Massive UK Effort To Stop Vax & Institute Criminal Proceedings

Update on Criminal Case ​From Mark Sexton, 16th January 2022

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ON the 16th of January 2022, retired Police Constable Mark Sexton recorded an update regarding the criminal case which is now a live criminal investigation.

Retired Police Constable Mark Sexton made a criminal complaint to Hammersmith police station on the 20th December 2021. The complaint of Gross Negligent Manslaughter and Serious Misconduct in public office were accepted and a crime number was issued accordingly.

Here is Mark Sexton’s update which he recorded on the morning of Sunday the 16th of January 2022.

Mark Sexton has said that he had made this case public in order to assist and encourage all of the victims who want to make criminal complaints to come forward and do so.

This information, he said, can be provided to the Police as supporting proof of a live criminal investigation taking place by The Metropolitan Police. He has therefore kept the public in the loop with regular updates since first making the complaint.

To enable the readers of the Expose to be informed of the proceedings, you can read those updates in Mark Sextons’ own words below.

Diary of Updates Regarding the criminal Complaint

On Monday the 20th of December 2021 at Hammersmith Police Station in London a criminal complaint was made.

All Chief Constables in England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales are now aware of the live criminal complaint/investigation with The Metropolitan Police, the allocated crime number, and the ICC application to The Hague and their acknowledgment. (See here –

They were all emailed (some already acknowledging) on the 23rd of December.

December 23rd 2021 Update from Mark Sexton

  • A Detective Sergeant and Police Constable have been allocated to assess the complaint.
  • The Superintendent, assistant to Commissioner Cressida Dick is aware of the complaint (acknowledged by email to Mark)
  • The Metropolitan Police and the allocated officers have been provided details of the ICC application. The Met Police have a duty to carry out a full and competent criminal investigation as detailed in the ICC’s guidelines.
  • Lawyer Hannah Rose has provided the details of the criminal Investigation by The Met, including the notifications sent to all Chief Constables to the ICC investigation department. This was also sent with an urgent request to serve an injunction on the U.K. Government to stop all Vaccines immediately.
  • All 43 Chief Constables in England and Wales have been contacted by email to advise them of the The Metropolitan Police’s criminal investigation and the ICC application. (Late addition, Scotland and Northern Ireland Chiefs emailed also They too have all been requested to stop the V program and make a public announcement in their local force areas.
  •  Lawyer Lois Bayliss has received a large number of emails from those damaged by the V. She is working tirelessly to get as many statements as possible and has now enlisted help from a number of lawyers and retired police.

Update, 2nd January 2022 – All Chief Constables and Sadiq Khan Made Aware

  • All Chief Constables in England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales are now aware of the live criminal complaint/investigation with The Metropolitan Police, the allocated crime number and the ICC application to The Hague and their acknowledgment. They were all emailed (some already acknowledging) on the 23rd of December.
  • Sadiq Khan, Mayor and Police crime commissioner for London was emailed on the 27th of December and made aware of the above. On Wednesday the 29th I was advised there would be contact from his office, follow up contact by phone (twice) on Thursday with promises made to call me back didn’t materialise.

Mark argued that “There is now no excuse for the Police from any force or the Mayor of London to ignore our calls to stop the v program as a matter of urgency. “The Police and the Mayor are public servants, and they have a duty of care to protect us from harm, injury, death, and loss.”

The Letter to Khan

Update 5th January 2022 – Evidence Submitted

Submitted 1100 pages of evidence to Hammersmith CID. 2 excellent detectives accepted and signed for the paperwork. They confirmed the crime report is now significant and very lengthy.

A number of other world experts have added their details and support and again they were acknowledged by The Met Police. Mark Steele provided a massive amount of evidence relating to the damage the v is causing. The Superintendent acknowledged Mark’s submission.

Philip Hyland, (lawyer), Lois Bayliss, (lawyer), Dr Sam White, (doctor), and others behind the scenes are working around the clock providing evidence, statements, and support.

Another demand was made to stop the V program immediately. This was added to the crime report again and verbalised. Due to the amount of evidence and the allegations being made and against who this going to be a huge and lengthy investigation. (I’m sure we all know that).

Michael O Bernicia and his team have added their weight and support to this criminal investigation. The evidence they possess is vast and significant with regards to Midazolam and the deaths/murders attributed to this drug. Michael has emailed The Met directly outlining the evidence they have and of the legal team he is working with. This is on the understanding his involvement in this investigation does not compromise the PCP he submitted to the courts on 21/12/21.

Of note and hugely significant, allegations were made of the most serious crimes being committed by a number of named Gov ministers, Civil servants, and the bosses of U.K. news networks.

The Crimes Cited :

1, misfeasance in public office – 2, misconduct in public office, – 3, conspiracy to commit grievous bodily harm, – 4, conspiracy to administer a poisonous and noxious substance to cause serious harm and death. – 5, gross negligence manslaughter, – 6, corporate manslaughter, – 7, corruption, 8, fraud, – 9, blackmail, – 10, murder, – 11, conspiracy to commit murder, – 12, terrorism, – 13, genocide, – 14, torture, – 15, crimes against humanity, – 16, false imprisonment, -17, multiple breaches of our human rights, – 18, war crimes, – 19, multiple breaches of The Nuremberg Code 1947, – 20, multiple breaches of The Human Rights Act 1998, – (Treason will also be added).

Mark’s message to everyone at this time “We must get this criminal investigation into the public domain as soon as possible and the ICC application. We need to be messaging The BBC and Sky News in the thousands to force their hand and air this to the masses, put pressure on the Police, stop the v and arrest those responsible ASAP.”

Mark also said that Sadiq Khan had not replied to the emails or returned phone calls despite the promise by his office that he would.

To email the BBC and Sky and make them aware of the criminal investigation, crime number 6029679/21 and the ICC application reference OTP-CR-473/21 – – They have a what’s app tel number also – 07756 165803 –

Update 7th January – A letter was sent to BBC and Sky

There are a significant amount of victims to these crimes, some have already come forward and hundreds of thousands will identify themselves in due course.

The significant amount of irrefutable and damning evidence shows and proves the current vaccine program is causing harm, injury and death on a massive scale. The scale of these harms is being deliberately suppressed by The Government and the media.

Update 13 January 2022 – It’s Genuine.

  • I’ve hand delivered 115 signed statements to a Detective Tobias Hussey at Hammersmith CID at 11.00 hours this morning.
  • Lois Bayliss (lawyer) and her team have done a fantastic and heroic job in getting these prepared.
  • 103 statements are from those who have been vax damaged and from relatives of those who have sadly died.
  • 12 statements are from identifiable NHS whistleblowers. Some of the evidence they’ve provided is deeply disturbing.
  • I’ve also provided the detective with the brilliant forensic report produced by Craig Paardekooper, detailing the vials and their levels of toxicity, his assertions and ours this proves pre-meditated murder. This information was made public by Wolfgang Wodarg in an interview with Reiner Fuellmich.

Mark also stated:

This additional evidence proves the need to stop the vaccines without delay. Demanding they close down all vaccine centres and seize all vials as evidence. Further adding if the police fail to protect the public from harm the public will be forced to do this and it is proper and lawful to do so using, “Section 3 of The Criminal Law act 1967.”

It was made clear there are now a significant number of people across the country ready to close these centres if the police do not. I reiterated the public is demanding and expecting the police to do this straight away as did I.

He was advised many more statements are being obtained, but It’s suggested and only right the police now take these statements with this being a major criminal investigation.

It was demanded as a matter of urgency, for The Metropolitan Police to alert the public of the dangers of the vaccines. He stated he will be guided by his supervisors when he meets with them later this afternoon to discuss this further evidence. It was made clear the evidence is now so overwhelming they have no choice.

It is my assessment Hammersmith CID is overwhelmed and he confirmed there is a massive amount of information coming in and a huge amount of contact by email and phone. This was also confirmed by the Detective Sergeant in an email, last night, to Dr Stephen Frost. There are more officers now involved but not sure how many.

We keep the pressure on and ultimately with the amount of irrefutable evidence of harm, injury and death they have no excuses and must stop the vaccines. If they don’t, in law, we can and we will. 

Update Saturday 15th January 2022

The evidence going into the police is huge, damning and it’s from trusted sources and credible world-renowned experts. This includes hundreds of witness statements and from whistleblowers and forensic evidence too.

The vast amount of false and factually incorrect information is only causing harm to this investigation. When there is a need to update it will be done. For now, let it take its course and give it and us time to breathe. We are spending more time reassuring and confirming or denying than we are disseminating the evidence. That’s not conducive to our cause.

This led to Mark Sextons’ Update which was recorded the day after.

Mark Steele in support of the criminal case brought to Hammersmith CID by Mark Sexton and his own call to action.

Concerned Individuals

Due to this Criminal case, yesterday saw people from different parts of the country approach both vaccination centres and the police in their areas, to advise them of the case and remind them of their responsibilities.

Below – The Market Harborough police station.


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