Vaxx End Game Is Here And Genuine Depopulation Will Follow

NER: I have put 2 links to the same video to make sure you can watch. This is seriously the most important interview to date on the vaxx. We are into life & death issue here. From about the 10 minute mark you will here that the vaxx contains the graphene oxide etc you should already know about. It explains also that Marburg, Ebola & other haemorrhagic fevers are already in the mix. Covid has a death rate of 1% of cases in the US. Ebola & Marburg will be 25 to 90%. Big Pharma has already initiated the PREP Act to avoid any liability for Marburg. That means its ready to go anytime. Remember Fauci’s recent warning. The 5G signal at 18 GHz will trigger your vax to shed these deadly pathogens. The vaxxed will thus not just be Covid shedders. but Marburg shedders

Public Health, Law Enforcement & the Judiciary have been merged in the US. If they get you in hospital on a made up Covid case you won’t get out alive. They can now effectively use martial law to capture & detain you without provable cause.



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