

Politicians corrupted the media with promises of bottomless advertising budgets. The BBC’s pseudo-journalists dutifully suppressed the truth. The politicians introduced and manipulated a testing system which they knew would result in more false positives than real positives and provide an excuse for more lockdowns.

And throughout it all they lied about the science – picking and choosing the bits of evidence they found most useful. The WHO said lockdowns were bad but governments went ahead anyway. The WHO said PCR tests were potentially misleading but governments ignored that inconvenient truth. When the WHO ignored the evidence that masks do more harm than good, and recommended that they be worn, politicians decided people should wear masks at work, in shops and when travelling. The masks will result in thousands of deaths from bacterial pneumonia.

They have terrified millions with a claim that covid-19 can be spread by people who have no signs and symptoms of infection. They needed to ramp up the fear to sell their dangerous and experimental vaccine – and so they changed their minds and warned us that even people with no symptoms could spread it, though no one explained how you can spread a disease if you don’t have the symptoms which spread it. Research in China, which involved just under 10 million people and was conducted by 19 scientists, found that asymptomatic spread of Covid does not occur.

And throughout it all, politicians and advisors have refused to debate and they have suppressed the truth.

When I originally described the coronavirus scare as a hoax I toyed with a different word – fraud. And that’s the word I should have used because that’s what this is. It’s all about power and money, a huge money-making fraud which involves the destruction of economies everywhere. Political leaders and their scientific advisors are going to go to prison which is where they belong.

And the media is playing a huge part in the fraud: this has become a propaganda war. Governments everywhere have employed specialist psychologists and used sophisticated brain washing techniques. I’ve explained these in previous videos.

At the beginning of March 2021, a note from a Sky journalist called Sanya Burgess was passed to me. Ms Burgess told me that she was working on an article and TV package looking at the sale of books which are `anti-vaccine and spread medical misinformation, including spreading unfounded conspiracies and the coronavirus pandemic. In my piece, I will be mentioning two of your works which I will be reporting fall under those categories.’ She then mentioned my book on vaccination and my book Coming Apocalypse about the early days of the coronavirus in 2020.

In the old days a good journalist would start an investigation with an open mind, perhaps wanting to look at why such books are so popular, – but when you begin your research with the words `medical misinformation’ and `unfounded conspiracies’ it suggests to me that you may have already made up your mind about the way the story will go. Ms Burgess’s note seemed to me to betray her purpose, her prejudice and her allegiance to government propaganda.

I’d been waiting for the authorities to target books.

They’ve excluded the truth from the mainstream media. They’ve banned public demonstrations. They’ve more or less taken control of most of the internet. Books were the only thing left – even though at least two of my books had been banned by more than one publishing platform, and mainstream publishers shy away from publishing anything not approved by the Government. Ms Burgess said that she would be happy to share with me the views of the health professionals and politicians she would be talking to – though she didn’t do that.

You will not be surprised to hear that I am a trifle wary of the mainstream media. Too many journalists are merely taking part in a propaganda war on the truth. I wrote columns for national newspapers for over 30 years and presented TV and radio programmes for national and regional networks, and I am appalled at the way journalism has become little more than a branch of the Government’s public relations programme.

But, sceptical though I was, I thought it would be worth putting a few thoughts into Ms Burgess’s mind.

I pointed out that everything I have written can be backed with research and that she was starting with a misconception. I pointed out that I am not anti-vaccine but that I have merely investigated vaccines and published truths. I explained that I have never written or published any medical mis-information and told her that if she said I had then I would sue her. I pointed out that the UK Government has changed official policy because of my articles and books and that I have been right on a number of important issues – including benzodiazepine tranquillisers, mobile phones and AIDS. Indeed, I explained that since my first book in 1975, about the relationship between the drug industry and the medical establishment, my aim has always been to counter medical misinformation. I added that my work had been widely referenced and well-reviewed before the climate of truth suppression and demonization became prevalent early in 2020.

I explained to her that I have for a year been challenging government advisors to debate with me live on TV but that the offer has never been accepted. I pointed out that neither the BBC nor Sky TV would set up any such debate because they know that I am right and can defend my position successfully. I asked if she knew that covid-19 was downgraded to flu level in March 2020 (again, there’s a link on my website to this), that according to the CDC in the US, the number of deaths and serious side effects with the covid-19 vaccine is between 2.5% and 3.00%. I told her that a number of important papers in eminent journals don’t seem to have been reported in the press, that the NHS does not follow WHO guidelines on the PCR test, that anyone dying within 60 or 28 days of a positive PCR test – whether false or not – has been officially listed as a covid-19 death. I told her leading UK agencies have received huge sums from the Gates foundation – which has big drug company links. I told her that the UK’s chief scientific officer is a former drug company executive who still had a big holding of drug company shares the last time I looked. I told her that mask wearing has been proved to cause hypoxia, bacterial pneumonia and other problems. I reminded her that the WHO says that covid-19 vaccines don’t stop people getting the disease or passing it on. I pointed out that anyone who dares to question government policy is described as a conspiracy theorist, and I finished by pointing out that this was not just a question of free speech but a question of informed consent.

Ms Burgess told me that my comments would be well represented in her coverage, that she would say that my work is backed by research and that I believe that the issue of informed consent is vital.

`I will also report,’ she promised, `that you feel strongly that the truth has been deliberately suppressed for political reasons.’

She did that, and I’m grateful. As far as I know that’s not something anyone at the BBC has ever done.

Now let’s look at the article that Sanya Burgess wrote.

She began by saying that anti-vaccination books are being sold on Amazon amid calls that there be warnings on items to combat the spread of misinformation. She didn’t say who, other than perhaps SKY, had called for warnings to be placed on my book.

She then quoted a shadow health minister called Alex Norris who apparently said `it is very sad to see these things so freely available’. He apparently went on to say `This is anti-vax content. Much of it has been very strongly rebuffed and debunked.’

Naturally, he didn’t bother to identify anything which has been rebuffed or debunked. He didn’t because he couldn’t.

In the past, when I was allowed to debate vaccination on TV or on the radio I always won the debates – and that, I suspect, is the reason no one wants to debate now. If Whitty or Vallance lost a debate with me – which I believe they would – then the whole charade would collapse and the Government’s propaganda programme would collapse in minutes.

I didn’t see the segment on SKY television but I gather that the reporter didn’t ask Norris if he had bothered to read my book before criticising it.

So who is Norris and why does he feel able to pontificate on the subject? Is he now an advocate of book burning?

Well, he is a former trade union organiser who has spoken on the design of football stadia.

You might have thought that a journalist would want to speak to someone with knowledge of a subject before interviewing them. And you’d have thought that Norris might have liked to limit himself to sharing opinions on subjects about which he has some real in depth expertise. And you might have thought that a journalist would be reluctant to allow a politician to share such nonsense.

For a real journalist, the story was `Why are politicians and advisers determined to suppress the truth?’ or `Why are government advisors frightened to debate with critics?’ or even `What’s the truth about covid-19 and the covid-19 vaccines?’

But it seems to me there aren’t any real journalists in the mainstream media today. And there certainly aren’t any editors with the balls to take on the establishment.

The fact is that the pro-vaxxers don’t bother too much about reading the books they criticise. They’re not interested in truths or science: simply in the propaganda. The trolls, some of them hired by the Government, others showing strange allegiance to some of the world’s most corrupt drug companies, much prefer to suppress the truth – rather than to raise specific issues or accept a challenge to debate.

After the Sky piece appeared, ill-informed, bigoted pro-vaxxers queued up to put one star reviews on my book which told the truth about vaccines – even though they had not bought it or read it. The pro-vaxxers share this skill of being able to comment on things about which they know absolutely nothing. So many of them were doing this that one platform had to block comments which had been put on their site by people who were so prejudiced that they felt able to write a review without even looking at the book or examining the contents.

The establishment isn’t interested in the truth. The policy is simple: suppress, demonise and lie. Doctors who tell the truth in our totalitarian society are shunned or attacked. It’s not surprising that too few medical doctors dare to speak out.

In the old days, journalists would check, double check and then check again. In the 1970s I remember being interviewed by an American magazine called the National Enquirer. I received two separate phone calls from editors who wanted to make sure that their story was entirely accurate. It comes to something when there isn’t a publication or broadcaster in the UK which comes anywhere near the standards of the National Enquirer.

Today, the media is all lies, libels and demonization. As Richie Allen said on his website, `a national news channel is promoting book burning and dressing it up as news. It’s seeking to discredit medical experts by throwing around terms like misinformation and disputed claims, without referencing a single paragraph from the books in question. Sky is banking on its viewers being too lazy to ask for the evidence or to know the difference between news reporting and news manufacturing.’

Since mental health honesty is currently fashionable these days, I confess I am getting a trifle tired of all the abuse. Even though I feel strongly about what is happening, I confess that I do regret sticking my head above the parapet over a year ago. The critics know nothing about me, what I’ve done, what I do, the research I do or what my motives are. They are as ruthless, as cruel, and as remorseless as they are ignorant and prejudiced. But they have cold-bloodedly destroyed my reputation just because they disagree with my sharing the truth.

I’d like to spend my days relaxing a little, writing some gentle books, growing vegetables and looking after my lady. Instead I’m still working long, long days fighting a war that most people don’t seem to give a damn about. And it gets a bit wearing when the only reward is abuse, humiliation, lies, libels and demonization from blinded, largely anonymous, book burning zealots.

To be blunt, I’m beginning to wonder why the hell I bother. I’m too old to give a damn about the future of the world a decade or two ahead. But I bother because I care about humanity. I guess I care too much. I have risked my reputation and finances from making these videos – none of which has earned me any money whatsoever. No monetisation, no adverts, no sponsors.

I’m sorry if I sound a little weary. But that’s probably because I am a little weary; tired of being used as a punch-bag by every truth-hating, cowardly, bigoted, fascist pro-vaxxer who thinks it is acceptable to ignore the science and demonise someone who is simply trying to help share the truth and oppose the enemies of freedom, democracy and humanity. And indeed tired of being abused by some who claim to be on our side but whose narrow-minded bigotry blinds them to the big picture and what we have to do to win this war. I am trying to reach the unconverted so, for example, I must occasionally use the word vaccine – if I don’t then most people won’t know what I am talking about. I do get offended when critics patronise me and assume they know about the science of this fraud more than I do.

I’ve been studying drugs and vaccines for over half a century. I’m afraid it’s the trolls as much as the BBC, Sky TV and the rest of the media who will lose the war for us and who will be responsible if we lose what remains of our freedom, our democracy and our humanity.

And the major threat doesn’t come from the mainstream media.

The major threat comes from the people who appear to be on our side. And this has always been the case. If we lose this war it will, I fear, be because of the back biting, the sniping, whingeing and the nit-picking coming from people who still don’t understand how serious this war really is. This isn’t an academic exercise.

During my 50 year war with drug companies, I’ve had papers stolen from my office and I’ve been threatened. Editors have been urged to fire me. I’ve had injunctions and lawsuits. And I’ve learned that controlled opposition is a speciality of the drug companies.

Look at what happened recently when a Dr Bossche popped up and published a serious warning about the experimental covid-19 vaccines currently being promoted with such mis-placed enthusiasm.

I made a video in which I included a section discussing Bossche’s statements. I made it clear that I knew he had worked for Bill and Melinda Gates, GAVI and GSK (the same drug company which employed Vallance, Britain’s Chief Scientific Officer) but that I had, after some thought, concluded that what he had to say could be used to strengthen our position – and should, indeed, be shared as widely as possible as a weapon in the fight against vaccines.

Bossche’s intervention was a God-send and could not possibly be ignored. I didn’t and don’t care what his motives were. His article gave us a valuable new weapon to use in our fight against lockdowns, vaccines and all the rest of the nonsense which the conspiracy practitioners are using to force us into the new normal, the Great Reset and the horrors of Agenda 21. I thought, and think, that Bossche’s history gives him credibility. I don’t want to have dinner with him or be his friend – his history is too vaccine orientated – but I’ll use what he has to say if I can weaponise it.

And I don’t think the elite realised the full danger with the experimental vaccines they are promoting. Why? Simple. They and their families will not be immune to the danger of the new deadly variants. Gates, Blair, Schwab, Prince Charles and company will all now be at risk. I don’t think they saw that coming.

Critics have said that we shouldn’t use anything Bossche said because of his past. That’s naïve and rather stupid. Would we really not take advantage of it if Bill Gates suddenly announced that vaccines were killing people and should be stopped? Would we care what his motives might be? Mike Yeadon worked at Pfizer but his contribution, especially on the PCR test, has been invaluable.

You don’ t turn down a new supply of secret ammunition.

I have pointed out many times that this fight isn’t an academic exercise – it’s a war. Everything that is happening is heading towards genocide – the deaths of billions. Anyone who isn’t for us is, by default, for Agenda 21, fascism, communitarianism and a world devoid of life, humanity, democracy, freedom and God; a world full of censorship, oppression and brutality.

As I have pointed out since the start, normal mutations or variants usually become less deadly with time. But Bossche pointed out that the vaccine induced variants will be more dangerous and will spread.

This is vital. I wasn’t the only one to see Bossche’s intervention as a valuable weapon not to be ignored. UK Column, for example, always excellent, immediately realised the significance of what he had to say.

Governments and the media will use the new vaccine induced variants, and the deaths which will ensue from the pathogenic priming as well as the other problems created by the vaccines, as an excuse for more lockdowns and more vaccines. Everything that is happening is being driven by the commercial, political and ideological motives of a bunch of evil people.

Another thing I’ve pointed out since the start is that natural immunity is the best sort of immunity. That has always been a classic medical belief. Natural immunity provides broad protection against variants. The experimental vaccines being used make it harder for the body to deal with variants. Anyone who denies that vaccines have already killed huge numbers of people has their head stuffed firmly in the other end of their anatomy. Look at my website and see the long list of people who have been injured or killed by these experimental injections.

But today the WHO and various government agencies have turned science on its head and argue that synthetic immunity, produced by vaccines, is superior. This is nonsense, of course. But it suits the motives of the elite trying to take over the world and orchestrate the Great Reset.

Too many people still fail to realise that the masks, the lockdowns and the vaccines are merely part of the programme of death and compliance and control designed to lead the world into the Great Reset, the new normal and Agenda 21. There is no little irony in the fact that our enemies – and that’s what they are – call us conspiracy theorists when they themselves are conspiracy practitioners. They have succeeded with a coup which has removed our freedom and our democracy.

I’ve already pointed out how the BBC and Sky and other mainstream media groups are working hard to suppress the truth and oppress the truth-tellers. Trying to counter their lies wastes a good deal of time and energy – though that’s probably the plan.

But they aren’t the only problem we face in our war.

After my last video was published I was attacked by a woman called Rosemary Frei who seemed to me to be doing her best to cause confusion. She also attacked Del Bigtree. She certainly exhibits strategic naivety. I found myself asking if she is simply rather dim, or if there could be something more sinister going on.

Now, I’ve been writing about drug companies and vaccines for over half a century, and I have heard of most of the journalists involved around the world, but I’ve never come across this woman before. I’ve got books in over two dozen languages and in most countries of the world (including hers) and I research material everywhere.

A number of things surprised me and worried me about Ms Frei.

First, I was surprised to see how many people took her article seriously, and appalled to see how many people thought it unwise to take advantage of a goal scored by an opposition which had previously been ruthless, dishonest and efficient. Frei seemed to me to be no more than an annoying poodle snapping at the heels of some pretty obvious scientific truths. But a number of people who really ought to have known better seemed to think that her remarks were worth noting. That surprised me and made me think of controlled opposition. I was surprised too at how few people bothered to walk back the cat, as the spy catchers put it.

How does it help us if we try to discredit someone who is attacking the mRNA vaccine?

It doesn’t.

The only people who are helped by Ms Frie’s piece are the drug companies and the governments working hard to oppress us.

No one bothered to point out that she does not claim to have any practical medical qualifications or experience. She suddenly appears to have presented herself as an expert on vaccines.

UK Column pointed out that Frei had been a political candidate for the Canadian Green Party.

This raises all sorts of questions.

Is she still a member of the Green Party?

Does she still subscribe to the Green Party’s enthusiasm for the Great Reset, Agenda 21 and the new normal? Does she believe in the pseudoscientific gibberish espoused by the global warming cultists – the basis for the insane Agenda 21 plot to take over the world?

Why, when she referred to me did she fail to point out that I am medically qualified? Covering up the opposition’s qualifications is a typical drug company ploy.

Why did she feel the need to insult my viewers and readers by describing them as `overwhelmingly credulous’? My viewers and readers are intelligent, thoughtful people and I feel offended that she should gratuitously dismiss them.

I spent days studying Bossche’s work and preparing my script. So why did Frei claim I had done no fact checking or had sober second thought? That is not true. I did much of the former and a great deal of the latter. Has Frei watched the many other videos I’ve made about these vaccines? I suspect not.

Frei claims that I haven’t pointed out any of the red flags and accuses me of not having done basic due diligence. That libellous nonsense puts Frei into the trash along with the BBC, Sky TV, the Guardian and the rest of the mainstream media.

I’m criticised for calling Bossche a very eminent vaccine specialist. Well, like it or not he is exactly that, and that’s the point of using him and his view that vaccination should now be stopped. If he were, for example, merely an ex Green Party member and a little known journalist then his views on vaccination would be worthless.

Frei says some odd things.

For example, she says that Bossche has no non-theoretical evidence for his claim. Exactly. That’s why it is called what we scientists describe as a theory.

Is it possible Frei is a shill? She does admit that she has worked on what she calls `the dark side’. I can’t find that Wikipedia has attacked her – and most of those on our side of the fence have been trashed by the loony lefty Wikipedia editors.

Or is she a rather rude, short-sighted, self-important, patronising green with no sense of strategy? (By the word `green’, by the way, I am referring to those affiliated to the Green Party, rather than those of us who are pure environmentalists. I don’t see how you can be a member of the Green Party and opposed to vaccination. They seem to be global warming cultists and fans of Agenda 21 and communitarianism.)

Oh, and one other thing.

I earn a living through my books and so I don’t need to monetise my articles or videos.

Who paid Frei to attack me?

Maybe she should tell us.

And she’s certainly arrogant. She has rather pompously announced that she intends to write an article pointing to what she calls the `misdirection of Robert F Kennedy Jr, Children’s health Defence, UK Column, 21 Wire and others’. She can now add me again to that illustrious list. Ms Frei’s hubris knows no bounds. She seems to me to be the Meghan Markle of the world of blogging. And that’s no compliment.

I’ve been fighting drug companies and vaccines for over half a century and I’m now fighting a war against drug companies, governments, advisors, billionaires and all those who want to impose lockdowns, masks, vaccines and the wickedness of Agenda 21.

I wonder what war Ms Frei is fighting – and for whom?

One thing is for sure: if we lose this war we can thank Ms Frei, and people like her, for muddying the waters.

Maybe in future she’d like to think a little before turning on her laptop.


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