Have You Fought For Your Children? Will You Leave A Covid Legacy?

The Bodies of Others: The New Authoritarians, Covid-19 and the War Against the Human

A Review

Since the COVID-19 pandemic of feverish fearmongering and planned pandemonium began in earnest in March of 2020, Naomi Wolf’s subversive genius has been exposing the lies from on high and bent on destroying Western Civilization, particularly the United States of America. There’s simply no other way to spin this. The evidence is in and it’s as clear as a bell.

In her blogs, essays, videos, and interviews, Wolf has offered us invaluable insights, much of them based on her years of experience in the world of politics, technology, and the media. In her latest masterpiece, The Bodies of Others: The New Authoritarians, COVID-19 and the War Against the Human,Wolf not only exposes the myriad of ploys and levels of fiendish deceit operating in those highest levels of government, technology, the legacy media, and the pharmaceutical giants. She also lets us in on her own life so we can see how all of this has affected her, even her politics. Which, for her, is no small thing.

A renowned and devoted Democrat with liberal views on all matters having to do with the place of government in our lives—among her more noteworthy achievements is that she was a political advisor to the presidential campaigns of Bill Clinton and Al Gore—she suddenly found herself in an awkward if not bewildering position when the left-leaning politicians, thinkers, media executives, and writers she’d aligned herself with for years suddenly did an about face and turned on her. They attacked her on social media, ignored her, and deplatformed her, all while ushering in a level of autocracy, despotism, and impunity not seen in the United States since the wayward reign of George W. Bush and Dick Cheney. She wrote about this in her 2007 book, The End of America. In that book, she documented the despicable dismantling of the best and highest of American ideals in the post-September 11 years in 10 steps.

In The Bodies of Others,it almost seems as if she picks up where she left off with The End of America.She has recently said on various media outlets that the United States is at step 10, in which the government subverts the rule of law by presidential emergency decree, bypassing congress and opening the door to martial law. “At this stage,” Wolf writes in that book, “shock follows shock so quickly that the civil society institutions start to reel.”

Now, however, things have dramatically changed in terms of who has been implementing these 10 steps. Instead of the right dismantling of those cherish American ideals by Bush and Cheney and others of their ilk, as Wolf had outlined in The End of America, it was now, with rare exception, the left led by Joe Biden and Kamala Harris and their minions, who beginning early in 2020 had suddenly swarmed down upon us like a cloud of locusts darkening the sky from coast to coast. National leaders around much of the world followed suit and unleashed similar swarms.

Indeed, from March 2020 to the present, life on Earth has continued to get more dire with the left’s deceptive rhetoric, with their censoring and silencing and ghosting of those trying to reveal critical truths about the COVID-19 narrative, and with their blatant lies being beaten into us day after day and causing physical and psychological trauma. And all of it in the name of protecting our health and well-being and keeping us safe. Nothing could be further from the truth.

From the first pages of The Bodies of Others, Wolf documents in chilling detail and eloquent language what she sees happening to her beloved America before her very own eyes, from the initial lockdown in March 2020, to the gradual collapse of our educational institutions and consequent intellectual and social impairment of millions of students of all ages, to the eventual closures of thousands upon thousands of small businesses—the sturdy, stalwart backbone of American life that financially supports millions of individuals and families—many of which never reopened because they’d gone bankrupt from having been forced to shutter themselves for too long. All the while, the Big Box stores (which were allowed to remain open throughout the lockdown as “essential services”), Amazon, and the pharmaceutical corporations, were raking it in as never before.

The same thing happened in other countries. And all of it engineered and intentional, Wolf writes, to position nations around the world for what’s being invoked by the World Economic Forum as the “Great Reset,” a one-world government ruled by an unelected, tyrannical, elite cabal that believes they know what’s best for each of us and for humanity at large.

“The real goal had nothing to do with public health,” she writes.

“The real goal is to dissolve and destroy Western and human culture, and to replace it with a techno-fascist culture—a culture in which we have forgotten what free human beings can do.”

About all of this, Wolf writes: “So in 2020-22 a blueprint was put into action to crush Western people, crush Western economies, and steal the assets of the working and middle classes. Added to this was the strategy of utilizing mass vaccination of an incompletely tested substance, as a pretext for imposing a digital identity system that could create a CCP-style surveillance society and generate untold riches in data harvesting for a very few.”

If this weren’t startling enough in its impact on American culture, what happened was personally shocking to her. Of her loss of friends and colleagues here in the United States and elsewhere, she writes: “This was my people, my tribe, my whole life, the progressive, right-on part of the ideological world—and it became more and more uncritical, less and less able to discuss or reason…. It was as if these communities were in the grip of a collective hallucination, like the witch crazes of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. Whole understandings and belief systems were abandoned overnight. Intelligent, informed people suddenly saw things that were not there and were unable to see things that were inconvertibly before their faces.”

How could this have happened? Wolf’s answer is as disturbing as the events that led her to this conclusion. And, in a way, it helps to make complete sense of a world in which few things now make any sense at all.

“I had come to believe there was more afoot here than just human vanity, or culpability, or even conventional evil,” she writes. “Here was an infection of the soul, endured by so many in 2020-22. There was the helter-skelter desertion of classical liberalism’s—modern civilization’s—most cherished post-war ideals; the sudden abandonment of post-Enlightenment norms of critical thinking; the dilution of parents’ sense of protectiveness of the bodies and futures of their minor children; the acceptance of a world in which people can’t gather to worship. We were faced with the suddenly manifested structures and their drivers, who erected this demonic world in less than two years and imposed it on everyone else; these heads of state and heads of medical boards and heads of school boards and these teachers; these heads of unions and these national leaders and the state-level leaders and the town hall-level functionaries; all the way down to the men or women who disinvite relatives from Thanksgiving due to social pressure, because of a medical status which is no one’s business and which affects no one. The massive edifice of evil, was too complex and really, too elegant, to assign to just human awfulness and human inventiveness. It suggested a spiritual dimension of evil.”

This startling admission comes after years in which Wolf thought that her “spiritual life” was not that important. “I started to pray again,” she writes. Why this? Why now? At a health-freedom gathering near her home upstate New York, she writes in her book: “Because I had looked at what had descended on us from every angle, using my normal critical training yet found that it was so elaborate in its construction and so cruel, with an almost superhuman, flamboyant, baroque imagination made from the essence of cruelty itself, that I could not conceive that it had been accomplished by mere humans working on the bumbling human level in the dumb political space.”

Much like Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.’s 2021 book, The Real Anthony Fauci, Wolf’s The Bodies of Others is a detailed yet sweeping exposéas horrifying as it is necessary. Horrifying because we learn how brazenly our government, in cahoots with the pharmaceutical corporations and legacy media, have deceived us for decades. Necessary because what we learn here can save lives, first and foremost. And save what remains of our individual and national sovereignty.

Knowledge is power. In this battle—this mighty spiritual battle—we must arm ourselves with this critical knowledge, stand our ground, go on the offensive when opportunity strikes, and never surrender lest we pass on to those who will come after us a world of people who no longer recognize freedom because they will have never known that such a thing ever existed except in a bygone—long gone—era.

Wolf closes her book with the following lines:

Someday all our kids and grandkids will ask each of us directly: “Why did you stand by? Why did you not help me?” “I could not breathe.” Or, God forbid, “Now I have health problems.”

Or else they will say: “Thank you so much for speaking for me when I was too little to speak.”

“Dad, Mom, Grandma, Grandpa,” they will ask: “What did you do?”

So let me leave you with this question:

What did you do?

Reprinted with the author’s permission.


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