Hydroxychloroquine Does Work

Fauci recommended Hydroxychloroquine early on, then he backtracked when he realised it’s not consistent with the Big Pharma agenda.

I am attaching one video to support its use, but there are plenty of scientific studies which the establishment either tries to hide or denigrates. A thinking person can see the truth, despite the Big Pharma obfuscation. I assume all my readers have the intelligence to know what is right, when they have the opportunity to see it.

The sad part of this, is the fact that 1000’s have died needlessly because of the globalist agenda, and the Democratic Party determination to try to prove President Trump wrong on everything. The deaths of the innocents, are just collateral damage for them. You might think they are just normal people, who happen to be left-wing. That is far from the truth. For whatever reason, it seems that people with psychopathic tendencies migrate to the left.

Extreme examples of left-wing ideology are those of Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, and currently Maduro of Venezuela. You might not see a link with the present Democratic Party in the USA, but if they win the next election you will be able to see it play out in real time.


Thought I should add this short video for confirmation.


  1. James McDonald

    You’ve done well sir. Tks for your effort to share the truth.

    • Neville

      Thank you James. I have no other objective except to try to inform, in this age of disinformation.


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