Ironic Takedown Of The Fauci & Democrat Covid Narrative


Following the politicians following the science following the polls.

“Karma before gravity?”

Amnesia Nation
They want us to quickly forget their transgressions and tyrannies. They want to us to forget the past two years ever happened. You can see the slithering and manoeuvring everywhere, except in the offices of Fidel Castro Jr. up north intent on tripling down his race to the political graveyard on behalf of his private eucalyptus whisker of the Genevois bath houses for bond villains. As for the rest of them, they’ve received their memos and simultaneously converged the functionaries into their expertly rehearsed and choreographed gaslight formations. Their talking points are well synched as they slither on the cable shows with mumblings of tremendous wonderful news about how the science has suddenly and magically changed in your favour Good Citizens. As predicted, right on schedule and they want you to thank them for it. Like armed robbers who pilfer your home, tie up your kids, execute grandma with “medicine” and return two years later with all your things, they want you to be grateful for returning what was never theirs to take.

The magic of election year science. Presto! Your liberties will soon be yours again. Your child will stop being abused. Not yet, but soon. The science says we must let the child abuse continue a little longer in blue states. Something stinks so nauseatingly with rot, and it’s not just the rigor mortis in vaccident morgues near the soccer stadiums.

They think they rule a nation of amnesiacs. They think they can turn the giant listing plandemic freighter around on land, with its fractured hull and simply push out back to the calm seas for a relaxing voyage believing that you will forget it was they who got drunk with power in the pilot house and steered us intentionally into those rocks, spilling liberties and lives across the shoreline to save the planet while laughing with glee and patting themselves on the back for following “the science”. They think you’ll forget the war they’ve declared on your mind and soul. They want you to believe it’s over and they want you to thank them for it! To quote the great First Blood monologue, in regards to defunct liberal democracies of the west declaring war on their own people, what I’ve called our Silent War: “Nothing is over! Nothing! You just don’t turn it off! This wasn’t my war, you asked me I didn’t ask you! I did what I had to do to win but somebody wouldn’t let us win!”

For years the American people have suffered great indignities of insufferable sociopaths addicted to money and power. The Great American Hospicide and intentional killing of 670,000 lives that could have been saved with early treatment and toxic injection rejection is the greatest evil pushed on humankind since the advent of the food pyramid which has probably killed tens of millions more. This was all possible because obedient believers kneeled before their god the state, which determines how and when the science changes. This never requires research or evidence, or what we might have once believed to be actual science. The convenience of state sponsored science in a corporatocracy is that it can change at the drop of a poll, with a sudden misdirection of the gusts of public sentiment, a slow and tedious thing public sentiment. It took a natural vaccine like omicron to eventually blow the slow pokes toward questioning their pseudo realities.

While many will never even begin that process, omicron stopped sending people to the hospital, and so they could no longer be intentionally killed in sufficient numbers with remdesivir and ventilators. The absence of death is the absence of pretending there’s a mortal threat to justify the continuation of great indignities and state sponsored psychological terror. In an Election year this becomes a liability.

Though management is still relying on the vaccines to fill those death figure gaps, hence the endless demands to get boosted with Lord Fauci calling for a fourth booster. Fourth! For the sniffles and headache variant because Lord Fauci knows some people forgot there was once something called the common cold and their neurosis and amnesia is a great soft point for exploitation. He is always happy to aim those mRNA cannons at whatever targets will have them in their bloodstream. Future victims of coincidences and snow shovelling accidents.

In the UK in December they enacted a national drive as if they were living through the blitz all over again or the Dunkirk flotilla and it required a national collective effort to wait in line and be told if one had the sniffles. “Dearest guv, can you please tell me if I have the sniffles?” The solution to harmful sniffles? The denizens were told to get boosted with a toxic injection made for a variant long since departed. And here we are just 45 days later and some sneaky private PM wine parties during past lockdowns have forced the political winds of change to change the science. Not the intentional killing of Brits through pharmacological democide or segregation with medical apartheid, but wine parties. Threaten a politician’s job and voila, the science magically changes overnight! Klaus is going to have a word with Boris at the Genevois bath houses for not keeping up with Fidel Jr.

Child Sacrifice
Not even in an election year can democrats stop themselves from abusing children. They’ve taken such glee in masking them and abusing them under the guise of protecting them when we know they’re at the mercy of the odious teacher’s unions and their political contributions.  Take a moment to think about that deeply. Policies that will destroy an entire generation of children, and have far-reaching negative ramifications on society for the next three decades are made possible because of political contributions of public teacher’s unions and democrats’ desire to use fear to subdue and control their constituents. They are fine with turning children into fearful anxious maladjusted socially isolated basket cases with stunted growth, speech problems and an inability to acquire human empathy by seeing the facial reactions of other people so that teacher’s unions keep their bank accounts flush. If ever you needed an example of the abusive relationship between sociopathic public managers and the people who pay their salaries while they front run equities to enrich themselves, there exists no better in the world today than this malicious ritual of child sacrifice. The masks proved to be the warm up act to get the toxic shots approved for children. If you can psychologically manipulate their parents into believing there’s an emergency, you can get them to rush their children’s arms to Pfizer’s needles so the corporate behemoth gains legal immunity. Toss children into a fire and hope the gods bring rain for the crops.

The Children of Pfizer sacrifices will continue indefinitely while the abuse must go on until sometime in March. Why wait until March to cease the abuse? Because if they did it any sooner that would make too much sense. And yet where is the party of opposition to do the simplest thing and counter the endless tyrannies and shape shifting science in their favour? Some valiant red state governors have been willing to block this abuse though certainly not all of them and not fast enough. Never has there been a better opportunity to look noble, win the favour of mama bear mothers across the land screaming out for someone to help them protect their cubs from the gathering vultures waiting to devour their offspring for political ends. The vultures of racist anti racism promoting school boards, who when not busy suffocating students are actively poisoning their minds.

Are you a Good Citizen?

Democrat science on display in Georgia.

If a photo could kill a political future in sane times this one of Stacey Abrams unmasked in a schoolroom full of masked children would do it. We do not live in sane times. The great irony of this image is that it so thoroughly inverts the real science as there is nobody more at risk of death from the former iterations of the Wuhan flu than this ineffectual heifer. Just look at the clueless expression on her dimwitted mug. We suffer tremendously when the least capable and most corrupt in society aspire to positions of power.

All of those corrupt sociopaths who occupy the halls of Congress should be occupying straight jackets instead. The democrat party is an insane gaggle of sociopaths, racists and liars. The republican party is a feckless horde of cowering buffoons paranoid about being called racists by democrats, and who, instead of coming to the rescue of abused Americans are busily obsessed with thoroughly arming neo Nazis in eastern Ukraine to fight a Russian invasion they are desperate to instigate. They care about Ukraine and Ukrainians so deeply, they cannot wait to get a few hundred thousand of them slaughtered by a superior Russian force so they can keep their constituents at Raytheon and General Dynamics happy enough to transfer some loot to this year’s re-election campaigns. They’ve known Putin will not invade which makes the appearance of cheerleading for war a sociopathic performance for easy financial gains. The pretences of spreading democracy abroad while ignoring its glaring absence at home. And if they could have their hot war they’d love nothing more. This too is election year political science, the R rated version. There is no war both parties wouldn’t hesitate to cheer for so long as the right pockets are stuffed with money as the polyurethane bags in a land they care nothing for get stuffed with bodies. And when they run out of foreign wars or there’s too much uncomfortable peace, they can always declare a new one on their own people, including the children.

First Lesson on Liberty
On a recent visit to a blue state to visit family I took my young nephew to a Target store to buy Legos. I always feel guilty for missing his birthdays and want to make it up to him when I’m in town. After leaving the store he kept his mask on and didn’t want to take it off. I took mine off the minute we stepped out and told him he could. He looked around at the adults and kids in the crowded lot and said, “But look at them, the state rules say we have to wear them.”

Not having kids or spending much time around them I went somewhere I shouldn’t have. “Listen to me, the Governor here is a dictator! She’s a complete idiot who always has to appear to be doing something while making everyone’s lives miserable. You have zero chance of being harmed by this virus. Those people there are dumb sheep for doing what they are told when it makes no sense at all.”

Of course I got that half anxious, half confused look one would expect from a four year old.

Quickly realizing my error I turned it into something he could understand.

“Okay, listen, imagine someone stole your new millennium falcon Legos we just got. How would you feel about that?…Of course you would, now imagine you saw them do it, and they’re telling you that you are crazy for asking for it back because they don’t have it….Exactly, and you should be mad. Now imagine that they finally admit to stealing it but you have to leave school, wear a mask, and stay away from Grandma and Grandpa for years if you want those Legos back because that’s what the person who stole them told you would make it reappear in your toy room….Of course that’s not nice at all….And yes, yes, they are dummies!”

“Is that what they’re doing with the masks?” He asked looking up at me.

“That’s what they’re doing with everything right now. So you don’t need to wear your mask outdoors, okay?”

He ripped that stupid cloth bacterial magnet right off his face with joy and discovered what exercising liberty against the state feels like for the first time in his life. After we split my last piece of gum and sat down on a bench outside that store to finish a black cherry slushy he looked up at me said in that innocent and brutally honest way children do, “I like breathing without a mask so much more.”

Now that the science has suddenly changed for an election year, my dear nephew will finally get that one liberty back from the dictator governor where he lives, but not until March 31st because any sooner would make too much sense.

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How have you Good Citizens dealt with children and these mandates the past two years? Explaining our present world to them, while keeping it light must be a difficult balance. Curious to hear your stories in the comments.

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