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NER: Everyone can form their own opinion on this , but for those less inclined to research here is my take. We are heading for a world where IT effectively takes over. This will be driven by genuine, highly intelligent, complete psychopaths, but largely implemented by clever, ambitious but not necessarily evil IT specialists. Everything that can be automated will be hence there will likely be no manual jobs. Hence the need for population control. As best I can judge they want to depopulate by 6 to 6.5 billion. Whether you like it or not I’m sure the vax has within it a kill switch in the form of the graphene oxide & other unidentifiable elements in the mix. Covid & Global Warming are simply instruments to get the uninformed to accept everything they do, & that could be 80% of people. Possibly as soon as next year money will be digitised, & you will lose access for any real or imagined breach of their rules.

UK Government is colluding with the WEF on Artificial Intelligence for The Great Reset


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The UK government confirms it is playing a leading role on global AI ethics and regulations and that it published Guidelines on AI Procurement in collaboration with the World Economic Forum Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

According to Ernst Wolff, German author and journalist, we are sitting right in the middle of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, and expect, in the period ahead of us, the loss of millions and millions of jobs due to the introduction of artificial intelligence (“AI”). What has happened since March 2020 is according to a plan which can be read in books about the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the Great Reset by Klaus Schwab, whose World Economic Forum (“WEF”) plays a key role in this whole agenda.

“The UK has a history of innovation-friendly approaches to regulation, in areas such as FinTech, Healthtech and online harms,” Matt Warman MP responded on 15 June 2021 to a parliamentary written question.

Two members of the UK’s Healthtech Advisory Board are Daniel Korski and Nicole Junkermann.  Everything about Korski points to military intelligence and Junkermann is a Mossad-linked Jeffrey Epstein associate, wrote investigative journalist Johnny Vedmore.  As for Fintech, the digital-financial complex stands ready at all times to bring every government cabinet in the world to its knees and make it compliant, said Wolff.

Warman’s response continued: “the UK is playing a leading role in international discussions on AI ethics and potential regulations, including work at the Council of Europe, UNESCO, the OECD and the Global Partnership on AI.”

The Council for Europe is not the same as the European Council.  The Council of Europe has 47 member states, including all 28 member states of the European Union.  Set up shortly after the end of the Second World War the United Kingdom was one of the founding members.

The Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development (“OECD”) is an intergovernmental economic organisation with 35 member countries founded in 1961 and “a pillar of the global economic governance architecture including the G7, G20 and APEC.”  Its stated purpose is to stimulate economic progress and world trade and is leading the effort to reform the international tax system.  OECD’S former Secretary-General, Angel Gurría, is included on the list of “People Killing Humanity” compiled by Dr. David Martin.  There are a few relevant points regarding Gurría listed on a Telegram post HERE.

The Global Partnership on AI (“GPAI”) was launched in June 2020 and is the fruition of an idea developed within the G7.  According to Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada (“ISED”), GPAI started as joint project between Canada and France.

Written questions allow Members of Parliament (“MPs”) and Members of the House of Lords to ask for information on the work, policy and activities of Government departments, related bodies, and the administration of Parliament.  They are used by MPs to extract more detailed information from the Government than would be practical in an oral answer. You can search the UK parliamentary written questions, answers and statements database HERE.

After receiving a response from Warman to his first, Tanmanjeet Singh Desi, MP for Sough, asked the Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport a follow-up question: what assessment they had made of the potential (a) threats and (b) opportunities of artificial intelligence in respect of their Department’s responsibilities.

Included in Warman’s latest response was the following:

“Accompanying the AI Guide are the Guidelines on AI Procurement co-published in collaboration with the World Economic Forum Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution. These guidelines will inform and empower buyers in the public sector, helping them to evaluate suppliers, then confidently and responsibly procure AI technologies for the benefit of citizens.

“Furthermore, the Office for AI, co-published with the Central Digital & Data Office, the Ethics, Transparency and Accountability Framework for Automated Decision-Making.

“As we look to ‘Build Back Better’ from the pandemic the government is committed to improving vital public services and driving efficiencies across the public sector through the ethical, safe and trustworthy deployment of responsible AI. Later this year we will publish a new National AI Strategy to help us achieve that ambition.”

By taking a brief look at AI and the examples of UK’s “innovation-friendly approaches to regulation” – Healthtech and Fintech – we begin to see that none of these are for the benefit of citizens and that the “build back better from the pandemic” narrative is contrived to implement a scheme that has been a long-time in the planning.

UK’s Healthtech and Daniel Korski

The Healthtech Advisory Board was created in 2018 to “advise” the then UK Health and Social Care Secretary, Matt Hancock.   An article published by Unlimited Hangout details some interesting facts about some of those on the Healthtech Advisory Board which we briefly summarise.

One of the panellists on Matt Hancock’s team of tech pioneers, who seek “to transform technology in the NHS [National Health Service],” was Nicole Junkermann. Junkermann’s connections with Ehud Barak (former prime minister of Israel), Peter Thiel (co-founder of PayPal and Palantir Technologies), and Jeffrey Epstein was via her investment in the Israeli intelligence-linked surveillance company Carbyne911.

While the Healthtech Advisory Board has been hailed as the brainchild of Matt Hancock, he was actually guided to the project by the man who was, and is, the real mastermind behind the board’s founding – Daniel Korski. He is somebody you’ve probably never heard of, even though his impact on public policy is felt not only in the United Kingdom, but globally.

Described as a “Foreign Policy Writer” and a “Post Conflict Expert,” Korski acted as a senior advisor to the US Department of Defence, was a founding member of the European Council on Foreign Relations, an advisor to the Vice President of the European Commission, a special advisor to UK Prime Minister David Cameron and deputy head of policy at 10 Downing Street.  These are just some of the public offices he has held. Korski left his post as special adviser to Cameron following the Brexit vote and set up a venture capital firm,, which specifically funds tech start-ups designed for government applications. is located at the heart of the UK MoD and is just a stone’s throw away from the UK Parliament.

In 2018, Korski became Chairman and Co-Founder of the Govtech Summit, which was planned to be held each year in Paris as a global stage to pitch next-generation technologies to governments from around the world.  His work on the   Summit has been keenly supported by French President Emmanuel Macron, former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair and Matt Hancock.

It was also in 2018 that the Healthtech Advisory Board was formed and began to bring together such people as Junkermann and Korski to help create the future blueprint for the hi-tech “transformation” of the UK’s public health sector.

In 2017 and 2018, Junkermann and Korski began to invest and focus on mass surveillance technology and future healthcare-related tech with great intensity. While Junkermann was personally investing with Epstein and Thiel in Barak’s Carbyne911, Korski was supporting similar projects in the UK. On 26 March 2018, Korski became the director of the UK registered company Panopticon Technologies Limited.  A Panopticon was originally the design of a prison building by an English philosopher named Jeremy Bentham.

On 16 December an application was made to strike the company off the register. But these data hungry lobbyists for government mass surveillance often work in the shadows, wrote Unlimited Hangout in 2020 when the link to Panopticon Technologies website no longer worked. Junkermann’s Carbyne911 and Korski’s Panopticon Technologies are the monsters lurking in the shadows of the big tech world.

Panopticon Technologies described themselves as “a new, ethical, tech-enabled UK security company” and stated that “we are passionate about new technology and providing immigration, police, intelligence and probation officers with high quality hardware and software to enhance their day-to-day work in monitoring offenders and protecting the public.” But their method, described as using “new behavioural and compliance models powered by cutting-edge analysis,” may have been too much for supporters to bear after the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

However, it only takes one government to agree to private companies being responsible for the mass surveillance of their populations for this trend to begin to take a permanent place in our societies. Now, with Covid-19, there are many excuses to implement panopticonic technologies to further the observation power of the few over the many.

Read more: Daniel Korski: The Intelligence-Linked Mastermind Behind the UK’s Orwellian Healthtech Advisory Board

Fintech and The Digital-Financial Complex

Combining the words ‘financial’ and ‘technology’, fintech is technology-enabled financial innovation, which is changing the way financial institutions provide – and consumers and businesses use – financial services.  The pace and impact of change has “prompted us to develop the Future of Finance initiative” the Bank of England states on its website.

The digital-financial complex stands far above all governments, and is ready at all times to bring every government cabinet in the world to its knees and make it compliant, Wolff said in August 2021.

Wolff further explained that the biggest profiteer from the current crisis, and the most important string-puller behind the scenes, is the digital-financial complex. A type of special interest community, with the largest IT corporations and the largest asset managers of our time at its head.

IT corporations “don’t just have an enormous power themselves, they also control hundreds of thousands of other companies because they organise the digital systems of these other businesses, and in this way have a constant overview of their data streams. The IT industry is nothing other than a tumour which, in the course of the past years has metastasised into all other branches of the economy to make them dependent upon it, and in the meantime to completely dominate them. And it is not any different with the asset managers. They are involved in every large company in the world, and able to influence every popular brand in the world,” he said.  Adding that in the first quarter of 2021 “these companies have made the largest profits in their whole history.”

Wolff explained we are witnessing a gigantic act of desperation as the system to which the digital-financial system owes its existence can no longer be kept alive with the previous business model:

The situation in which the digital-financial complex finds itself is between the alternatives of, on one side the final collapse, and hyper-inflation on the other side. So, the total loss of value of money. That means, historically, we’ve arrived at a point in which the digital-financial complex, in the framework of the existing system, only still has the choice between two various forms of collapse.

Quite clearly, they have, in this situation, chosen to install a new system and a double strategy. On one side, in the background and away from public view, they are preparing a new system. And on the other side, they are using the end phase of the present dying system to plunder it using all tricks at their disposal.  This is exactly what we’ve seen since March 2020. The quite deliberate and premeditated destruction of the world economy for the exclusive expansion of the digital-financial complex, with simultaneous preparation via the central banks of a new system, and in collaboration with the IT corporations. And we already know how this system will look. It is about the complete removal of cash and banks in their previous form, and the introduction of digital money from central banks.

Digital central bank money is programmable. It will allow governments to watch over all transactions made to assign us various tax rates, and impose upon us individual fines. Governments can also place an expiry limit on a part of our money, and require that we spend certain amounts within certain time periods. But it can also require the money to be used for specific purposes, and require that specific amounts be paid only for certain products, or that they be sourced only from certain regions.  Above all, government will be in the position to cancel our ability to make all transactions with a single mouse click, and so shut us down financially.

Read more: The master plan behind the Covid crisis

Digital ID Solution, Human Augmentation and AI

From 6 April 2022, digital identity document validation technology (“IDVT”) will be introduced to support employers and landlords with right to work, right to rent and pre-employment DBS checks the UK’s Home Office together with the Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport published on 27 December 2021.

The [UK Digital Identity and Attributes Trust Framework] was initially launched in February 2021 as an early prototype (alpha) … Following the positive feedback received about the ability to conduct right to work and right to rent checks remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Home Office initiated a review of the availability of specialist technology to support a system of digital checks in the future.

ID2020 was launched in 2016 by none other than Bill Gates’ Gavi, Microsoft, The Rockefeller Foundation, Accenture, and In January 2019, the ID2020 Alliance launched the ID2020 Certification Mark at the WEF in Davos.

“How prophetic of them to nail down the year ‘2020’ as a need for a “digital ID solution,” and launch their “certification mark” approval for stakeholders to get to work on technology apps as early as January 2019… ahead of schedule. All of this is part of their overall “Great Reset” agenda, with their full intention of implementing digital IDs that go far beyond the Covid-19 element, and will incorporate additional data on each individual, while tying in their social score, climate score, and finances as well,” wrote Corey’s Digs.

The battle for digital identities is well underway, and vaccine ID passports is only one entry point being utilised to move everyone onto the Blockchain. This isn’t about a virus or a vaccine passport, it is a means to create everyone’s digital identity. This is a very complex operation because it includes so many different players, countries, and micro agendas to feed into the main agenda.

For decades, the United States and the G7 Nations have experienced the equivalent of a financial coup d’état. Due to digital systems and globalisation, it has allowed for the central banking system to increasingly exert more political and economic control, Corey’s Digs wrote.

Approved by the G7 central bankers on 22 August 2019, the central bankers and their private owners began executing a fundamental restructuring of the global financial system that will end currency as we know it, and initiate a digital control structure that will permit a level of central control that most people cannot fathom.

In June 2019 the WEF and UN signed a strategic partnership framework to expedite the 2030 agenda for Sustainable Development. The digital cooperation includes meeting “the needs of the Fourth Industrial Revolution while seeking to advance global analysis, dialogue and standards for digital governance and digital inclusiveness.”

The WEF, UN, governments, central banks and money managers, organisations, foundations, and NGOs are all promoting “climate change” and Covid as a means to implement their agendas, moving everyone into the Fourth Industrial Revolution of complete digital control and surveillance over the world and all human beings. They each have their areas of expertise when it comes to building the digital identities, which is the key to making this all happen.

The post-Covid-19 identity verification market is forecasted to grow from $7.6 billion in 2020 to $15.8 billion by 2025 and AI is forecasted to generate nearly $4 trillion in “added value” for global markets by 2022. “As with all of their manufactured crisis industries, the manufacturers stand to make trillions, and their new industry is human enslavement,” wrote Corey’s Digs.

In Part 4 of the series Corey’s Digs dedicates a section to augmented humans and AI: “there is a lot to unpack in this section, as this is their ultimate goal – the “augmented human” who interacts with robots and trains artificial intelligence.”  For those who are interested it would be worth reading this section of Corey’s Digs’ article for themselves, below we highlight two of the reports Corey’s Digs includes.

In May 2021, the UK Ministry of Defence released a 110 page strategic implications project on ‘Human Augmentation – The Dawn of a New Paradigm,’ that “reads like a dystopian eugenicist’s dream.  They cover topics such as human augmentation technology, ethical and legal considerations, and implications for society and defence, complete with an illustration of the evolution of humans from apes up through brain interfaces. From gene edits to smart wearables, nanotechnology, and brain interfaces, they roll out all of their fantasies in this one,” wrote Corey’s Digs.

In June 2021, the OECD released their 93 page report on the “State of Implementation of The OECD AI Principles” which has been adopted by over 46 countries and the G20 AI Principles as well. The report aims to inform the implementation of the OECD AI Principles and breaks down what is happening with AI, robotics, labour force, data collection, biometrics and digital control mechanisms across the world, going into detail in specific countries.

Page 32 of the report states: “In January 2021, the AI Council, an independent expert and industry committee advising the UK Government on AI, published a roadmap recommending the deployment of a national AI strategy in the UK   … The roadmap stressed the UK should lead in developing appropriate standards on data governance.”

Page 44 states: “in 2020, the UK introduced the Guidelines on Public Procurement.”  These are the “Guidelines on AI Procurement” for the Fourth Industrial Revolution that Warman referred to in his response at the beginning of this article.  And, as the UK government states, the Fourth Industrial Revolution is characterised by a fusion of technologies – such as artificial intelligence, gene editing and advanced robotics – that is blurring the lines between the physical, digital and biological worlds. AI within this simple description of the Fourth Industrial Revolution takes on an altogether sinister meaning when read in conjunction with the nature of Healthtech, fintech and human augmentation.

Considering all of the above and due to the reality of the current situation, we have taken the liberty of correcting Matt Warman MP’s response:

“These guidelines will instruct buyers in the public sector where to procure AI technologies for the benefit of WEF. 

“Furthermore, the Office for AI, co-published with the Central Digital & Data Office, the Framework for Automated Decision-Making which will not allow for transparency or accountability.

“As we look to ‘Monitor and Control the Population Better’ from the pandemic the government is committed to driving efficiencies, such as reducing the workforce, across the public sector, or any sector for that matter, through the deployment of AI. Later this year we will publish a new National AI Strategy to help us achieve that ambition.”

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