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When Face Mask Guidelines Are Not Found To Be Substantiated Scientifically, Government Resorts To Social Ostracism

Uncovering the Face Mask Fraud Using The CDCs Own Definitive Data

By Bill Sardi, March 10, 2021

As I write this brief report, I think most sane Americans wonder if facts even matter anymore.  The federal government in league with complicit news media is driving the stake of fear into the hearts of Americans, using contrived data and a small army of experts who must toe the line to keep their jobs.  The hidden objective is to induce mass fear, coerce Americans to vaccinate and destroy American businesses so the masses will beg for digital currency to replace paper money.  Coercion to wear face masks to prevent infectious disease transmission is just an exercise in social control.  What is behind all this?

Keep the sheeple under control

The hidden crisis is that the federal government can no longer maintain its social contract with Americans to pay for Social Security and Medicare.  COVID-19 serves as cover for the implosion of the American economy.  There are only IOUs (US Treasury Notes) in the Social Security and Medicare Trust Funds.  Increased taxes cannot possibly pay for these fiscal shortfalls.

Facing imminent insolvency, government will come to the rescue and issue electronic “money” directly from Washington DC rather than from the Federal Reserve.  Americans will then be monitored in real time when they spend this digital money and any unapproved purchases for gasoline-powered cars or donations to churches that government brands as “racist” or “terrorist” organizations, or even the purchase of a grilled beef steak, will be blocked, in a forced New Green Deal economy.

Synthetic meat

For example, the World Economic Council out of Europe is setting the new “economic reset” rules that would limit meat consumption to a once-in-a-while “delicacy” since domesticated animals emit methane gas (farts) that contribute to greenhouse gases.  Steak houses would obviously be a thing of the past.  Synthetic “Bill Gates Burgers” would replace McDonald’s Big Mac.

Disregard the fact meat is a major source of iron, zinc and vitamins B1 and B12 that cannot be easily replaced by a plant food diet and a ban on meat would leave fertile young women in a chronic state of anaemia and fatigue, and growing children with stunted growth, developmental handicaps and poor health as well as weak immunity.

The face mask fraud

On March 5, 2021 The Centres For Disease Control released its most recent analysis of face mask effectiveness to curb the spread and death rates for COVID-19 coronavirus infection.  While the report concludes “mask mandates were associated with statistically significant decreases in county-level daily COVID-19 case and death growth rates,” that is the official drivel.

The protective effect was only statistical (1-2%), not meaningful, and did not measure compliance, differences between indoor and outdoor dining, nor adequacy of ventilation.

The entire retail economy in the US is being brought to a standstill, if not total destruction, by government-induced “statistical” fear.  Let that face mask droop below your nose and you will be asked to leave a retail store.

Blown-up charts

By blowing up charts to make 1-2% changes in infection and death rates look like some mask-refusers are murderers, the report states (in CDC’s own words):

“Allowing on-premises dining at restaurants was associated with 0.9 (p = 0.02), 1.2 (p<0.01), and 1.1 (p = 0.04) percentage point increases in the case growth rate 41–60, 61–80, and 81–100 days, respectively, after restrictions were lifted.”

The p value is a measure of statistical significance.   Any number inside parentheses of 0.5 or less indicates the numbers are significant statistically (better than chance), but frankly, not meaningful.

Particularly because “compliance with and enforcement of policies were not measured” and “the analysis did not differentiate between indoor and outdoor dining, adequacy of ventilation or adherence to physical distancing and occupancy requirements.”

In reality, there was only a slight reduction in COVID-19 case and death growth rates when face mask mandates were in force and a slight increase in COVID-19 death and growth rates within days of reopening restaurants.

COVID-19 infection rates are meaningless and only reflect the extent of testing, not the true incidence of infection in a population, unless almost everyone is tested.

The report, while accurate numerically, should not be used to establish public health policy.

The conclusion of the report, that “State mask mandates and prohibiting on-premises dining at restaurants help limit POTENTIAL exposure to SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19 infection), reducing community transmission of COVID-19,” is precisely what it says – POTENTIALLY meaningful and does not fit with the data.

The CDC report, published in the March 5, 2021 issue of Morbidity & Mortality Reports (Volume 70), concedes:

“COVID-19 case and death growth rates might also have increased because of persons engaging in close contact activities other than or in addition to on-premises restaurant dining in response to perceived reduced risk as a result of states allowing restaurants to reopen.”

“Although models controlled for mask mandates, restaurant and bar closures, stay-at-home orders, and gathering bans, the models did not control for other policies that might affect case and death rates…”

“…compliance with and enforcement of policies were not measured.”

Two-faced CDC

So, what does the two-faced CDC now recommend? (Morbidity & Mortality Weekly Report, Volume 70, Feb. 10, 2021) Of course, in a simulated experiment, wearing two masks is better than one.  Two masks blocked airborne particles better than one mask (85.4% vs. 56.1%).  Of course, the CDC caveat said:

“The findings of these simulations should neither be generalized to the effectiveness of all medical procedure masks or cloths masks nor interpreted as being representative of the effectiveness of these masks when worn in real-world settings.”

Forgotten is fact that you need to breathe.  Here is what happens to the oxygen delivery to your lungs when you wear one mask.  Wearing a simple dust mask reduces delivery of oxygen to below OSHA levels.  Mass cerebral ischemia.

Recommendations > guidelines > mandates > social norms

In this new world we live in, public health recommendations have a way of becoming guidelines which have a way of becoming mandates, which have a way of becoming social norms enforced by retailers regardless of the facts.

Government and the news media have been complicit in characterizing anybody who objects to face masks as a “Karen,”  which is a pejorative term for a woman seeming to be entitled or demanding beyond the scope of what is normal.   Don’t you dare NOT wear a mask!”  Some of the film clips you will see in this online video were staged for the cameras, obviously.  Actors were being used.  Social ostracism.

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