Sickening Depth of Pharma Fraud & Bleak Vaxxed Prospects

NER: This is another “Must watch” video from David Martin. The first half exposes the massive corruption of Big Pharma, Fauci & their government partners in crime. The last half exposes some frightening aspects of the dreaded vaxx programme. If you are over 65 and vaxxed, you might want to stop at the 60 minute mark. The revelations about 2028 are very revealing & thought provoking. David Martin has a precise, mathematical mind. He is not inclined to hype or to promote conspiracies. You can accept that all that he says is based on objective reasoning & knowledge of the facts behind the curtain. The whole financial system of Medicare & Medicaid cannot survive beyond 2028, hence the culling envisaged by the Great Reset MUST be a part of the current vax programme. Know that and please accept it as real.

We were told there were many “excess deaths” from Covid in 2020. Yet insurance companies paid out less than the usual number of claims. Covid was a fraud & recorded deaths were from all the usual causes. Unfortunately, vaxx deaths & significant morbidities are all too real. Video ends on how to get your life back together.

Patents Prove COVID Fraud and Illegal Dealings

Analysis by Dr Joseph Mercola Fact Checked


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