How Biden Policies Weakened US & Threaten World Stability

March 11, 2022 CROSSROADS

Rick Santorum: How COVID-19 Was Politicized to ‘Keep Their Knee on Our Neck’




Problems for the United States and the world are growing. COVID-19 became “political football” and was utilized by authoritarians for their own gain. Russia may expand its war with Ukraine, China may take the opportunity to invade Taiwan, America is facing skyrocketing oil costs, and the U.S.-led international order is being challenged by new systems both foreign and domestic. According to former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum, however, these growing challenges for the United States could also start political changes in America—especially in the coming 2022 midterm elections. We sat down with him at the 2022 NRB Convention to speak about the changes he sees coming.

Video 25 minutes


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