UK PM Election & Globalist Machinations Behind The Scenes

It’s About Globalism, Stupid

UK Leadership Contest – How This Domestic Palace Coup Serves the Global Palace Coup

July 14th 2022

It’s About Globalism, Stupid

UK Leadership Contest – How This Domestic Palace Coup Serves the Global Palace Coup

We have been quiet here at the Radical Dispatch. We know. This is so that what we bring you with Radical Media is relevant, resonates and responds without repeating what you could get merely read anywhere else. The UK has been thrown into yet another leadership race, and framing is everything. Read on:

1) Framing is Everything

i) It is No Longer About Brexit

Contrary to what you will read, the UK leadership race is no longer about Brexit. Brexit is done. It will not be undone. Even Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer has told his party that Brexit will not be reversed.

The Guardian reports:

This is not to say that Brexit is no longer relevant. It is relevant. It is to say instead that Brexit is not the main impetus for the domestic palace coup that has just unfolded against outgoing PM Boris Johnson.

ii) It is No Longer About Covid

This leadership challenge is also no longer about Covid. The Covid control mechanisms of emergency legislation, supply-chain disruption and the weaponisation of Big Pharma have already served their purpose. As with Brexit, the UK is unlikely to go backwards on Covid policy.

Any intervention now from the authorities about Covid will again only serve to keep opponents stuck fighting our last battle, just as the state launches its next psychological war against its own population. This is not to say that Covid policy is no longer relevant. It is relevant. Rather, it is to say again that Covid is not the main impetus for the domestic palace coup that has just unfolded against outgoing PM Boris Johnson.

iii) It is No Longer About War in Ukraine

The UK leadership contest is also not about the war in Ukraine. A keen observer will already notice corporatist media spin turning against deeper involvement, as well as the establishment-liberal US outlets turning sour on Biden.

And so what exactly is going on in Britain? Arriving at an answer is only possible if the globalist playbook is understood first.

2) The Global Uprising: Centralisation vs Decentralisation:

Division has been sown after Brexit. Civil norms has been crushed after Covid. The ‘means of production’ have been disrupted after war in Ukraine. What comes next is the purpose they all served: the Great Reset.

Combined, these cumulative crises of monumental fiscal suicide, unprecedented supply chain disruption and food and energy shortages are in danger of causing the collapse of the global financial system, sparking truly unprecedented global uprisings.

In fact, we are already witnessing this.

Maajid أبو عمّار @MaajidNawaz

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The collapse of the global financial system now appears inevitable. It actually collapsed in 2008. What has proceeded since then is merely the execution of a carefully planned, if not vicious, controlled demolition. The demolition is orchestrated by World Economic Forum (WEF) establishment globalists so that their own controlled opposition may steer this global reset towards further centralised tyranny, as opposed to allowing it to enable decentralised democracy.

Again, Sri Lanka today serves as the case study:

Twitter avatar for @MaajidNawazMaajid أبو عمّار @MaajidNawaz

All the key players are reading from the same globalist script provided by imperial high command at the WEF. This is a global palace coup. A resignation here or there makes no difference.

Maajid أبو عمّار @MaajidNawaz

UK Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak & Health Secretary Sajid Javaid both resigned Billionaire Sunak came from Goldman Sachs & hedge funds, Javaid from Deutsche Bank Two globalists who respectively oversaw money printing & Covid mandates, resigned over ‘ethical standards’×720/lvTahItGsRypoWpE.mp4?tag=12
3) Sunak the Traitor & the Domestic Palace Coup Serving the Global Palace Coup

The above is the proper context for why the globalist British establishment turned against their own frontman and PM Boris Johnson. This allows for the impression that those responsible for any past injustices during the Brexit, Covid and Ukraine war chapters appear to be sufficiently scapegoated in the eyes of the hapless public, while the next chapter of their desired global transition to technocracy is ushered in under our very noses by a new, fresh-faced acolyte.

Ever wonder why Bill Gates was in Pakistan for his first ever visit not long before that country’s populist PM Imran Khan was deposed? Well, keen twitter observers have noted that the same Bill Gates appears to also have landed in the UK on the day populist Boris Johnson was deposed:

So yes, Brexit, Covid and Ukraine are relevant but they are not the impetus for what has transpired. Yes justice must be served for any crimes committed during the execution of those three policy routes. But it will not be served if emotions cloud the fact that even greater crimes are about to be enabled.

The failure of anti-globalism commentators to notice this would be akin to arguing over a wrong turn in a roadmap months after the transporting vehicle has already passed the spot. Observers of this leadership contest should be focusing on what comes next.

Johnson’s falling out with the globalist establishment began last winter. The following observation by tweeter Ken Hall is chronologically correct:

What happened next appears to be the culmination of a plan put in place by technocrats from the mixed bag of bitter Remainers, Big-Pharma owned political prostitutes and Ukraine war-hawks.

This coup against Johnson – the scapegoat for Covid mandates, appears to have been planned early on. And as difficult as it may be for some to digest, on this Nadine Dorries is correct.

Remember those photos of the PM and his team breaking their own lockdown rules at the supposed height of the pandemic? Well, they appear to have been authorised by none other than the current frontrunner for the top job of PM, Rishi Sunak.

The angle and vantage point confirms the use of the Chancellor’s residence next door, and even specifically from his office at Number 11 Downing Street:

A photograph exposing Boris Johnson, his wife and his aides at a lockdown-busting Downing Street gathering last summer could have been taken from a room used by Rishi Sunak and his team, it was claimed today. Sources said the picture of the supposed party was likely captured from one of the state rooms used by the Chancellor and his staffers. Meanwhile former shadow chancellor Ed Balls claimed the image was shot from ‘the 11 Downing Street first floor balcony’, which is thought to be outside an office used by Mr Sunak.

The globalists’ next chapter requires an unscathed PM – alive in the public imagination for handing out free cash to the public – who is prepared to steer the collapse of the financial system and usher in global banking’s planned technocracy: social credit scores and Central Banking Digital Coupons (CBDCs).

Enter former Goldman Sach’s banker, Rishi Sunak – the scapegoat for the impending global financial crash:

Today I am proud to say that under the UK’s presidency, the group of the world’s seven most advanced economies – the G7 – is launching a set of public policy principles for retail Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs). Central Bank Digital Currencies could be a digital version of money, a bit like a digital banknote that could be used alongside physical notes and coins. Unlike most of the digital money people use daily today, it would be issued directly by a central bank, like the Bank of England in the UK, and governments and central banks across the world are working together looking into what having a digital currency might mean in practise…With these principles the G7 is leading an important step change in the global policy conversation…” UK Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak, 14th Oct 2021.

And this is where that same Rishi Sunak currently stands with the Conservative parliamentary party in the leadership race.

Not that the gender-criticalStonewall supporting, Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) ally, and net zero advocate Penny Mourdant would particularly inspire actual Conservative party voters either. A final showdown between these two? It’s almost too perfect for globalists to be true. Yet the technocrats who are currently acting as pied-pipers for the Conservative wing of the globalist movement have spelled out precisely what they are engaged in: “regime change”.

4) Dominic Cummings, the Technocrat

It is noteworthy that Rishi Sunak was appointed as Chancellor of the Exchequer by none other than Boris Johnson’s former de facto Chief of Staff and now arch nemesis, Dominic Cummings.

The Times reports on 02 May 2021:

“The former aide, who has accused Johnson of falling “below the standards of competence and integrity the country deserves”, helped engineer Sunak’s promotion to chancellor last year.”

As we have covered in a previous edition of the Radical Dispatch, Dominic Cummings is a not-to-be-trusted full-on open technocrat. It is worth reading the below in full:

It is with the above in mind that the following Daily Mail headline from last Monday makes sense:

Twitter avatar for @MaajidNawazMaajid أبو عمّار @MaajidNawaz

Always remember, the agenda of the domestic palace coup is to serve the global palace coup. Work backwards from there & you will see who must never become the next PM of Britain, from any party.


Maajid أبو عمّار @MaajidNawaz

All the key players are reading from the same globalist script provided by imperial high command at the WEF. This is a global palace coup. A resignation here or there makes no difference.

And despite his firm protestations:

Yes despite such protestations, it is important to recall that the then junior Rishi Sunak was prematurely and unexpectedly promoted to the role of Chancellor by none other than Dominic Cummings. This – keen Dispatchers will recall – was on condition that Sunak submit the Treasury to Number 10’s direct command, under its then Chief of Staff, again Cummings.

Rishi Sunak has been appointed Chancellor of the Exchequer after the dramatic resignation of Sajid Javid. The ex-chief secretary was promoted from the number two job at the Treasury after his former boss quit in the bloody outcome of a power struggle with Number 10 aide Dominic Cummings.

5) The Labour Party is Also Watching

As Nadine Dorries again correctly observes, if the final two candidates for Conservative party leader are Rishi Sunak and someone that rank and file members would find unelectable (such as Penny Mourdaunt) then technocrat Cummings’ favoured globalist candidate Sunak would be a shoe-in.

Upon selecting their final two candidates – one of whom must then be elected by members as leader – Conservative members would do well to remember that their next candidate will have to face off Labour in the coming General Election, potentially under their new – but also pre-selected – leader too, whoever that may be.

Twitter avatar for @MaajidNawazMaajid أبو عمّار @MaajidNawaz

3 of our British MPs were at this dodgy af global Bilderberg meeting: Michael Gove (con) Tom Tugendhat (con) David Lammy (lab) Their attendance alone must be remembered if they ever seek leadership of their respective political parties and hence try to become PM of Britain

Bernie’s Tweets @BernieSpofforth

BILDERBERG – Whilst you are distracted, a powerful group of globalists called Bilderberg are meeting behind closed doors in DC. Participants include the CEOs of Pfizer, Facebook, the CIA, NATO and ….Michael Gove.

Members would also do well to remember that any candidate who has the pre-approval of the British globalist establishment will not be serving party members, the British public nor Great Britain. Rather – and as recent experience with Covid mandates has sufficiently demonstrated – they would be serving in order to complete the domestic element of the global palace coup that has already been initiated within the governments of most developed countries.

It remains to be seen if Foreign Secretary and other front-running candidate Liz Truss could meet the unique challenge of appealing to a cross section of rank and file Tories, as well as non-party voters. Though as a former Remain supporting Liberal Democrat who is now endorsed by the Brexit supporting right-wing of the Conservative party, she may stand a better chance at attracting some cross-over national votes while not being beholden to globalist designs for Britain.

Thank you for reading Radical – by Maajid Nawaz. This post is public so feel free to share it.


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