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WHO’s Pandemic Treaty should be called the Proliferation of Biological Weapons Treaty

Dr. Meryl Nass has written a report designed to help us think about some big topics: how to really prevent pandemics and biological warfare, how to assess proposals by the WHO and its members for responding to pandemics, and whether we can rely on our health officials to navigate these areas in ways that make sense and will help their populations.

“These are important issues for all of humanity, and I encourage everyone to pay attention to them, think about them, and become part of this very important conversation,” she said.

Dr. Nass is a physician and researcher who proved the world’s largest anthrax epidemic was due to biological warfare. She revealed the dangers of the anthrax vaccine. Her license was suspended for prescribing covid medications and “misinformation.”

She has been disentangling covid disinformation since 2020 and regularly writes articles on her Substack page titled ‘Meryl’s COVID Newsletter’.  Dr. Nass is also the founder of ‘Door to Freedom’, a website that was created to help us get back our rights and freedoms by collecting lots of relevant information about the changes in our world, in one place.

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The following are excerpts from Dr. Nass’ report titled ‘The WHO’s Pandemic Treaty Will Increase Man-Made Pandemics’.  We encourage you to read the full report HERE.  Dr. Nass had previously published a shorter version of this report on Brownstone Institute which you can read HERE. And, in a recent podcast, she discussed it with Sasha Latypova.  You can watch the podcast HERE.

Weapons of Mass Destruction: Chemical/Biological

Weapons of Mass Destruction (“WMD”) have been labelled Chemical, Biological, Radiologic, and Nuclear (“CBRN”).  They are cheap ways to kill and maim large numbers of people quickly.

To prevent their development and use, international treaties were created.  The first was the Geneva Protocol of 1925, banning the use of biological and chemical weapons in war.  Many nations signed it, but it took 50 years for the USA to ratify it, and during those 50 years, the US asserted it was not bound by the treaty.  The US used both biological and chemical weapons during those 50 years.

President Nixon announced to the world in November 1969 that the US was going to end its biowarfare program – but not the chemical program. In February 1970 Nixon announced we would also get rid of the USA’s toxin weapons, which included snake, snail, frog, fish, bacterial and fungal toxins that could be used for assassinations and other purposes.

Nixon told the world that the US would initiate an international treaty to prevent the use of these weapons ever again.  In 1975, the Convention on the Prohibition of the Development, Production and Stockpiling of Bacteriological (Biological) and Toxin Weapons and on their Destruction, or Biological Weapons Convention (“BWC”) for short, entered into force.

But in 1973, Americans Herbert Boyer and Stanley Cohen discovered genetic engineering (recombinant DNA).  This discovery changed the biological warfare calculus.

It has taken over 40 years, but in 2022 all declared stocks of chemical weapons were destroyed by the USA, Russia, and the other 193 member nation signatories.

It is now 2023, and during the 48 years the Biological Weapons Convention has been in force the wall it was supposed to build against the development, production, and use of biological weapons has been steadily eroded.

Under the guise of preparing their defences against biowarfare and pandemics, nations have conducted “dual-use” – both offensive and defensive – research and development, which has led to the creation of more deadly and more transmissible microorganisms. And, employing new verbiage to shield this effort from scrutiny, biological warfare research was renamed as “gain-of-function” research.

How Would You Create a Biological Warfare Agent?

Gain-of-function (“GoF”) is so risky that funding it was banned by the US government – but only for SARS coronaviruses and avian flu viruses – in 2014 after a public outcry from hundreds of scientists. Then in 2017 Drs. Tony Fauci and Francis Collins lifted the moratorium, with no real safeguards in place.

GoF means that scientists are able to use a variety of techniques to turn ordinary or pathogenic viruses and bacteria into biological weapons. The functions gained by the viruses or other microorganisms to turn them into biological warfare agents consist of two categories: enhanced transmission or enhanced pathogenicity (illness severity).

Funding for (Natural) Pandemics, Including Yearly Influenza, was Lumped Together with Biological Defence Funding

Perhaps the co-mingling of funding was designed to make it harder for Congress and the public to understand what was being funded, and how much taxpayer funding was going to GoF work?

Non-profits and universities – like EcoHealth Alliance and its affiliation with Professor Jonna Mazet at the University of California, Davis Veterinary School – were used as intermediaries to obscure the fact that US taxpayers were supporting scientists in dozens of foreign countries, including China, for research that included GoF work on coronaviruses.

Understanding the huge sums involved might have led Americans to question why this research was being done at all.  And, perhaps to keep the lucrative funding going, fears about pandemics have been deliberately amplified over the past several decades. We have been assaulted with warnings and threats for over 2 decades to induce a deep fear of infectious diseases. It seems to have worked.

The genomes of both SARS-CoV-2 and the 2022 monkeypox, or Mpox, virus led to suspicions that both were bioengineered pathogens originating in laboratories.

Maiming with Myocarditis

Both of the two US monkeypox/smallpox vaccines (Jynneos and ACAM2000) are known to cause myocarditis, as do all 3 covid vaccines currently available in the US:  the Pfizer and Moderna mRNA vaccines and the Novavax vaccine.

If you use elevated cardiac enzymes as your marker, ACAM2000 caused myocarditis in 1 in 30 people receiving it for the first time. If you use other measures like abnormal cardiac MRI or echo, according to the CDC it occurs in 1 in 175 vaccinees.

“I have not seen a study with rates of myocarditis for Jynneos, but there was an unspecified elevation of cardiac enzymes in 10 per cent and 18 per cent of Jynneos recipients in two unpublished prelicensure studies available on the FDA website,”  Dr. Nass wrote.

“My guess for the mRNA covid vaccines is that they cause myocarditis in this general range (between 1 in 10 and 1 in 250 recipients per dose), while the vast majority of cases are probably asymptomatic and never diagnosed,” she said.

Covid Vaccines: The Chicken or the Egg?

Assuming they were ignorant before, once health authorities figured out and even announced in August 2021 that the vaccines did not prevent catching covid or transmitting it, why did our health authorities still not only encourage but mandate covid vaccines on low-risk populations who were clearly at greater risk from vaccine side effects than from covid? And why did they double down on mandates as time went on and newer variants were less and less virulent?

Once you acknowledge these basic facts, you realise that maybe the vaccines were not made for the pandemic, and instead, the pandemic was made to roll out the vaccines. While we cannot be certain, we should at least be suspicious.

A Pandemic Treaty and Amendments:  Brought to You by the Same People Who Mismanaged the Past 3 Years, to Save Us from Themselves?

WHO and the governments that imposed draconian measures on citizens to force us to be vaccinated; take dangerous, expensive, experimental drugs; withheld effective treatments; refused to tell us that most people who required ICU care for covid were vitamin D-deficient; and, never said that taking vitamin D would lessen covid’s severity – decided in 2021 we suddenly needed an international pandemic treaty.  Why?  To prevent and ameliorate future pandemics or biological warfare events … so we would not suffer again as we did with the covid pandemic, they insisted. The WHO would manage it.

To paraphrase Ronald Reagan, the words, “I’m from the WHO, and I’m here to help” should be the most terrifying words in the English language, after what we learned from the covid fiasco.

How can anyone take seriously claims by the same officials who mishandled covid that they want to spare us from another medical and economic disaster–by employing the same strategies they applied to covid after they masterminded the last disaster?

Why would we let them draw up an international treaty and new amendments to the existing International Health Regulations (“IHR”) that will bind our governments to obey the WHO’s dictates forever?

The WHO’s Pandemic Treaty Draft Requires the Sharing of Potential Pandemic Pathogens. This is a Euphemism for Bioweapons Proliferation.

Obviously, the best way to spare us from another pandemic is to immediately stop funding GoF research and get rid of all existing GoF organisms.  But the WHO in its June 2023 Bureau Text of the Draft Pandemic Treaty has a plan that is the exact opposite of this.

In the WHO’s draft treaty, which most nations’ rulers appear to have bought into, all governments will share all viruses and bacteria they come up with that are determined to have “pandemic potential” – share them with the WHO and other governments, putting their genomic sequences online. Then the WHO and all the Fauci’s of the world would gain access to all the newly identified dangerous viruses. Would hackers also gain access to the sequences? This pandemic plan should make you feel anything but secure.

This poorly conceptualised plan used to be called the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction – and it is almost certainly illegal. But this is the plan of the WHO and of many of our leaders. Governments will all share the weapons.

The Genomic Sequencing Conundrum

No explanation has been forthcoming about why each nation needs to install its own genome sequencing laboratories. Of course, they would sequence the many viruses that will be detected as a result of the pathogen surveillance activities nations must perform, according to the WHO treaty draft.

However, the same techniques can be used to sequence human genomes. The fact that the EU, UK, and US are currently engaged in projects to sequence about 2 million of their citizens’ genomes provides a hint they may want to collect additional genomes of Africans, Asians, and others.

Genomes offer great potential profits, as well as providing the substrate for transhumanist experiments that could include designer babies among other things.

The WHO Treaty Draft Incentivises Gain-of-Function Research

GoF research – designed to make microorganisms more transmissible or more pathogenic – is explicitly incentivised by the treaty. The treaty demands that administrative hurdles to such research must be minimised, while unintended consequences (aka pandemics) should be prevented. But of course, when you perform this type of research, some leaks and losses of agents will always occur. For example, Federal Select Agent Program (“FSAP”) reports reveal that there are about 200 accidents or escapes yearly from labs situated in the US.  There is no accounting of accidents outside the US.

While scientists do their best to protect themselves and maintain lab safety, research on deadly pathogens simply cannot be performed without risks both to the researchers and the outside world.

Manufacturer and Government Liability for Vaccine Injuries Must be “Managed”

Nations are supposed to use “existing relevant models” as a reference for compensation for injuries due to pandemic vaccines. Of course, most countries do not have vaccine injury compensation schemes, and when they do the benefits are usually minimal.

There is only one way under US law to obtain compensation for an injury sustained from an EUA product.  This is because, under the PREP Act, lawsuits against manufacturers, government administrators and medical personnel administering vaccines and drugs are prohibited.

The sole US government scheme for injuries due to the covid pandemic products is called the Countermeasures Injury Compensation Program (“CICP”).  It is extremely difficult to obtain any benefits through this program, even if your doctors assert that your injury resulted from an EUA product.

The statute of limitations for the CICP is a very brief twelve months, which means you must have documented that your injury was due to a vaccine or drug within 12 months of receiving the medical product.  This can be extremely difficult when federal health agencies deny such injuries exist.

In summary, 2% of the covid cases reviewed by the CICP were deemed eligible for benefits, while only 0.2% of all covid injury applications have received a payment from the CICP.  No wonder so few people even bother to apply.  Is this the “existing relevant model” that should be used, possibly worldwide?

“Regulatory Strengthening”

The pandemic treaty draft also demands weakening the strict national regulation of medical drugs and vaccines during emergencies, under the rubric of “Regulatory Strengthening.”

As announced in the UK recently, ‘trusted partner’ approvals will be used to speed the licensure of medical products. This means that if a drug or vaccine has been approved by a partner country, the UK can adopt the partner’s decision on licensure and bypass an independent analysis by UK regulators.  What this does is move nations in the direction of a single regulatory agency approval or authorisation, which would be immediately adopted by other nations.

Next Up: Vaccines Developed in 100 Days

Vaccines normally take 10-15 years to be developed. In case you thought the covid vaccines took too long to be rolled out – 326 days from the availability of the viral sequence to authorisation of the first US covid vaccine – the WHO treaty draft has plans to shorten testing.

Additionally, a plan to develop vaccines in 100 days and have them manufactured in 30 additional days has been widely publicised by the vaccine non-profit CEPI, founded in 2017 by Bill Gates and Dr. Jeremy Farrar, who is now the WHO’s Chief Scientist.  The plan has been echoed by the US and UK governments and received some buy-in from the G7 in 2021.

The plan furthermore depends on the vaccines only being tested for their ability to induce antibodies, which is termed immunogenicity, rather than being shown to actually prevent disease, at least during the initial vaccine rollout. However, the induction of antibodies does not tell you whether they prevent infection.  Sometimes they have promoted infection.

You Can’t Do Safety Testing for 100 Day Vaccines

It is really important for the public to understand that safety testing can only be accomplished in human beings, as animals react differently to drugs and vaccines than humans do. Therefore, limited testing in animals would mean there was no real safety testing. But, testing vaccines in humans for only short periods is also unacceptable.

You Can’t Assess the Soundness of the Manufacturing Process for 100 Day Vaccines

Finally, following this rapid manufacturing plan, thorough testing for potential failures in the manufacturing process could not be performed.  Scaling up from producing pilot lots to large-scale manufacturing requires a whole new evaluation.  With the current plan for far-flung, decentralised manufacturing facilities that are said to be necessary to achieve vaccine equity for all, there are nowhere near enough regulators who know how to inspect vaccine manufacturers.

Will the WHO Respect Human Rights?

The language guaranteeing human rights, dignity, and freedom of persons was peremptorily removed from the proposed IHR Amendments, without explanation. The removal of human rights protections did not go unnoticed, and the WHO has been widely criticised for it.

The WHO apparently is responding to these criticisms, and so the language guaranteeing human rights that was removed from the drafts of the IHR has been inserted into the newest version of the pandemic treaty.


We can produce vaccines in 100 days and manufacture them in 130 days – but there will be no guarantees that the products will be safe, effective, or adequately manufactured. And we can expect large profits, but no consequences for the legally shielded manufacturers and government officials from any injuries to the public.

If we do face another pandemic, being able to access repurposed drugs will be the only rapid and safe solution.

Our genes can be decoded by genomic sequencing, and the fruits of personalised medicine made available to us. Or perhaps our genes will be patented and sold to the highest bidder.

New biological weapons will be discovered or engineered. They will be shared. And those who seek to control us will benefit from the GoF scam. If we want a decent future, it is crucial that we control these weapons instead of proliferating them.


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