No Straight Lines in Life, Everything Follows a Cycle

The Hate & Great Divide – Tearing Apart Even Families

COMMENT #1: I see you are not a 100% diehard Republican or a Democrat. Not sure what that makes you. Perhaps you should run for president.


COMMENT #2: The more I have looked into everything, the more I see your point. The majority of people think linearly. Everything is just a straight line. It seems hopeless to ever get humanity to advance and see the world of cycles.


COMMENT #3: You are as biased as Tucker. Your day is coming too.


COMMENT #4: These are trying times. I and my son no longer talk. He voted for Biden and I for Trump. He refuses to relent and we no longer have respect for one another. Never thought this would come to that.


REPLY: First, I am sure you are being sarcastic. I think they would assassinate me before my hand ever got close to the book to swear in. I don’t have the passion to rule from the White House. I believe in cycles, not the authoritarian rule. The country is too deeply divided. I am middle of the road. I believe in individual freedom of speech, religion, and rights. Our company is like the UN. We have offices around the world with different races, creeds, and ethnic backgrounds. We all get along and we all respect each other. Our staff is there because they are qualified – not to fill some slot to pretend we are diversified.

One of my partners before he died out of the blue asked me to make sure that everything went to his second wife. He no longer was on speaking terms with his children. I have witnessed this many times. I remember growing up my father had a client who left everything to the woman who was his caretaker. When he dies, the kids ransacked the house punching holes in the wall and looking for hoards of cash they thought he had. The justice was, they had to pay for all the damage for he left them with nothing. Many have written in about how this Great Divide has divided their families.

It is not as uncommon as one might think. As some have said, you have a 50% chance they kids may be like your wife and if you split because you did not get along, then I suppose it makes sense. Another friend cannot speak with his children for they thought COVID was real and called their father a conspiracy nut. They refuse to admit they were wrong and just will no longer speak to their father.

When you try to tell people how to live and follow some rules arbitrarily created, you will infringe upon freedom. That is why there MUST be a separation of religion from state. Once any religion seeks to control the state, freedom ends. We have gone through so many upheavals in history outlawing drinking to outright religious wars that became gun battles on the streets in the United States. Even the Civil War was inspired by religion.

There were gun battles between Protestants and Catholics bringing the old hatred from England to America. Attacks on Muslims today is simply how history unfolds. Whoever the press demonizes, transforms into prejudice and then violence. The Muslims were demonized because of the Terrorists and we will see similar violence against Russians in the not-to-distant future. They locked up all the Japanese during WWII.

This is a video I would show at conferences over the decades. This illustrates the complexity of cyclical behavior. Pendulum waves 2 minute video

There is such hidden complexity that it is impossible to regulate society and create whatever people dream of. To Marx, it was to eliminate the business cycle and he blamed the rich. Confiscating all the assets from people did not terminate the business cycle. Keynes followed Marx and tried to create a government to also eliminate the business cycle.


All I can hope is that we move toward a realistic form of government and STOP this leftist idea of authoritarian rule to create some utopia that is just impossible. The fools like Bill Gates who tries to reduce the entire world to CO2 illustrate for as smart as people think they are, they are still very primitive and have never tried to discover the true nature of the world in which they live.

I know a lot of people who hate me read this blog just to see what I have said now. Don’t worry, I have no interest in ruling the world. I am just waiting for Scotty to beam me up. The government tried to kill me once but I survived and woke from a coma. I’m sure they will try again when they no longer want to listen to the forecasts.

For you see, just as you hate me, I am not fond of the world you are trying to advocate. So go ahead – vote for Biden and let’s get WWIII over with ASAP. This is all part of the cycle and you are fulfilling your role in bringing this American experiment to an end. Somehow you lost the meaning of freedom. You just hate anyone who does not comply with your ideas.

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