World Heading For Engineered Covid Trouble

My name is Neville Roberts. If you’d like to know more about me, see the About page.

My reason for writing this blog is to share truth, as I see it, around the world . I have spent 20 years researching and writing on various forums, and I finally decided to bring everything together in one place.

I hope you will subscribe to this blog, so that you will get all the updates as they come out.

Sixteen months have passed since I wrote the above and much has happened since.

Key points to note are, that the globalist web is tightening around the world. The end objective is effectively to make serfs of us all at the bidding of the World Economic Forum global powers .

Their main objective for a century has been to limit the human population. Currently around 7.8 billion, their planned limit is 1.5 billion. Are you one of the expendable 6.3 billion?

Next is the deepening of control and loss of freedom due to the relentless push of the Covid conspiracy and the planned 5G chip insertions.

Then there are the vaccines, which are decidedly not. By definition a vaccine creates an immunity to whatever its target is. The makers of these gene therapy injections make no claim to immunity, and around the world double-vaxed are catching Covid and dying or becoming maimed in significant numbers.

Looming on the three-year time horizon are the predicted spike protein disasters that some specialists expect to kill tens of millions.

None of the above are conspiracies, as all are evident before your eyes, or in the papers published by the WEF on The Great Reset.



  1. Alan Markus

    Hi Neville, look forward to following your blog

  2. Julie Beggs

    Hey Neville
    Read some of your posts, which I’ve enjoyed very much. Thanku. I’d be keen to know what your thoughts are on retirement here in SA for Brits? – stay or leave before retirement? What’s your take on this subject pls? ūüß°

  3. Elise

    Hi Neville
    I share in your the same sentiments as you do re politics and Christianity. I follow your blogs on Facebook.

  4. Laureen van Biljon

    Hi Neville, thank you Lord for someone who tells it like it is. I follow your blog and look forward to reading the truth about what is going on, instead of all the lies. I agree with everything you have said. So sad that more people are not speaking out. May the Lord cover you as you speak truth.

  5. Anonymous

    Hi Neville, thanks for keeping us informed and up the date, I know you put a lot of time into your research, you save us a lot of time with sifting through the rubbish, the reasonable, the real.
    Patrick Donlon

    • Neville

      Is that the real Patrick Donlon, the one & only?


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