Military Has Reliable Data, Now They Are Gipping The Numbers

NER: The military deals only with our defenders of freedom. We would expect any health issue with them to be transparent and fair. Indeed it always was. Now the Democrats/ One-Worlders, are doing what they do best. Obfuscating all the numbers to favour the unproven gene therapy. Apart from the coverup of deaths & disabilities, it motivates against our injured military being able to reasonably refuse these depopulation, DNA altering shots.

Evidence of Manipulation of Disease and Injury Data in US Military Database Suggests Fraud and Cover Up


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On 3 February, Dr. Robert Malone posted a link on his website to an Excel file containing details of the Defence Medical Epidemiology Database (“DMED”) data that had been doctored – a file showing results of data queried by analysts looking for changes to data that may be indicative of data fraud.

Several world-renowned doctors and medical experts spoke during a panel discussion titled ‘Covid-19: A Second Opinion‘ in Washington D.C. on 24 January 2022, hosted by US Senator Ron Johnson.

During the event, attorney Thomas Renz presented Department of Defence (“DoD”) medical billing data from the DMED.  Renz exposed the disturbing truth about what is happening to the health of US service members since the rollout of the Covid injection a year ago.

Renz also revealed he had three whistle-blowers from the DoD who had data mined DMED and found massive increases in year over year vaccine injuries. The whistle-blowers also declared the data had been manipulated and altered after they found the original discovery in August.

Attorney Thomas Renz, Covid-19: A Second Opinion, 24 January 2022 (3 mins)

On Tuesday, Sen. Johnson sent a letter to DoD Secretary Lloyd Austin to confirm Renz’s presentation.  Amongst others, the letter stated:

“Renz also informed me that some DMED data showing registered diagnoses of myocarditis had been removed from the database.   Following the allegation that DMED data had been doctored, I immediately wrote to you on January 24 requesting that you preserve all records referring, relating, or reported to DMED.   I have yet to hear whether you have complied with this request.

“Have registered diagnoses of myocarditis in DMED been removed from the database from January 2021 to December 2021?  If so, please explain why and when this information was removed and identify who removed it.”

The senator set a deadline for Secretary Austin requesting the information be provided “as soon as possible but no later than 15 February 2022.”

Press Release Sen. Ron Johnson, 3 February 2022

DoD whistle-blowers reveal data showing increases in medical conditions among service members; raise concerns about Covid-19 vaccine safety

On Tuesday, Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.), ranking member of the Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations, sent a letter to Department of Defence (DoD) Secretary Lloyd Austin highlighting concerning reports from three DoD whistle-blowers about injuries to servicemen and women potentially related to the Covid-19 vaccines. At the senator’s January 24 roundtable titled ‘Covid-19: A Second Opinion’, the senator heard testimony about data from a DoD database showing dramatic increases in medical diagnoses among military personnel.

The senator wrote, “Based on data from the Defence Medical Epidemiology Database (DMED), Thomas Renz, an attorney who is representing three Department of Defence (DoD) whistle-blowers, reported that these whistle-blowers found a significant increase in registered diagnoses on DMED for miscarriages, cancer, and many other medical conditions in 2021 compared to a five-year average from 2016-2020. For example, at the roundtable Renz stated that registered diagnoses for neurological issues increased 10 times from a five-year average of 82,000 to 863,000 in 2021.”

Senator Johnson also raised concerns that “some DMED data showing registered diagnoses of myocarditis had been removed from the database.”

The full text of Sen. Ron Johnson’s letter can be found HERE.

Doctored DMED Data

Below are summaries from the Data from the Defence Medical Epidemiology Database (DMED) (Excel file), posted by Dr. R.W. Malone.  The file highlights the changes made by the DoD in the DMED data, “doctored”, after the discoveries in the data were first made.

To understand the scale of the manipulation of the data, below are graphs, included in the Excel file shared by Dr. Malone, comparing the original DMED data with the doctored data.

The first comparison relates to ambulatory and the second to hospitalisations of all disease and injuries. Ambulatory means that patients are assessed, diagnosed, treated and are able to go home the same day, without being admitted into hospital overnight.

In both sets of graphs, the graph on the left represents the original data and the graph on the right represents the doctored data.  For example, the total reports for the years 2016 to 2020 for all disease and injuries (ambulatory) were originally 10,227,779 and the total for the doctored data is now 112,928,707.

The table below is a summary extracted from the Excel file of the data queried by analysts, after the announcement on 24 January 2021, to look for changes to data that may be indicative of data fraud.

In his latest letter to Secretary Austin, Sen. Johnson stated: “at the roundtable Renz stated that registered diagnoses for neurological issues increased 10 times from a five-year average of 82,000 to 863,000 in 2021.”  Per analysts’ queries of the data since then, the doctored data shows the five-year average not as 82,000 but a significantly higher 915,000.  The doctored data implies 2021’s previously identified 10 times higher number of incidences is now, after manipulating the data, 52,000 lower than the five-year average.

Summary extracted from: Data from the Defence Medical Epidemiology Database (DMED) (Excel file), posted by Dr. R.W. Malone

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