Zelensky A Ukraine Billionaire Playing West For Fools

UKRAINE: A McKinsey & CO Restyled Operetta of Corruption

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There are two parallel universes operating in Ukraine:   The one presented from 2014 to 2021, and the one rewritten like a Hollywood movie with CIA input/guidance.   This grandly orchestrated McKinsey & Co restyled operetta would also apply to Saint Zelensky, his wife, and his friends who all became cabinet members upon his election.  Fun Fact!

In 2018- 2019 Zelensky’s ‘sprawling network’ of offshore accounts became the subject of the Pandora Paper Scaper scamerati. Later the Panama Paper Caper also named Zelensky. All accounts were co-owned by Zelensky with four members of his Sitcom crew and friends; Shefir, Borys, Yakovlev and Bakanov.   They were opened in 2012. His election platform was that he would not be as corrupt as his predecessors – so he transferred title to his wife and his friends for some of these offshore accounts.   While the valuations are not known, The Guardian reported some properties in London and Westminster were valued at $1-$2 million each.   The accounts pay dividends to Zelensky’s wife.   None of the funds paid Ukrainian taxes. To date, Zelensky has refused to provide data on these offshore accounts.

While claiming to have a net worth of $1.5 million, Veterans Today claims Zelensky recently bought a $34 million villa in Miami. When Zelensky was elected in 2019, he immediately appointed his benefactor, Kolomoyskyi’s lawyer as head of the Presidential Administration for Ukraine. Kolomoyskyi is reportedly worth $1.8 billion – give or take… Not including Zelensky, there are exactly 7 billionaires in Ukraine where the gdp pp is $3727.

The deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of the Opposition Platform – Party For Life Ilya Kiva, claims that Zelensky’s offshore accounts hold more than a billion dollars. They go through banks like First Union Bank, Deutsche Bank, Banque Nationale de Paris. According to the deputy, the movement of such funds would be impossible without the control of the authorities of Germany and France:

“Zelensky has accumulated $1.2 billion in the Dresdner Bank Lateinamerika in Costa Rica during the two and a half years of his presidency. This money was transferred to the president by Ukrainian oligarchs, such as Rinat Akhmetov, Viktor Pinchuk, Igor Kolomoisky.”

Hardly the working class Hero Sainted across the US and EU!

While the Ukrainian president continues to conference via video, there is never any noise interference that would indicate a war was just outside his window.   The reception is clear, without static, and could easily be a stage set in Zelensky’s Miami villa.

WHY?   Why would the EU and US masquerade this president who has obviously raped his country?   Biden et al. The et al being all the Corporations that wanted access to the resources of Ukraine including giants such as Lockheed Martin, Monsanto, Raytheon, NIH, etc…

In 2016, Oliver Stone created a documentary on the corruption, torture, and depravity that is – Ukraine.  

Since 2001, US ‘economic aid’ to Ukraine has totalled over $4.2 billion representing 68% of the total aid, or $6.17 billion.   Why is the US such a LARGESS benefactor?   Pay-For-Play.   Before the 2014 Colour Revolution coup in Ukraine – the GDP pp was $4030.  So despite ALL the influx of billions by foreign government/taxpayers, Ukraine’s economy pp dropped nearly 10%.   Where did the money go?

Obviously NOT into the economies productivity investment – instead it went into the Pay-For-Play investment – 110% for me and -10% for Ukrainians.

A 2020 US Department of State Document outlining the corruption in Ukraine aligns with an Amnesty International document of the same time period.   The summary of abuses include:

“Significant human rights issues included: unlawful or arbitrary killing; torture and cases of cruel, inhuman, or degrading treatment or punishment of detainees by law enforcement personnel; harsh and life-threatening conditions in prisons and detention centers; arbitrary arrest or detention; serious problems with the independence of the judiciary; abuses in the Russia-led conflict in the Donbas, including physical abuse of civilians and members of armed groups held in detention facilities; serious restrictions on free expression, the press, and the internet, including violence, threats of violence, or unjustified arrests or prosecutions against journalists, censorship, and blocking of websites; refoulement of refugees; serious acts of corruption; lack of investigation of and accountability for violence against women; violence or threats of violence motivated by anti-Semitism; crimes involving violence or threats of violence targeting persons with disabilities, members of ethnic minority groups, and lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or intersex persons; and the existence of the worst forms of child labor.”

YET – The I SUPPORT UKRAINE sheeples reveal exactly what they support – a disgustingly perverse country corrupted for ages without reprieve by any president – including the Saint Zelensky, et al.

TODAY, the sheeple Biden Handlers have pledged an additional $1.5 billion for Ukraine – without accountability or US taxpayer authority.   TODAY – the International Court of Justice determined that ALL this information – all this documentation by the UN, US State Department, Amnesty International, the HMRRU, and all other previously designated authorities is void.   And Russia has no case despite 14,000-24,000 murdered in Donbas by neo-Nazi Ukraine military.

OH – That would include CHILDREN!

WHY?   Why would the International Court be rigged?

Because Ukraine became and is a multinational HUB for all things illegal, corrupt, and MAFIA at the behest of the Globalist Corporate Committee which deigns to become the Global Government. If their reputation is revealed – Agenda 2030 FAILS – per the wet dreams of The Economist.

Congratulations, I linked over from Lew Rockwell.com – hope you continue to get your due notice as a journalist.
Excellent article and job well done in exposing the corruption in the Ukraine and Zelensky’s theft of foreign aid…however, I am betting that Biden & Son are getting large kickbacks on this foreign aid thus the reason for another $1.5 billion going to this cesspool. Another thought is Zelensky and mafia friends could be blackmailing Biden and son the the taxpayers are paying to keep Biden/Hunter from being completely exposed. We will never see what is on Hunter’s laptop, but then again it may be so foul that we do not want to see it. Regardless, this crime family needs to be exposed. Last thought, God for bid that we should get kackiling Kamala in the Oval Office or Pelosi.

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